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Friday, 27 February 2015

Friday - 27 Feb 2015

Colleagues went to the bank and came back with this for a surprise for me.  Thanks for the Ang Bao and cake!  Is my favourite cake from four leaves!  

Neo Garden having appreciating night for members and yes I am invited to be there and I am able to also bring along a friend or colleague with me so Ali went with me for this event.  We were early so we just walk around at Kallang Wave Mall.  The appreciation night is located at Kallang Wave Mall - Issho Izakaya this is one of their restaurant too.

Upon arrival we given a wishing doll to so call make a wish ... and we headed to some cocktail first and at the same time they are setting up a super long yusheng table!  Is quite fun to eat yusheng with so many people.  Before we start the dinner they have this sakae bomb .... too bad I can't drink at all and as for food is quite good.  No luck for their lucky draw but is a great night!

After I reached home my friends came over and surprise me with an ice-cream cake and bird's nest!  So touched!  Thanks my dear pals for the surprise!  Next year there is one more special one celebrating it with me!  Looking forward to meet the little one in July!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Monday - Thursday - 23 - 26 Feb 2015

Since this year have so many days of CNY off (due to weekend) so I didnt take any leave so I have to give up going to my in law's shop fpr lion dance this year.My cute hubby say that he wanna treat me to a nice breakfast hahaha ... so after we drove Alyssa to school .... he drove to Mcdonald for what he feel is nice lol.

This week in office is mostly feasting!  We have yusheng for add on to lunch and Rosalind even cook yummy chicken soup for me and also red dates tea.  My boss gave us one Panettone each ..... I think my baby really very fortunate hahaha .... blessed with all good food! 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sunday - 22 Feb 2015

Another pack schedule day... went to pick up my Parents and head over to my Cousin's place near Upper Serangoon.  Cousin cooked lotong today and we are the first to arrive ... so I help abit in the cooking and was chase out cos I was preggy .... she asked me to go rest!  Hahaha .... so nothing much to do is photo taking time.  

See Alyssa's photo with my nephew?  They are same age but look at the size I think my gal really over grown!  Took pic with my mum while my Dad went to the temple near by for some prayers.  About 30mins later my Aunt and other cousins arrive at her place ... and my Uncle actually wanna play mahjong with me but unfortunately I need to rush off to another place.

Next is to my Secondary school friend - OPA's new place at Chai Chee.  We were abit late and started to eat when we arrive haha .... is steamboat again .... 

Chatted with them abit while we were eating ... and we needed to rushed off .... again ... really a touch and go situation.  Cos another group of my hubby's sec friends coming to our place.  

We had a game of mahjong at my place before we set off to Punggol CC cos the guys wanna have a game of basketball.  We waited for the guys to finish the game before we go over to Hougang for dinner.  A coffeeshop near to Joyce and YL's place .... lucky Joyce made reservation cos the coffeeshop is full house! 

We had a very nice dinner and of cos the company really nice .... after the meal they all went back to my place to continue chit chatting and drinking. 

I have to made Alyssa to go to bed but I doze off too and when I woke up again my friends all left as some of them need to work the next day too!  These few days is really tiring .... still cannot get enough of the gathering!  

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Saturday - 21 Feb 2015

We have family prayers today so we headed over to small uncle's place at around 11+am .... almost all family members present for the blessing.  

In the evening we went over to Angeline's place for dinner ... thanks for preparing all the food and hosting! 

After dinner we meeting up our friends at Kallang Mcdonald.... this year Penny & Edwin is back for CNY here in SG ... so we all make time to meet up with them!  It was nice to have them with us ... the guys chit chatting among themselves and for us ladies also did some update about what we have been busying with and of cos the topic will not forget about kids!  Nice catching up ... tomorrow another pack day for me hahaha ..... hope everything goes on time! 

Friday, 20 February 2015

Friday - 20 Feb 2015

Almost forgot to take pic of my simple deco in the house.  This year quite limited to do anything cos of the bleeding earlier so I am instructed to leave everything down cannot move this and that! 

