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Friday, 30 August 2013

Wednesday - Friday - 28 - 30 Aug 2013


Just another Alyssa's day on Wednesday ..... my dear baby always happy to see us and longing to see us on this day .... she will always asked why I am not there yet if I am late..... next time when she is in Primary school everyday is Alyssa's day! 


Someone buy us lunch and at my work place quite limited place to eat and we are back to Chikusen for lunch.  Lunch set is always our choice .... so mostly I have the same item except some ala-carte items.  Food standard is still there ... and we all had a great time eating ..... 

Came back home and cook simple dinner .... sometimes I do feel bored dunno what to prepare as only Goh and myself.  Lucky Goh quite easy going I can prepare whatever I like and he will eat whatever I cook.  Today I cook soya chicken and onion eggs.  Quite a satisfying meal .... and he whip up all the food without any left over!


Lunch - fried bee hoon and sotong ball.  As now we can cook in office we try to do simple and easy one.  This really save us alot of expensive food near our place and at least we get to eat what we wanted to ..... cos at our place hawker food is always chicken rice or nasi lemak. 

Alyssa came back home on Friday = freedom hahah ...... cos she have all gadgets and toys at home to play  with.  And she will always sleep late .... I hope she can sleep early in future and skip supper hahaha she is getting fatter! 

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