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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Sunday - 7 Feb 10

Went to highlight my hair early in the morning ... sneak out of the house when my 2 precious is still sleeping.  I myself was sleepy too when my hairdresser doing up my hair .. was yawning and almost doze off!

Dated my Parents and my Godma to have reunion dinner together ... this year I am not going to have it with my Brother cos if the incident .... maybe I shall not call him Brother anymore since he didn't wanna acknowledge me shall call him by his name - Daryl!

We had our dinner at Pu Tien located @ City Square Mall (Kitchener Road) there are several outlets this is the only one which is in buffet style.  Please do make reservation .... when you wanna visit them.

Love their Bee hoon and yam ..... I ordered and had so many of it ..... everything seems nice hahaha I love XIN HUA Cuisine!  Each pax is $35.80++ so total bill is about $200+ for 7 of us and they got discount for passion card holder great deal! 

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Saturday - 6 Feb 10

Spring cleaning still in process ... hahaha this year is a big one for me ..... too many things and all those which I see 不顺眼的 all BUANG!  I threw away a luggage, stools, vacuum, mop, dirty cloth etc *LOL* all BUANG!  Dearie also buay tahan me hahaha ... now I can put my MJ table into my bomb shelter .... save some space in the room

Headed to Redhill to attend Chien Boon's baby shower but cos TT is sound asleep in my arms and we didn't wanna move her so ended up Dearie went up alone to pass him the present and AB we got for them.

Went over to CC for CNY reunion dinner food this year is good love the fish and yam paste ... yummy!  Didn't won anything this year but we do have great company especially Hock hahaha .... he really make us burst out laughing!

Friday - 5 Feb 10

Coco called up to me and say wanna go Chinatown to buy another type of Ying Liu and she is giving me another type.

First time having Ying Liu in my home hahahaha not bad ... but I do not have nice vase to go with.  Shall look for one real soon.

Met up at 8pm at her place and we headed down to Chinatown.  Not that crowded at Chinatown today maybe because earlier there is a big down pour.

Within 2hrs time we came out with lotsa stuffs, bought some tops for my MIL and Mama, hope they will like it!  Went supper at Maxwell Rd before heading home .... very tiring but a happy trip!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Wednesday - Thursday - 3 - 4 Feb 2010

Nothing much to update for these 2 days just very normal work, home, continue to pack house and sleep hahah ... but I am rushing out some work so that I can enjoy my CNY happily without thinking of my work at all.

Dearie is also busy with his work ....he told me some days he will be very late so I have to pick TT on my own.

Poor Dearie ..... he is not very happy working there anymore cos of a woman boss ..... she is very bossy!  She make the Admin to go round starting of the working time to mark attendance!  This is the first time I heard and always reject staff's leave application!  Anyone out there company looking for Software staff can recommend my hubby?

Monday, 22 February 2010

Tuesday - 2 Feb 10

Despite that I am busy at work ..... I still play radio station contest LOL and I won $50 cash from 883JiaFM ..... Last year I also won a $50 worth of yusheng from them wooo hooo ... hope more to come ....

Today is 3 face Buddha birthday so as usual yearly we make our way to Chai Chee.  This year like not much people.  Q to be blessed is very short ..... usually is a very very long Q I still remember last year there is even Police coming up! 

After the prayers we went off together.... happily chit chatting in the lift ... and suddenly we feel the lift is not moving at all .... and it show OUT OF ORDER we all burst into laughter .... is most of our 1st time stuck inside the lift.

8 person stuck in there including TT *LOL*  Not long later we all feel very hot ..... but we still chit chat and laughing all the way.

Think we are stuck in there for 20mins .... and finally the lift is able to move up and we all get out at 6 storey and we go down by the stairs. Hahahah fresh air is the best!  After we parted with the cousins we went to Seng Kang to pick up pineapple tarts that I ordered from Monk (Alvin) finally hsi mum start to warm the oven again!

Its been along time since I seen Monk .... he is still the same not much changes ..... chit chatted with him for awhile but forgot to take pic with him!

Monday 1 Feb 10

Went back to my Parent's place to visit my mum after work cos over the past few weeks I am busy with spring cleaning and buying stuffs for CNY. 

From far I saw my SIL standing outside mum's house ..... lucky never see my brother hahah cos I dun wanna see him.  Well call me a stubborn girl ... I didn't talk to my SIL .... she did bid goodbye ... but i BO HIEW!

My mum kept telling me chin chye (anything lah) dun angry lah ..... just forgive and forget.  I know she will be hurt seeing the both of us not in good terms but I can't forgive and forget cos till now I still can remember what he did that day! 