Off to my Parent's place but first I gonna take a pic with my precious Alyssa and the little bump showing before e set off.  I love this picture ... Goh finally did a good shot cos he always cannot take nice pic LOL 

My Cousins reached earlier than me so the kids already start playing around ..... stay around at their place for about 2hrs plus and we are ready to go off to my Cousin place at Tampines. 

My cousin place have lotsa cats and a dog .... who say they cannot live together?? Haha Alyssa love the cats very much ..... she will always stay around with the cats. 

Every year my cousin will cook lunch for us and I am always looking forward for the yummy lunch he cook.  This year he made Nasi Lemak for us .... and he will always have special theme display of food!  

After the yummy meal is mahjong time again my Uncle love to play mahjong so he always will jio me to play with them.  And I always need to prepare more lose change cos we only play cash money during CNY so no chips is being distribute! 

Lucky star shine on me or maybe I should say Cousin house really wang wang me cos most of the time I will win money.  But this year better I won around $200+ and I gave some winning to my Parents for them to take a cab home as they wanna play another round with another cousin and also we are rushing off to Ah Ghor house for steamboat dinner.  This is also an every year event .... I love to eat steamboat so without fail I be there to fill my tummy there and great also to continue to chit chat with them and same thing after dinner is gambling time again and always till past midnight ... thats how I spent my 2nd day of CNY! 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Thursday - 19 Feb 2015

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Dr Heng told me to stay home during my last check up I am kinda sad but I insists going out :P so everything I do have to be slow slow slow ..... and no cold water too! 

First stop as usual to my in law's place for breakfast and same every year will be having meesua with abalone for breakfast.  And we will do a family photo taking every year too ... after that we headed to Grandma's place at Ubi for lunch.  Is all about eating for CNY and is really non stop eating during every house visit! 

Next stop after the sumptous meal prepared by Ah Ghor is to Big Uncle place at Aljunied ... then is back to my In law's place for annual gambling hahaha ..... members getting lesser ..... maybe next time no more playing.  MIL will cook and small uncle and Aunt will be having dinner with us ... and the next stop is to third uncle's place at Telok Kurau and the very last stop will be at small uncle place at Ubi.  

All the places were very near so we could actually stay longer at one's place .... we use to drink and gamble at small uncle's place ... but mostly now all married with child hard to drink and I am preggy so is totally cannot!  I still store alot of beer/cider at home wanna drink during CNY but cannot! 

Our day always ended after midnight cos of the chit chatting at small uncle's place.  Tomorrow will be going to my parent's place and to my cousin place as well I always look forward to go my cousin's place cos he always cook yummy food that fill my tummy and follow by mahjong!  

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Wednesday - 18 Feb 2015

Is CNY eve so Alyssa all dressed up to go to school for celebration!  As for the 2 of us since we are not working we headed to Bedok for breakfast and at the same time we send our bedsheet for DIY washing. 

So while waiting we enjoyed our breakfast and chit chat at the same time .... after washing we also use the dryer to dry it too.  Good to hae this cos I need not have any clothing or bedsheet hanging in the house on CNY thought no one come my place haha. 


Alyssa's form Teacher send us a class photo and also a video of them singing during the celebration,  Nice of her to do that for us!  

After picking up Alyssa we went back to rest and I am quite tired so I nap for awhile before going over to small Uncle/ Aunt plato ce for Reunion Dinner.  Every Reunion we will rotate to go to Uncle's place for dinner.  

As more and more cousin married .... our family reunion become lesser people but well we still have a great time with others too. After the sumptous meal prepared by Small Aunt we went back home to watch Mediacorp CNY variety show.  And when the clock struck 12 my dear Alyssa went to get 2 oranges and to wish us Happy New Year!  I am looking forward next year as there will be another baby joining Alyssa!  Finally a family of 4! 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Tuesday - 17 Feb 2015

Is last day of work for me since we need not go office tomorrow, is a usual practice for our company.  Well I am happy cos I still have lotsa things to do like washing bedsheet and doing last mon of cleaning up. 

