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Friday, 20 February 2015

Friday - 20 Feb 2015

Almost forgot to take pic of my simple deco in the house.  This year quite limited to do anything cos of the bleeding earlier so I am instructed to leave everything down cannot move this and that! 

Off to my Parent's place but first I gonna take a pic with my precious Alyssa and the little bump showing before e set off.  I love this picture ... Goh finally did a good shot cos he always cannot take nice pic LOL 

My Cousins reached earlier than me so the kids already start playing around ..... stay around at their place for about 2hrs plus and we are ready to go off to my Cousin place at Tampines. 

My cousin place have lotsa cats and a dog .... who say they cannot live together?? Haha Alyssa love the cats very much ..... she will always stay around with the cats. 

Every year my cousin will cook lunch for us and I am always looking forward for the yummy lunch he cook.  This year he made Nasi Lemak for us .... and he will always have special theme display of food!  

After the yummy meal is mahjong time again my Uncle love to play mahjong so he always will jio me to play with them.  And I always need to prepare more lose change cos we only play cash money during CNY so no chips is being distribute! 

Lucky star shine on me or maybe I should say Cousin house really wang wang me cos most of the time I will win money.  But this year better I won around $200+ and I gave some winning to my Parents for them to take a cab home as they wanna play another round with another cousin and also we are rushing off to Ah Ghor house for steamboat dinner.  This is also an every year event .... I love to eat steamboat so without fail I be there to fill my tummy there and great also to continue to chit chat with them and same thing after dinner is gambling time again and always till past midnight ... thats how I spent my 2nd day of CNY! 

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