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Friday, 13 February 2015

8 Feb - 13 Feb Sunday - Friday

Sunday my shopping spree still on going cos of the bleeding .... I stop walking much till these days when I am feeling good.  Alyssa went with me and guess what I found a dress which fits her perfectly.  The dress is actually for petite adult side haha and this little girl fits well for the dress and it shall be one of her CNY dress!

Monday and Tuesday we tried many frying stuffs for CNY .... the cuttlefish actually tasted well when we fry it ... after air tight it is still crispy!  Tried also the seaweed with popiah skin .. not too bad too .... dunno if next year I am able to do it with the little one with me!

Alyssa still enjoying bringing food to school so I need to wake up early to prepare for her .... glad that she like it and finished up everything!

I am always being loved by most of people around me most of the time they will either call and asked if I wanna eat anything or coming by to surprise me with yummy food!  Really appreciate it so much for the nice gesture!  Thanks to all those whom love me!

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