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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Thurssay - Sunday - 29 Jan to 1 Feb 2015

Thursday & Friday 

Almost everyday my MIL will pack this and get Goh to bring back to me for dinner but somehow I dun have much appetite and I can't finish it most of the time.  And I actually feel that this pregnancy I do have some dislike unlike when I am having Alyssa.

This pregnancy I dislike mee hoon kway can you imagine I love it so much when my MIL made but when I see I sudden feel yucky and dun feel like eating.... I love chilli for this time while having Alyssa I dun take at all!  Noodles will be my last option and for his I simply love rice cannot live without it!


Still at home nua-ing while the Father and Daughter go to Berries I feel bored already can;t wait to go out but even I can go out everything have to be slow slow slow ...... I dunno if I can get use of it cos for me I am an inpatient person everything must do fast!


Finally, the hubby allow me to go out he brought me to Parkway as he needs to do some errands and as for me I saw sales for clothing so while waiting for him I went to grab a few for my mil, colleagues, my mum for CNY / birthday gifts and as for myself I manage to get another piece of lace shorts that can fit me even with the big tum tum! 

Craving for kway chap but end up I cannot finished the kway ..... this baby really a rice bucket!  And appetite not as great as when I am having Alyssa.  

At around 2+pm Alyssa requested to go Onekm as she wanna see the cast starring in 118 so we brought her there and as I look around for a place to sit we decided to go Fika cafe which have direct view to the stage to have our drinks and dessert. 

After watching the stars we went around to look see look see the place and they have a mini flea mart outside the mall so I bought this pretty garlic for CNY deco.  As is called 蒜 (suan) in chinese is the same pronunciation in calculating (算)so is consider of can calculate money for whole year through.  Bought 2 for my in law too.  Hope this year everything will be smooth for all!

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