At around 7+pm I met up with Leroy to attend Ellsen's mother's wake .... his mum lost the battle against cancer and left peacefully.  He is very relax now .... he say his mum really go peacefully so he is also happy not to see her suffer till her last breath

Sunday - 31 Jan 10

Spring Cleaning is still on for me .... today is my study room ...... haha again I throw away lotsa things.  And some is too good to throw ended up at salvation army station .  After all the cleaning up we headed to PP for shopping! 

Went over to Giant to buy some groceries and to check out vacuum cleaner .... saw one Samsung red color vacuum is seeling at $79 only.  Didn't grab immediately we went Harvey Norman and Best Denki to check out others and price ..... Best Denki is selling the same vacuum that we like at $99! 

Without any further delay Dearie went up Giant and grab the vacuum while I take a walk at Aussino ..... less than 10mins my basket is full with one set of bedsheet set, quilt cover, tower and floor mat!  All these cost $100 thanks to SZ mei for lending us the Aussino card which have further discount

Went New York New York with Coco for dinner we ordered seafood platters and some bites to share.  TT is so excited and fast that she dip the calamari into the melted cheese and eat .... she scream cos the cheese is still hot. *faintz* she is really fast i dun even have time to stop her at all! 

And she is so angry that she cannot bite off calamari which is tough ..... some other ppl whom is at our next table laugh at her expression cos she couldn't bite off the calamari!  I was laffing too till I forgot to take pics for her!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Friday & Sat - 29 & 30 Jan 10


Nothing much to update for today just that I still doing spring cleaning hahahah .... I got so  much things to throw and clear ..... this year I do a main big spring clean .... my 2 precious came back late cos Dearie is busy at work so I am able to clear off abit.

Apologise to EL that we are unable to attend Ji hye's 100 days celebration.  Sorry about that!  We (including Coco) went JB again this week cos of last week we didn't get anything so today we went in again and get our things if not we dun have much time left.

This time we going w/o friends leading us from another car!  My dear hubby check map online and we try to memorize the road that we drove before.  There is Jam at causeway but it clear very fast ... we headed to City Square for our brunch and start to shop.  Dearie bought one pants and one bermuda while I got myself a denim dress.

Next we headed to Holiday Plaza Dearie wanted to buy some games over there .... while I am buying my contact lens.  Bought some new year decoration from there too about 4pm we drove to Taman Sentosa for early dinner ... order a few dishes since we are not so hungry and bought new year goodies there.  At around 5+pm we are on our way out ... smooth traffic coming out of JB! 

After sending Coco back home we drove to Punggol to pick Pauline and Natalie ... Boon is on overseas shooting and will only come back at night from Thailand.  We are going to chalet .... to celebrate pre-CNY BBQ + belated birthday celebration for David. 

Chloe and David booked a chalet at downtown east is good so that we can get together again!  I thought we are last to reach but we are first!  We had a good time chit chatting and eating ... Chloe marinated the chicken wing and chicken meat which taste good yummy!

We stayed till 12am and left sending Pauline and Natalie home cos our dear little Nat Nat very tired and sleepy so she is very grouchy.  Tiring day but we are very happy!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Wed - Thurs - 27 - 28 Jan 10

Was not feeling well when I woke up in the morning so decided to visit Dr Ong.  Wednesday no noon clinic so I make a trip down at about 9+ to 10am.

Q is quite long!  Lotsa ppl havaving cough and flu weather is crazy lately!  Dr Ong prescribe me Antibiotic, cough syrup and flu pills.  Total cost is about $40 and give 2 days mc.  Throat and nose infection is the most I hate .... cos I will always make lotsa noise when I am sleeping.  Dearie hate it too when I am noisy *LOL*

Cook porridge for dinner so that TT can eat too .... she sure enjoy it cos she love carrot! 

2nd day of mc I slept for the whole day only woke up in late morning to have some bread .... after the medicine I was back to bed.  Slept till 6+pm work up have a shower and Dearie came to pick me up to PP for dinner.  We went Swensen for dinner after walking around dunno what  we want.

Walk around after the meal cos I am planning to change a vacuum at home ... my old vacuum is given by my parents whom bought years ago and didn't use after they bought.  This year I gonna throw away lotsa things and replace some too!  I love shopping!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Mon - Tue - 25 & 26 Jan 10

Cannot lunch in today so we walk over to a eatery cafe to have our lunch.  I ordered Chicken burger and we share some finger food to go with our main course.  Think we will not order the finger food anymore cos portion is small and is not really cheap.

