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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sunday - 15 Feb 2015

Feeling hot so went to get my hair cut and Alyssa as usual will follow what I do!  She have her hair cut and wash at the same time.  Just when I am waiting for her I received a whatsapp msg from an unknown phone number.  "Theresa, are you coming."  I was like huh who is it ..... and told Goh about it.  Replying a ??? to the number and he replied me saying he is Say Peng my friend whom came back from France for a short trip!  His son turn 1 year old and he wanted to invite us to the party.  He told me he send msg to me but I did not received anything ... he was shocked about it.

Lucky we did not have anything and was able to attend so we went straight to Changi SAF chalet.  I am so happy to see them back in SG and their son so handsome!  Food was from Neo Garden and the simple deco really looks good!  

Catching up with the couple and his brother was good at least we know what are we all busying with!  Hope Say Peng and Charmayne come back more often miss you guys! 

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