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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Monday & Tuesday - 20 & 21 April 09

As usual both days nothing much to update ... is a routine days too.  Yesterday my BIL wanna plan a trip in June.  We are planning to go for a cruise ..... so we are looking thru the papers and see where does it cruise to. 

Kinda excited cos this is the 1st trip that we will be out with the whole Family!  SIL (Celia) will be doing the checking of the schedule.

On Tuesday as usual my Dearie went over to fetch my Mama to go for her acupuncture at least she is willing to go for it .... she seems dun like to go for her physio.  Shall talk to her again when I see her again.

Dearie asked me to have my dinner on my own .... so at very last minute I manage to get hold of Sandy & Beno to go dinner with me.  Went to Irodori again ...... heee ... Uncle is shocked to me cos weekday is the most least possibilities to be there.

Sandy met me at Paya Lebar MRT and we took the train to Tiong Bahru and change a bus 123... is just 2 or 3 stops away.  We are there early whereby our dear Beno will only reached at around 8pm.  As usual Uncle bring out nice food for us to try ..... I love the Salmon Skin .... yum yum .....

I feel great and relaxed cos is been along time since I have a chit chatting dinner session with friends.  And I can catch up with them a little ..... next time should organise another dinner hahah last min not much ppl can make it :P

Monday, 27 April 2009

Sunday - 19 April 09

Woke up at around 8+am ... cos TT is going to Baby Show, signed up 2 weeks back ..... is just for fun cos is only $15 this time round.  We are being lead to a waiting room after about an hour & half wait ..... is our turn to bring TT in for the nurses to check . 

Dearie & I feel that this time round is more transparent as we get to see the judging criteria unlike the previous time we didn't even know what is the criteria.

There are 3 categories:
  • Healthy baby
  • Most photogenic
  • Happy Grandparents & Baby award
I signed up 1 & 2 cos no. 3 required Grandparents to be with the baby so I didn't sign up, if I were to know only need 1 Grandparent I will ask my MIL to come. 

After the Nurses check on TT we are then lead to 2nd floor for a photo taking for the Most Photogenic Baby.  Then is the waiting time in the hall and there are magic show to entertain us while waiting.  We saw TT is being selected as the finalist for the Photogenic category but I didn't put in much hope cos there are more beautiful babies around!

The wait is worthwhile ..... TT won the 2nd runner up for the most healthy baby........ haha she won a trophy, a hamper and 3 free class in Little Neuro Tree at Parkway.  Well done Baby TT!  TT is sound asleep after getting her prize ..... and we went back home to let her nap .... after she woke up we went over to Uncle house to visit Mama and show her TT's prize ..... Mama was happy .... and we show it to my in laws when we went over for dinner in the evening.  TT's 1st trophy ...... hahah Dearie & I only got our 1st one in Sec school muahhahaha ........

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Saturday - 18 April 09

Woke up early and went for breakfast with Coco at Killiney Kopitiam at Siglap cos we will be having a Flea Mart later.  TT is asleep when we are having our meal ... I ordered chicken porridge and it does not impressed me at all ..... so I went  to order Nasi Lemak and finished the whole pack.  Dearie have to eat my left over of the chicken porridge on top of his toast and eggs.

Reached KKCC at around 9+am ..... and start setting up .... Mama came over to see us after her acupuncture at Eunos.  Had lunch with her at the CC cafe .... she finished all her food ... which is good but somehow I feel that she dun have discipline .... cos she is eating as per normal no diet at all that really worry me.

Business is not as good ... maybe due to there is no class today .... I only sell $5 stuff hahaha only manage to cover the rent.  We close our stall at 2.30pm .....went back home washed up and wanted to bring TT for a swim at Seng Kang but time is running short ..... so we give that a miss.

Went Compass Point to look for Mama ... she is there with uncle for dinner .... we all had dinner together and we bring her for shopping.  I bought a pair of sandals for her ..... she didn't wanna wear shoes at all after she is hospitalised.  She have a swollen right feet cos she have not been exercising lately.  She can't fit into normal pretty shoes cos she simply loves it .... she refuse at first to wear the sandals but after talking to her she accept and wear it on the spot!  As usual we are being chase back home ..... reached home only at around 10+pm.

Thursday & Friday - 16 & 17 April 09


Dearie is sick .... after sending TT & I he went back to see Doctor his running nose is killing him ...... took the medicine and slept for the rest of the day.  Am suppose to go for my mani/pedicure ..... nails are getting longer and got difficult to cut. 

Around early evening my manicurist called and said that she can't take me in today as she have something on and change me to Friday instead.  So Dearie came picking me at Ubi .... cos I went there to buy dinner and went over to my in law's shop to pick TT.

