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Monday, 31 October 2011

Monday - 31 Oct 2011

Went to the bank in the morning so I am able to bring TT to go to her school .... she will always wanting me to sit with her at the back of the lorry.  Same goes to Xuan ..... my MIL say what TT do ... Xuan will follow and best is there are people asking are they twins!

 And some time TT will be angry  of Xuan .... MIL told me dunno what Xuan do and make TT so angry .... and Xuan will not "move" if TT never talk to her ..... she will "move" only when TT start to talk .... Xuan scared of TT!  HAHAHAHA......

MIL told me whenever I bring her to school when school dismiss and she is out the class first things she will ask "where is my mummy?" My MIL really cannot tahan her she say she is a super duper sticky baby aka BEI LAY KO (hokkien)

My Bei Lay Ko sometimes can be very nottie ...... see what she do to me .... she dun want me to sleep cos she arrange her "baby" to sleep on my pillow .... she really treat them like a baby ...... they are given blanket to cover too!  Wonder will she be a good Sis if I have number 2.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sunday - 30 Oct 2011

Met up with my gfs to go Jade @ Fullerton for dim sum ..... the very last table was given to us when we made a booking.  We go for the later timing which is 1.15pm... 2 timing one is at 11.15am .... later timing will be better cos we need not rush for it.

We are given a very big table ... not too bad cos all of us can sit comfortably ...... ordered most of the food which is on the menu to try ..... sad to say the standard drop alot compare to my 1st visit in May.

No more abalone on the siew mai, no more shark's fin soup ..... food quite salty this time.  When my gfs from Multiply came in Aug think most of the things change already.   Nothing to rave about this place anymore ..... very normal.

After the meal .... we headed home and TT follow Joey & Weeli out for shopping ..... I think my gal enjoyed herself very much with them .... and guess what my gfs secretly told me that TT asked them not to tell me she had ice cream before dinner!!!! *faintz*

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Saturday - 29 Oct 2011

I can't woke up but I have tried waking my 2 baobei up with my eyes closing .... after that I think I fell back to sleep again.   When I woke up at about 1plus ... then I notice Dad still sleeping ... and little girl playing on her own!

I was shocked and ask for the time ...... Mr Goh laff it off when he say is 1plus noon ..... oh well we are just too tired haha .....

At around 3+pm we sent TT to Berries and it become our par tor time ..... went back to office to get something and head in to Little Ice Cream Kafe for ice cream ..... they have renovated the place ... to me ... everything seems the same except there is more ice cream flavour!  We had their waffles and 2 scoop of ice cream while waiting to pick up TT after her class.

After picking up her we went OG shopping ..... SZ told us there are some good buys when we redeem the old points.  So we went to Chinatown and redeem + cash to redeem a ladder (we always wanted to get one) and a food jar ..... good buy!  After shopping ... is time to fill our tummy ..... crave for steamboat and ask Dearie to go Joaquim but the Q is damn long .... give a miss and went to food republic for dinner. 

TT really a big girl she say she will sit and wait for us to order food for her .... she will CHOP place for us .... and she is not scare ... she just sit quietly waiting for us! 

Friday, 28 October 2011

Mon-Fri - 24 Oct - 28 Oct 2011

My in laws help in contacting some friends that they know about reno to check if they can do up our kitchen cos due to year end and so close to CNY too many might have no schedule for any other jobs.

Finally my FIL called up one and was able to go on site to check out the condition and doing some measuring.  At least we are a bit at ease .... and all we have to do is to wait for the day to come which is on Friday.

So on and off I have been looking and choosing some stuffs and try to visualize how to place my stuffs.  On and off I still feel the stress there too ...... think I will not be stress only after everything is finalize! 

On Friday the contractor came over and he also brought along his cousin whom will be doing up some plumbing work and window grills.  And the funny thing I feel is that the contractor asked me to draw up my ideal cabinet for him so after that he can do up.  But I am not a designer ... he should be the one whom should draw and show me to approve or not ..... oh well .... still not finalise yet cos I need to wait for the quote ..... shall see how I might not use them ..... *sigh* the worries still goes on ......

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sunday - 23 Oct 2011

Met up with the buyer of my current house (Megan) and seller to my future house (Gina & Han) to inspect the house.  After seeing the kitchen we decided to redo the kitchen .... I cannot tolerate dirty kitchen and table top full of scratches ....

And now both parties are actually asking me when I can move whether 2 weeks I can do up everything.  I was at a lost and was very unhappy about it cos we seems to be at a disadvantage and I just got a feeling I was being push to a corner and unable to make a decision.

We headed to look for my old ID and check if they are still around as i lost their numbers and all I can remember they are located at Havelock Road.   But to our disappointment the shop is not longer there and both of us a bit lost and of cos no mood at all.

Another alternative to be fast we went over to Gain City to check out dryer and washing machine.  Cos if we are not going to remove the whole cabinet we have to use the dryer cos I cant dry my clothes out. *sigh* seems like not very smooth for our side ......

My happy dottie is the best cos she doesn't know anything and she is just happy with the rides that she ask for and going out = happy for her ..... how I wish I am still like her ... no worries ..... just happy!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Saturday - 22 Oct 2011

Usual routine to go Tumbletots and Berries ...... end of November we will not be going to Tumbletots anymore ..... cos the branch at Tampines Sports Hall is closing down.  Today my dear baby wore a very nice dress given by Coco to Berries as today they are having a graduating class photo taking.