And since today is Tuesday and 3rd week of the month it is our monthly MC meeting in our company and so we are finding ways to "protect" our ladies toilet as there are more men than women in the committee (the men usually will use our ladies toilet if it is vacant).  And men usually will dirty the toilet and to save it we think of "out of order " as an excuse and lock it to prevent them from using. Hahaha 

Sometimes we can be funny in coming up with such funny ideas but well is good as if they dirty it ..... the toilet will be dirty till after CNY and it will smell.  Sorry to all if they need to use our toilet! 

Monday, 16 February 2015

Monday - 16 Feb 2015

Got a great news in my email inbox: 

Dear Wee Kheng,

Congratulations!  You have won a 
Atocare UV Anti-Dust Mite/Allergy Vacuum Cleaner in the sixth giveaway of 
A Gift for Mums-to-be from Singaporemotherhood.com, supported by Cordlife.

Please forward us a preggie photo of yourself as we may want to use the photo to announce the results of the giveaway.  

We look forward to your reply soon.
Thank you.

Sincerely from

Long time never win anything so haha baby luck bring some lucky luck to me too.  But well I really dunno how to use this gotta read properly since is good to use for the bed. 

And is a good day cos I am gonna feast on yusheng!  This year I have to restrict myself from eating too much of it and also say bye bye to my sashimi!  But well I still enjoying very much though I only can eat the crackers! 

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sunday - 15 Feb 2015

Feeling hot so went to get my hair cut and Alyssa as usual will follow what I do!  She have her hair cut and wash at the same time.  Just when I am waiting for her I received a whatsapp msg from an unknown phone number.  "Theresa, are you coming."  I was like huh who is it ..... and told Goh about it.  Replying a ??? to the number and he replied me saying he is Say Peng my friend whom came back from France for a short trip!  His son turn 1 year old and he wanted to invite us to the party.  He told me he send msg to me but I did not received anything ... he was shocked about it.

Lucky we did not have anything and was able to attend so we went straight to Changi SAF chalet.  I am so happy to see them back in SG and their son so handsome!  Food was from Neo Garden and the simple deco really looks good!  

Catching up with the couple and his brother was good at least we know what are we all busying with!  Hope Say Peng and Charmayne come back more often miss you guys! 

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Saturday - 14 Feb 2015

Is Vday today ... but for my recent admission to hospital due to the bleeding we go low this year didn't really celebrate.  Since 喜羊羊与灰太狼 having show at City Square Mall we brought Missy to watch and she is ok all alone so we left her in the crowd and went to do some shopping. 

After the show she wanted to take the choo choo city train express - a mini train for  a fun and memorable ride - $6 for maybe like 5mins Missy super happy with it!  After all the happy times we send her to Berries while both of us having some twosome time having some drinks while waiting for her.  

After her Berries we headed to East Point for dinner .... dunno what should we eat we just head to the food court for a simple meal.  Missy always eyeing for Jap food in Food court cos she simply love chawanmushi with the bento set.  For us we go for boiled soup for dinner.  As I was told my body quite weak so have to nourish a bit since I am preggy.  

We did some shopping too and I made Goh to wear pink for me to see .... he look great but he still think pink is not for him and gave up buying that for him cos it will ended up in the wardrobe!  Missy help to decorate the house as CNY really drawing very near!  I am glad to have a little helper in the house hope that she will continue to be like this when little one come out! 

Friday, 13 February 2015

8 Feb - 13 Feb Sunday - Friday

Sunday my shopping spree still on going cos of the bleeding .... I stop walking much till these days when I am feeling good.  Alyssa went with me and guess what I found a dress which fits her perfectly.  The dress is actually for petite adult side haha and this little girl fits well for the dress and it shall be one of her CNY dress!

Monday and Tuesday we tried many frying stuffs for CNY .... the cuttlefish actually tasted well when we fry it ... after air tight it is still crispy!  Tried also the seaweed with popiah skin .. not too bad too .... dunno if next year I am able to do it with the little one with me!

Alyssa still enjoying bringing food to school so I need to wake up early to prepare for her .... glad that she like it and finished up everything!

I am always being loved by most of people around me most of the time they will either call and asked if I wanna eat anything or coming by to surprise me with yummy food!  Really appreciate it so much for the nice gesture!  Thanks to all those whom love me!