Jo told me this zi char's food is good ... after eating .... I feel nothing fantastic ..... very normal and the horfun that I ordered is big pack with lotsa fatty pork and only 2 prawn.  Not worth
but the way Jo describe the food is like really fantastic, delicious yummy .... but ..... is below average *LOL* I tasted some better ones.


Manicurist called again and wanna change my appointment to Saturday!  I was a bit pissed cos she kept changing and told me that she actually have an appointment with her friends.  So I say never mind although I am pissed what can I do ya?

Called up Dearie and told him about it ..... so I went to do threading ....... while waiting for my Dearie cos he is waiting for my PT maid to come over our place before meeting me. 
After doing threading I went over to PP to check on other nail spa to do my mani/pedi. 

I can't stand any longer on my long ugly hard finger nails .... so drop by one shop to have it done .... just nice when i have finished doing it ... dearie came and we have our meals before picking up TT, is just another routine day ......

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Monday - Wednesday 13, 14 & 15 April 09


Today I went back home straight after work .... is been like a month that I didn't went back home at this hour ..... I try to pack up the house before my 2 precious come back.  Vacuum, mop and cleaning up the house in about an hour.

Was looking at the SP services bill ...... didn't shoot to $100+ this time round cos maybe because we are always home late ..... save a bit on the bills but phone bills is a big high Papa use the most, his HP bill is about $70 ..... normal time is about $40 cos I am the one paying for him so I monitor his bill :P.

I dunno why i have a phobia now I am so scare when my phone rings in the evening .... so today I have the feeling is so strong I am so scare.  I will try to relax ..... not to think so much

Tuesday & Wednesday

Dearie went to pick Mama up to go for acupuncture so I bought my own dinner and eat alone ..... when he is back and after settling down we bring out all the letters and bills which we didn't clear to sort out.

Really alot of letters ..... I think my house is full of letters headache .... i use to be organise by clipping all the bills together so I can pay one shot .... but now is all scattered around ... guess I have to slowly go back to my system. 

Nothing much to update.... only heard that my Mama is progressing well which is a good thing to us.  She is trying to walk now ..... not like last time she is lazy and no confident to walk.  My Brother is trying to schedule her for a day care cum physio therapy at Ren Ci hopefully it will be a fast one cos her right feet is a bit swollen due to lack of exercise.

Just hang on there I am sure Mdm Tan will be like her usual self in no time .... look positively!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Sunday - 12 April 09

Mama's 1st acupuncture start today ..... is located near my place and Brother is doing the fetching today and Dearie went for tomb sweeping ...... so meaning I can sleep and rest longer with TT at home. 

Ans is NO *LOL* Papa called at 830am ... telling me Mama need to change her diaper .... so she have to come my house to change it.  No choice gotta drag myself up to wait for them .... TT is still sound asleep. 

The moment my Mama came into my house she "HAR" very loud cos she sees the most untidy place she ever seen. *LOL* all of us laff very loudly....Mama went into the room and saw TT ... she express to me that she didn't wanna change cos TT sleeping and she dun wanna disturb her.  TT was waken by the noise of changing the diaper and she is surprise to see her Grandma lying next to her.

After changing they went over for acupuncture while TT & I play our computer games together.  Dearie came back at around 11+am and brought Loh Mee for me ..... after my brunch we went over to visit Mama.

She have just discharge and she in Uncle house what she need most is family support and love so we just accompany her whenever we can and at the same time I also not to neglect my in laws side so we went back for dinner when we can. 

This period of time thanks to my in laws side whom gave us support too in taking care of TT for much more longer time cos by the time we fetch her everyday is close to 10pm.  Thanks for all helps and all my friends and relatives out there for the care, support, encouragement for me and my family.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Sat - 11 April 09

Went market to buy some joss paper .....this is the first time I am buying all these all by myself ... and I am totally blur lucky the boss help me.

Reached the temple at around 9am and we are all being asked to go to the 2nd level for chanting.  The moment my Mama saw uncle carrying Grandma's photo in she burst into tears .... I understand my Mama's feeling... having herself not well and seeing her beloved Mother makes her sad.  We all console her and told her not to cry cos Grandma is safe and sound in another world.

After the ritual we all went back to Uncle's house and headed for lunch ...... we are all very tired .... my poor dearie didn't sleep at all and after sending my Dad back we K.O all the way.....

TT and I woke up at 8+pm as for my Dearie he is too tired to wake up .....he slept all the way .... TT & I enjoyed our Mcdonald dinner cum supper together.  We went back to bed at around 1+am.......

Friday - 10 April 09

Went Uncle's house to accompany Mama since we are not working .... went shopping with her at compass point.  The crowd there is huge ...... especially their food court we have to wait for quite sometime then we manage to find seats for everyone.