Only a few things I feel worth to try .... and they are selling bread & new year goodies too.

Not much things to update lately just busy clearing my work before CNY ..... not feeling good too .... keep on coughing and sneezing guess that I have to visit Dr Ong real soon!

Sunday - 24 Jan 10

Spring clean one of our room today before heading to CC for meeting....... arghhhh our room is so dirty ... pull out the big wardrobe to vacuum and clean the whole place ... quite tiring!

I threw away lotsa things too ... and some which is too good to be thrown was taken to Salvation Army collection station located at Marine Parade.  hope it can help some other people!

Went over to CC for meeting, TT fell asleep when we are having meeting .... she must be very tired!  We had dinner with other committee members ... we went over to an Indian shop for prata .... Dearie and I each order a Nasi Goreng which we think is expensive cos the portion is damn small and costing $3.50.  Went back home to watch charity show .... and at the same time do some simple packing.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Saturday - 23 Jan 10

Happily we met up HY & Wilson at Kranji at 9+am and off we go to JB!  Met up with WQ too at JB and join us for our brunch at City Square.  We headed to the Kim Gary which is at their basement ... I dun really like the food ... not very satisfied! 

After all the food we went shopping the main purpose that we are doing today!  But after a 1.5hr of shopping we notice some shop is closing.  So we went up to one of it and check why they close so early and he told us that cos their Johor Sultan passed away.

The closing is damn fast .. in no time the whole mall is close and most of the shopper are being lead out of the mall.  Our planning is gone ... everywhere is close so we went to Giant to try our luck ... thank the lord is open!  Hahaha and we bought some stuffs back and went Taman Sentosa for our seafood early dinner at 4+pm.

We ordered 7 dishes and cost us only RM150 real cheap .... after the dinner we headed back to SG .... no wonder not much Jam when we come in everything is so smooth!

Tues - Fri - 19 - 22 Jan 10

Dearie went out field for few days ..... so he didn't get to call us at all ..... is really kinda of SIAN when he is not around .... no one to nag at *LOL*

TT behaves well .... she help in some household chores like when I have things to throw she will throw for in the dustbin, when I am keeping the clothing she will help me bring in and place it in the laundry bag.

When I am playing FB she is watching her Disney Playhouse it is her favourite!  And when the clock strike 11pm we will switch and watch Spongebob together *LOL*

Endure till weekend he will be back ..... yippie!  I miss you!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Monday - 18 Jan 10 Princess turns 2!

MIL came picking us up and off we go over to the shop..... thanks to Alfred whom help me to pack the goodie container so that I can give out during school time to TT's classmates.

After sending TT to school and arrange a good time to bring in the cake for the children with the teacher we went over to ESH to visit Ah Ma.  She seems better ..... looking good!  MIL dropped me off at Bedok Library and I walked over to Bengawan Solo to collect TT's cake and back to shop and off we go to TT's school.  One word to describe RUSH!

Didn't even have chance to grab a bite at all I was so hungry hee...... Reached her school at 12.15pm and we sing song and cut the cake for the children to eat.  Till now there is still some kept on crying looking for their parents.

TT had a great time there ... so happy! 

Very unhappy incident happen to me ..... My MIL asked Arthur to help me buy lunch ... he just came back with some so MIL asked him to help me buy one more packet.  He came back with a black face and threw the rice on the table to me and tell me buy yourself next time!  I was so shocked!  Still thinking maybe the stall seller disturb him so I still asked him what happen and he told me off tell me buy my lunch next time.  My heart seems like having a knife slicing into pieces my tears start rolling down......

I refuse to eat that packet of rice ..... after he finished his crying he call me and wanna talk to me but I refuse to talk to him my MIL asked me to eat I told her I lost my appetite .... after packing the remaining of TT's cake told my MIL that I am leaving .... and headed to my office to gave the cake to my colleagues.

After I left my office I bring TT over to PP for little shopping and have dinner there ...... since I didn't get to eat my tom yum .... we have steamboat today!  I have my tom yum while TT have the chicken soup with her favourite yellow mee and fishball.  My precious loves fishball so much almost all meal will  have fishball.  And whenever ppl asked her where is Grandma she will reply cook fishball, carrot, soup!

Both of us having great time together .... Dearie is not around these few days she is even more sticky to me .... hahah wonder how will she be like when is the other way round!

Happy Birthday my sweetie pie may you be a good gal forever!  Mummy loves you!