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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Tuesday - 31 May 2011

Went to the bank today with Auntie Rosalind and we hop into a cab with 2 dog head being tight up.  The cabby didn't like to take passengers with dogs!  He told us that dog saliva, fur is everywhere when he tried taking up them.

He very funny his sign put ask the dogs to go take MRT or plane hahaha ..... Auntie Rosalind is a devoted dog owner she dun wanna talk any further with the cabby anymore after hearing that! LOL

Back home after work is always house chores be it washing, cleaning always cannot finish!  My dear dottie volunteer to help me fold her clothing and keeping tidy.  Great attempt in folding ..... she is actually rolling it  hahaha nice try baby ... I wanna cultivate you more household chores .... maybe more cleaning and tidy up the place.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Monday - 30 May 2011

Everyday have to think what to eat for lunch ....... I really eat till I very tired of it .... especially now I always lunch in ..... I hope I can cook in office .... I hope I can wake up early to cook myself a nice lunch .... all these is always on my mind haha but will not come true haha....

Jo suggested I try the zi char sweet and sour fish .... not too bad but just that too wet cos of the sauce ... usually I dun take wet rice I love it dry so that I can taste the fragrance rice.  Imagine Monday blues and if I dun get nice food I will be moody!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sunday - 29 May 2011

Coco made reservation at Jade (The Fullerton) 2 weeks ago .... according to her have to make reservation before hand cos always fully booked.  Weekend A la Carte Dim Sum Buffet time: 11.30am to 1.15pm or 1.45pm to 3.30pm. 

We started to order many dishes to share and all comes in small portion which is good cos we get to eat lots.  In no time we are almost full and at around 1.05pm sharp they came over and told us that they will need to tidy up the place and get ready for the 2nd session.

After the hearty brunch we went over to CC for Dumpling Festival ..... my Parents were there already when we reached.  I bought a booklet of tickets and got myself a lucky draw prize - a Pot!  One booklet = 10 tics and I have 10 goodie bags .... but thank god my Parents agreed to come so I gave them 5 bags .... Imagine I have all I have to finish up 10 chicken dumplings and 10 gi chang!

Everything end up with our monthly meeting right after the event ..... and our committee will not have anymore meeting till the next BGM.  Dearie and I will step down from YEC hoping we can concentrate on the newly form RC.

Didn't join our fellow members for dinner we headed straight to Courts cos my vacuum went "heaven" already hmmmm the tube break .... as I am quite lazy to find the parts I got a new one for myself .... $149 Rowenta machine .... not too bad ... not very noisy .... hope it will last me for few years!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Saturday - 28 May 2011

After TT finished her Berries class we stayed back at CC cos we are attending a Thank You dinner by BG Tan. 

Not very creative for the food haha cos almost all the same just like what we had during Dr Ong CNY open house.  BG Tan make effort to go around the table and mingle around with us .... and he won't be our estate MP anymore so I wont get a chance to work with him ..... hope that our new MP will be good

Friday, 27 May 2011

Thur & Fri - 26 & 27 May 2011

Bought too much food on Tuesday so I cooked the rest which was in the fridge .... just a simple one and lucky my Dearie is not the fussy kind so he wipe up everything be it nice or not nice.

He always "vacuum" everything even though he is quite full cos we dun like keeping food and have overnight dishes.  And seriously I think I wanna change a bigger fridge cos I feel that mine is too small should I get a new one .... wonder who will wanna buy my current one?

On Friday I dated my office Auntie - Rosalind for lunch at Fullhouse.  Although some conflicts in office at times but still she is way better cos she really very sporting in anything .... she willing to try new stuffs and very IN auntie!  I love the kimchi there and I have crave for it..... and since her Birthday is round the corner I buy her this lunch.

She gave me an AB during my birthday and after I foot the bill she wanna pay me and I surprise her with a "Happy Birthday" she was shocked and say oh I remembered her birthday!  She was so happy!

Came back home after work to pack up and when TT is back I asked to try on a ballet dress for me to see I bought it at $10 at Bedok Point.  She was so happy after seeing it and change to it immediately and even pose for me to take photo of her dancing.  She really look so good with it hahaha .... wonder will Dearie change his mind and let her learn ballet?

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wednesday - 25 May 2011

Cheryl POP already! haha Thanks to Jenny whom feed me info when I was feeling groggy after my medication yesterday. 

Jenny pick me up at Tai Sing and we went Mt A to visit Cheryl ..... she was breastfeeding baby when we reached .... and my dear Cheryl and baby was in a very comfortable position this make me feel the blissful scene and of cos bring back some memories when I just gave birth to TT!

And yes Pauline I saw the hospital bag really very Agnes B!  Cheryl was sharing with us her birth story and also telling us the nurses there kept going in and out of her room .... she dun really rest well ..... hope that you rest well at home for the next few weeks!  Congrats once again and baby look really like daddy!

Dearie came picking me up at Mt A and we headed to Novena for dinner .... we went Kenny Rogers for dinner and I hardly can finish the big portion of my main course ... I love their corn bread .... next time I will share with Dearie it will be just nice!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sun - Tues - 22 - 24 May 11

On Sunday went out with Bevian and Sebastian ...for a game again haha!  Nothing much to update on Sunday just laze around when I am back home.  And sad thing is that my menses came meaning my mission failed again .... people say is easy to conceive for number 2 but mine is really hard! 

On Monday as usual went to work but just before lunch I start to have heavy heads and the area at shoulder and head area very pain.  Shoulder area very hard and sore and sad thing is I got diahhorea at the same time (-_-) ..... so went back early to see Doctor.

