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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Monday - Wednesday - 2-4 Feb 2015

Counting down back to work .... I am too bored and yes I am gg back soon and no more nua-ing at home!  Lucky friends always whatsapp and chit chat with me if not really bored to death!

Today is the day where I am going back to work!  Yippie!  And is also 立春 so I am wearing red back to work and Pauline send this in our whatsapp group few days ago haha I will try to follow as this year 立春come before CNY and I am going back to work so I wouldn't wanna take leave anymore.

Saw many people posting about the egg that can only be stand during 立春 so my colleagues went to get one pack of egg and I try doing it haha and yes it really stand she say I use double sided tape for help then I show her I didn't cos she still dun believe it haha

Thanks to Victor for the tea break for me as I am super hungry ..... hope my weight gain will not be so much for this pregnancy!

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