Came back and Mama say wanna sleep so all of us went to the living room for a rest too ..... and in the evening we all went to the coffee shop located just opposite my Uncle's house for dinner.  The Tze Char is good ... I love the Oats fried chicken .... is really crispy.

Thanks to Uncle Lee (my Papa) whom never tell us that he is not eating .... so we ended up with full and bloated tummy!  went back home quite early cos I have a date with SZ & YZ as they are leaving to US so we have game of MJ with them ... they will be there for about 3 weeks ..... I think they will miss playing.

Played till 3+am cos they leaving to airport at 4am .... have a pleasant trip my dearest SZ mei and YZ!  Gotta miss them ......

Went back home and Dearie is still wide awake .... and TT is sound asleep since I went out to SZ mei house.  Dearie told me that he won't be sleeping cos he afraid will oversleep as we are going to Uncle's house early in the morning to fetch Mama and our Ancestors tablet as we need to replace a new one cos is my Grandma's 49days.  As for me I am tired s I went to bed straight........

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Thursday - 9 April 09

Decided to bring TT along to fetch Mama ..... let her feel the warm of the family .....finished all the necessary procedure we left  the hospital at around 11+am.  The bed nottie auntie bid goodbye to Mama, she is also discharging at the same time.  Oh well I didn't even smile to them cos they are very proud and selfish, always drew their curtain to separate themselves with my Mama and even pull their table next to my Mama side to prevent us from standing there.  My poor Mama didn't even get to see outside when she is lying down.

Reached Uncle's house at around 12+pm .... I thought 1 happiness is gone .... now at Uncle's house there is another .... their neighbour (china ppl) 不自动.  Cos my Mama is on wheel chair they dun even bother to help shift their things aside when we are wheeling her.  Well having things outside the corridor is normal but they are way too much ..... they thought corridor is their balcony .... they have 水缸, chairs, table, cupboard ..... and we have difficulties in wheeling Mama.

I shall write in to complain about this ...... a few doors away is a Malay family they are kind enough to help shift their things when they see we wheel Mama.  Thanks to them ... very considerate.

After settling Mama we drove to Hougang Central to get some pyjamas for Mama and buy back some food for her to eat before my Auntie come back to prepare dinner.  We left their place at around 5+pm ..... is really tired and we napped a while before the PT maid come to so housework.

Hope Mama can get use sleeping there in Uncle's house ......

Monday - Wednesday - 6 April - 8 April 09

Nothing much to update cos as usual these few days I visited my Mama in hospital ...... was counting down for Thursday as she can be discharge.

Is really not easy .... and well lucky we got ourselves a car so that is easy for us to go to and fro ....... everyday I reached home around 10+ - 11+pm .... totally no personal life .... cos byu the time I reached home I have to do laundry ...... but lucky the maid help a little ... but of cos I dun wanna tired her out .....

Lucky TT is also very obedient think she know that we are pretty tired sometime so she listen to what we say thank God!

Sunday - 5 April 09

Went visit Mama at around 10+am ... abit late cos we are suppose to go at around 8+pm .... hahahah we all overslept but the maid woke up early but she didn't wake us up.

Mama is watching TV on the chair when we reached ..... smile to us and we started to BOMBA her questions and told her why we are late. 

Soon after uncle and my cousins reached and we have a good chat together ...... as it is pouring real heavily we wheeled Mama down to the Cafe for lunch and chit chat there.

Had a great chat with my cousin Long & his wife to be .... talking about their wedding ..... and some customery stuffs.  At around evening we are all being chase back home by Mama ..... hope she will keep cheerful!

Saturday - 4 April 09

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Kayla

Headed to Potong Pasir to meet Sam(midas) to attend baby Kayla's birthday party after dropping off our maid and visiting my Mama.

We are a bit late ..... and we are unable to locate the place ..... as we are turning rounds at Potong Pasir Ave 1 ..... called up Joanne but she didn't pick up the call guess she is busy with her guests. After we analyse the road we decided to drive into St Andrew JC (which is the right way) ...... cos there is another road which have the Church signboard outside is a misleading road, a dead end!

Lucky we are able to attend the cake cutting ...... hahaha ... kayla's cake is nice and yummy .... TT love it too ..... asking for more after we share the cake *LOL*.  Went over to the nearest coffee shop to have our lunch and gave Sam(midas) a lift back home before going back over to visit my Mama. 

Good news she can go back on 9th April 09 (Thurs) but she seems sad when she heard that she is going to discharge.  Maybe she didn't want to go over to Uncle's place or maybe she is so use to be in hospital?

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Friday - 3 April 09

Today I didn't go over to visit mum .... my pt maid is coming today ..... there is so much clothing for ironing cos she miss out Wednesday that she is suppose to come.

Nothing much of update today ... but is glad and excited about my mum's discharge date ..... she can discharge on the 9th April 09. 