Was given a day mc for Tuesday .....

On Tuesday woke up feeling better I went to the market to buy breakfast and buy some vegetables back to cook for dinner.  Simple dinner and great to stay home with my love ones!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Fri & Sat - 20 & 21 May 2011

Usual routine for my Friday nothing much to update .... ....

And as for Saturday is also routine .... Is Tumbletots and Berries day hahaha ... before going over to Tumbletots my Uncle called and told me that the top I bought for him he can't wear and will wanna pass it to my Dad instead.  I told him he can change for bigger size so I met them for lunch together with my Parents cos he brought my Mama for foot reflexology.Really appreciate his help for the care and time he given to my Mama as I am also too stretch for myself I dun think I am filial enough. *sigh*

Mama had her foot reflexology done just opposite my in law's shop so we meet there for lunch more convenient for them.  TT was a star in that coffeeshop ... all stalls owner know her .... and she even go order her own 叉烧饭 and the stall owner know their (including my nephew) pattern what they like ... if eat be chicken rice it must be with no skin .... not too much oil .... breast meat .... *LOL*  My little piglet really can finish the whole plate of
叉烧饭 on her own ..... wow she really a big eater ... dunno next time will she be like me becoming so fat! :P 

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sunday & Monday - 3 & 4 April 2011

We stayed home till 4plus then headed to Bedok for some groceries shopping before our dinner my dear TT always very happy to go shopping ... is really a lazy Sunday for us ......

Went Jinlong for dinner .... love their Jinlong chicken really yummy .... I think I still have lotsa dishes not try yet .... shall go dine there more often cos I have a "walking live VIP card".  Boss of the restaurant love TT very much .... always talk to her and MIL said that even TT is sleeping he will still walk in to the shop and take a look at her.  Sometimes he even left his Iphone with her to play! *Faintz*

On Monday is a busy day for me ..... Grading have just ended and I have to rush out the results and also our Inter School Preparation cos the next whole week we won't be coming in to the office to work ..... RUSH RUSH RUSH!

Thursday - 19 May 2011

Is been a long time since we meet up .... totally not much chances seeing Nicole .... my dear cousin is going to join my motherhood club real soon .... we are so happy for her!

We met at Nex to have dinner.... we went to 鲜得来 this branch is totally different from the one in Bugis which I went with my gfs.  They came in personal pot ... the pot look so beautiful .... seems like chinese imperial palace kind!

Is steamboat buffet ... just order and they will just bring out for you but .... always in small portion and I have to order many times.  They have cooked food too but some not very nice ....one thing not so good is not free flow of drinks you gotta order it :(

Great time spent!  Shall meet up again before you Pop Mrs Ng!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Wednesday - 18 May 2011

Dearie turn 35 this year!  Happy Birthday my dearest may you 顺顺 every year!  We went to pick TT up after our breakfast at KFC and told her we are going to Wild Wild Wet!  She is so happy when she heard SWIMMING in Wild Wild Wet!

Good to be there on a weekday not much people .... and I bought her arm float is my first time using it ... kinda difficult to fit her little arm with that!

Dearie and I went wild when we are there except for TT she like blur blur dunno which one she should start I accompany her while my Dearie enjoy himself in some slide thingy!  Oh well guess is always Mother's job to accompany kids heehee ....

After that we ask her to go try the Shiok river .... no need to swim the current will just "push" you thru .... having float along the river make us comfortably lying on it and flow with the water how nice!  TT had her arm float and she is thrilled with it .... but when we ask her to go over Tsunami side she didn't wanna be there .... she step in and soon after she walk away from us and say she dun like there wanna go away.  Dunno why she feel like that ....

After washing up we went over to Seoul Garden for dinner .... and we notice there is a cupcake DIY stall just outside and after the dinner TT & I DIY a cupcake each for Dearie .... although is not very nice but glad he enjoyed his special day with us! 

P/S: Cupcake is very dry! LOL

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Mon & Tues - 16 & 17 May 2011

On Monday i took half day and went Bishan in the morning with TT ..... she skipped her school for today.  Again we took our favorite circle line over .... 20mins we reached Bishan .... wooo hoo I am loving it so much and that explain to my Dearie we slept till 9.30am! hahaha

Every aunties including my MIL cooked Ah Ma's favourite food and we do Prayers till around 12noon ... Thanks to 3rd Uncle whom offer to drive me to work .. .Thanks Uncle!  Back to my in laws place for dinner cos there's so much food to clear!

On Thursday is Vesak Day and is our family annual prayers at Aljunied .... met around 9+am and have prayers there... after that we head over to Sebastian place for a MJ game.  And in the evening we went over to another prayers and headed back home to rest but I am on leave tomorrow yeah!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sunday - 15 May 2011

Dearie went Nacli course with Lester and YZ ... so left me and TT at home ...we woke up at 7+am and went for brisk walking organise by our RC.  TT abit lazy she told me she is tired and asked me to carry her NO WAY! hahaha I will not carry 3 bags of 5KG rice and walk around I told her why we are doing the brisk walking and is good to do some exercise!

After we are back I order Mcdonald breakfast and enjoy our lovely breakfast together .... do some housework with her and we went for a short nap.

We headed to Suntec for shopping after we woke up ... I bought 2 pairs of new shoes and bought her a new dress.  Shopped halfway Dearie called and said that he is back home and will go over Kallang Long Beach to wait for us.  We took circle line and within 5mins we reached there so convenient!

Had dinner there with our family for Dearie's birthday ... Thanks for the ang bao and gifts for Dearie!  Had an enjoyable dinner with them!