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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sunday - 22 Feb 2015

Another pack schedule day... went to pick up my Parents and head over to my Cousin's place near Upper Serangoon.  Cousin cooked lotong today and we are the first to arrive ... so I help abit in the cooking and was chase out cos I was preggy .... she asked me to go rest!  Hahaha .... so nothing much to do is photo taking time.  

See Alyssa's photo with my nephew?  They are same age but look at the size I think my gal really over grown!  Took pic with my mum while my Dad went to the temple near by for some prayers.  About 30mins later my Aunt and other cousins arrive at her place ... and my Uncle actually wanna play mahjong with me but unfortunately I need to rush off to another place.

Next is to my Secondary school friend - OPA's new place at Chai Chee.  We were abit late and started to eat when we arrive haha .... is steamboat again .... 

Chatted with them abit while we were eating ... and we needed to rushed off .... again ... really a touch and go situation.  Cos another group of my hubby's sec friends coming to our place.  

We had a game of mahjong at my place before we set off to Punggol CC cos the guys wanna have a game of basketball.  We waited for the guys to finish the game before we go over to Hougang for dinner.  A coffeeshop near to Joyce and YL's place .... lucky Joyce made reservation cos the coffeeshop is full house! 

We had a very nice dinner and of cos the company really nice .... after the meal they all went back to my place to continue chit chatting and drinking. 

I have to made Alyssa to go to bed but I doze off too and when I woke up again my friends all left as some of them need to work the next day too!  These few days is really tiring .... still cannot get enough of the gathering!  

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