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Tuesday, 26 December 2006

A piece of good news before Xmas!

20 Dec 2006 - my usual check up on my thyroid ......  appointment time is at 9am ...... happily went to see my doc and have my blood taken to see the thyroid level.  I was so blur tat morning I even forgot my wallet! I have no money to pay for the medical fees ha ha ha ha  lucky my mother in law's shop is near to the clinic ..... lucky she came to my rescue! "Thanks Mother!" 

At about 4.30pm I have received a call from my doctor - Dr Lee Chung Horn.  Is his 1st time calling me personally! I was shocked thought something have happen about my blood test!

He told me" Well Done! Wee Kheng, your thyroid level is back to normal!"   He sound more happy then me ...... my Free T4 is 21.23 and TSH is 2.639 is all in place now! And he told me the best news you can try to conceive now but you must still take your medicine..... YIPPIE!

Is really a piece of good news for me and is also the best xmas gift I ever have .......   I am really happy that I break into tears. And to break the news to all of my friends and relatives whom is always there to give me support.  My husband is the last to know cos he is out in the field poor baby.....

Thanks to all my friends and relative out there whom always give me support...... esp to Pauline, SZ meiz, wt, Joanne, Tricia, les, and of cos the most important person - my beloved husband Drexler Goh  .............

Thursday, 7 December 2006

Good & Bad News

25 Oct 2006 - is my usual check up with my specialist in Eastern Specialist Centre. He told me my thyroid is not getting better which I feel very sad and cos of this medicine issue, my period is no way getting regular at
all. Doctor suspect I have Polycystic Ovary Disease and is a disaster to me I hate hearing that I have this and that which will affect me having baby. My thyroid is an issue that I cant have baby at the moment cos it will
affect the baby brain.  My blood test for thyroid studies is Free T4 - 14.42 normal range is ( 11.50 - 22.70) but my TSH is on the high side which is 41.216 normal range is (03.50 - 5.500).  Its getting better as the 1st time when i see this doc my TSH is as high as 140+.  He suggested tat I do a blood test which cost a bomb in private clinic kekekee ... (very stingy me) I opt to go polyclinic to get blood test instead which will cost lesser.

2 Dec 2006 - I went to Geylang polyclinic thinking that they do blood test for PCOS unfortunately they didnt so the doc advice me to go for a blood test on my thyroid level and gave me referrals letter to go KKH
for blood test and is schedule on 29/12/06. *pray hope is alright*

7 Dec 2006 - Polyclinic Doctor call me and tell me the result of my thyroid my Free T4 is 22.7 and TSH is 6.62 is really getting better ..... and I hope it can be even better so that I can try for a baby piglet kekekeke *pray hard*

Sunday, 3 December 2006

What a weekend ..... why passes so fast!

Weekend!!!! Are my fav days that I am longing to have! I think to all
of ppl out there loves it too ....... I have started to treasure it
from Friday onwards! Friday evening, I have an appt with my neighbours
- Chane & Lester we went to TAMPINES IKEA! WOW! WOW! its so BIG and

Although is the 2nd day of opening, we also have lotsa
freebies from Ikea ...... we were so scare that we have to queue
outside to go into the store to shop! 

When we reached Ikea 1st freebies
to get is their mineral water ha ha ha then we get small heart  cushion
and a small ikea recycle bag. 

When I reached Ikea my 1st thing that
cross my mid is the HOTDOG i love the hotdog ....... searching for it
at market area ...... to my shock the queue is extremely LONG ... OMG
....... so we went to queue at the restaurant the queue is fast
but the q-ing for food is a killing  we have no choice but to wait cos we
are very hungry.

The food was good, Chane have their salmon, I have their fried rice with chicken
wing and Lester have their famous meatball.  After eating, we do our
shopping and we reach home at 11pm and the very
next day is another long day for me and sunday is my hsework day not
much time to rest .......  why weekend always passes so
fast .....