Teacher in Berries even say she wore very pretty dress and look pretty today and of cos little Princess was so happy and kept on spinning herself with her pretty dress!  During TT's Berries class we attended a community sharing session .... met up with our resident whom will received their pink ic soon ..... a session to get to know them in our estate!

Met up with Valerie and Alan for dinner at Soup Restaurant ....... first time meeting up with Alan (Val's bf) he is an Italian ... nice chap!  After the meal we headed for coffee and is another nice relax chit chatting session.  A good meet up hope there will be more session of these coming up ...... meet up soon my pal!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Thursday & Friday - 20 & 21 Oct 2011

See how sexy my hubby is ..... he is on 2 days mc due to flu ... poor boy always have a big aircon blowing at him at work .... when he is trying to turn the temp up a bit his colleagues will complain warm .... so no choice but to suit the majority!

But I think he is more happy than ever cos he can rest at home.  Whenever he is on mc I am the most happiest (of cos not because he is sick I also dun want him to be sick) cos he will send me off to work and pick me from work too! 

And these 2 days I still need to have my lappy with me ..... my com still not back from "hospital" yet :(

But my Dearie always take his own sweet time sometimes he will come only at 6pm whereby I am already knock off 5.30pm or sometime even earlier! 

I am so happy for these 2 days ...... and best is we can sleep a little longer ... cos I am the only one need to bathe and change .... *LOL*

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wednesday - 19 Oct 2011

Send 2 small gals to school and headed to HDB for our 1st appointment .... mixed feeling for me .... excited + 舍不得 feeling ... after all is our very first home - our love nest!  Actually we did wrongly to opt for a 3 room at first.

All parties were very punctual and we got a Q 7741 and we only waited like 10mins or less ..... is only a bit time consume when we are going to enter to the room.  As for us we are contra party so we are the longest inside the room.

We have fix our 2nd appointment on 29 Nov ... The Officer can give us earlier just that my buyer's lawyer say they can't have to be on a later date *sigh*  No choice but to stick on 29 Nov ....... noon timing (usually is noon..... maybe I can take half day)

After we left HDB we headed over to CMPB to collect my $50 voucher from Buy & Fix by Natural Cool.... I can use it to buy something for the new house!  Counting down ....... 

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Monday & Tuesday - 17 & 18 Oct 2011


Jolene is on leave so Rosalind and I decided to go Full House to satisfy our craving ..... whenever she is on leave 2 of us will think of where to dine out ... usually we will just dine in and rest after our meals. 

And so coincident to see Ms Park there with her kids and friends ... chit chatted for awhile before our meal came.  As usual I am craving for their salad and kimchi .... and I am having it just before my lunch set.  And ending up too FULL and gotta fight with Z monster!

After our yummy lunch ...... and about to bill ... then we are aware Ms Park have already pick up the tab!  Thanks Ms Park ... nice meeting you and your kids there!


Yesterday my computer already gone crazy ..... lucky Jolene was on leave and I am able to use her com cos after grading I have so much things to do I cannot afford to waste time.

Today I gotta get my lappy to work but lucky Dearie send me to work so i need not carry heavy bags and squeeze in the MRT and Bus.  Hope my com get well soon if not I have to carry my lappy for the next few days but lucky I will be on leave tomorrow!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday - 16 Oct 2011

Went dinner with LL, SZ and YZ for dinner today ... LL recommended JB Ah Meng located at Geylang Lor 23.  We dun really dine there cos of the red light district area and also parking is also a bit of problem.

LL recommend this zi char is good ...... love the salmon skin that comes with papaya salad.  They have a special bee hoon which is flatten which looks more like putu mayam to me.  Salted egg prawn is good ..... at least I need not peel the shell ..... cos is all being removed before cooking it!  Stir fried eggplant with potato is just as good ......... white pepper crab with lotsa crab roe makes my friends so happy!  As for me I dun really eat that.  TT loves the braised chicken .....

And LL have warned us not to use the toilet hahahah must be damn dirty ...... shall bring my parents for a dinner here next time.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Saturday - 15 Oct 2011

Thanks Candice for the invites ...... love your polka dots theme!  Pretty sweet Kathleen turn one!  Headed to Grassroot YCK Naked Fish Shoppe for the party with Fiona.  And also thanks for buying the hair accessories for my TT!

When I step in to the venue ...... is a wow to me cos polka dots theme is really very nice and we are wearing polka dots too!  Food is not too bad is a buffet style ..... we are there enjoying our chit chatting.

Left YCK at around 3+pm and TT went for her lesson while I do some errands .... after her lsson we have another party to go .......

Handsome big eye boy - Jaycus birthday!  Angeline thanks for the invites! 

Headed to Aranda Country Club after TT class...... Angeline have planned the party well ....... and she have even baked a Thomas train cake ..... awesome!  If only I can do it I will do up one for my TT but I am not good at it

Goodie bag for boys and girls are 2 different theme ...... and she have a group of good relative and friends whom help her do up the deco ..... is really very nice!

Food is good and as for TT ... again she "disappear" without us knowing .... she was playing Jayden and other kids .... and she really enjoyed herself very much.  We all had a great time there ..... thanks once again for the invites!