Tentatively she will still need to go for physio and she gotta stay at my Uncle's place for the time being cos their place still do not have lift to every floor.  When she is able to really step on the ground firmly then we will fetch her home .....

Mama missed home .... I am sure of that ..... I really hope she can be like she is use to be ... I really miss going out with her during weekend ..... and I miss the days when she called me everyday .... my HP no longer have her number display on it for 1 mth plus ... really miss ....

Get well soon .... Mdm Tan (mama) ..... not having you by our side I really feel lost .....

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Tuesday - Thursday 31 March - 2 April 09

Time really passes very fast ....... is already last day of March ..... and just these 3 months I feel everything just not right and all unlucky stuffs just fall in my family.  I guess that 2009 is not really a good year for us.

Tues - Went to visit Mama and she look better .... really glad that she pull herself up unlike the 1st few weeks she look depressed!  As usual she "chased" us home when the clock struck 8pm  ... as Small Uncle is not coming today so we have to shift the chair near her bed to block her from coming down.  She is angry when I do it I got no choice but to ask Dearie to do hahah cos she won't get angry with him.

Wed - Didn't go over to visit Mama cos my PT maid said that she will be coming today cos she is sick on last Friday.  Waited for her till 7+pm and gave her a ring she told me that she have forgotten .... oh well is fine with me just treat that I gave myself a little resting and personal time.  TT is so active everyday ... when she is back home I have to play with her ..... till she is tired and will fall asleep together till I forgot to do many thing e.g paying bills and renewing of road tax for Dearie but lucky it is not due yet! *LOL*

Thurs - Dr Lee's nurse called saying that my thyroid is better than previous so asked me to continue to take the same dosage of medicine.  Bad news is she said that I have bad  cholesterol kekeke safe range is around 3.0 or something I have around 4 so I have to watch my diet from now on.  No more fried food, no more coconut etc

Thanks To Mr Tan again for the lift to YCK if not will have to spend money on taxi again hahaha cos I am really lazy to take bus now especially long journey and after work.  We had dinner at the cafe just below Mama's ward.

I ordered Nonya Laksa (I can't have that but I can't resist) which is such a disappointment cos is very salty and gravy is very very thick.  Dearie ordered their fish & chips .... the fish tasted so fishy that I only bite one mouth is so yucky!  Guess that only their fried rice, horfun all these taste better.

I bought Bao up for Mama cos she will feel hungry around 7+pm ..... they have their dinner as early as 5pm and is porridge .... will feel hungry very fast.  She ate one Bao and a cup of milo ..... and today she chase us away at 8.30pm .....

When we are about to leave we met small uncle & family just at the lobby ...... Small Uncle told me that Auntie slip and fell on Monday when she came to visit Mama .... and my cousin is sick so they didn't came over on Tuesday.  And my Brother sms me telling me that he hurt his spine and cannot walk .... why such unlucky stuffs happened within my loves one ..... this is bad .... I am not pan tang but just feel that everything is not right is it something went wrong during the process of settling Ah Ma's "new house"?

Monday - 30 March 09

Same old routine today ... work ..... visit Mama.... pick TT ... go home ..... nothing much to update but.....



***TAH DAH***

TT walked towards me without support!!!!

This is what I have been waiting for ....I think many of my Jan mummies friends have seen their darlings going through this a few months ago.  I only get to see this at her 14+mths.

Well TT is a bit kinda lazy and no confidence in letting off support but she love to walk when we hold her, she will say "walk walk" everytime when we wear shoes for her.  I shall video everything down so next time I can show it to her ...

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Sunday - 29 March 09

A last minute decision to go Zoo today ..... cos I feel guilty that TT have been up late almost every night to wait for us to pick her.  And she is always with us to and fro hospital during weekend so we told Mama we gonna bring her to Zoo and will visit her later in the evening.

Coco went with us and she is our tour guide for the day hahaha cos she have been there many times!  It was a bright and sunny day ..... we got everything ready and off we go...... thanks to Coco whom made us some snack, drinks and fruits.

Went for 2 show ..... it was very nice .... thought TT won't know much but she actually know when we pointed to her where the animals is.  She even clapped her hands when she sees the peacock opened up its tail feather.  Next we went to the Sealion show it is a very popular show cos when we are there the place is fully packed!   As it will get wet cos the Sealion will do splashing we just stand at the side, TT clapped her hands again when the Sealion is doing its stunt.

Took a tram ride to Kidzworld after a rest at the Ah Meng Restuarant ..... TT was so excited ... when she see the water play area..... she says "YES YES" very loudly and wanted to cheong into it which make us all laughed!  She enjoyed herself playing the water I didn't bring extra clothing so I can't get too wet so she have to limit her playing.

Elephant show is the last stop .....got a nice front view cos is really very packed there are total of 4 or 6 pavilion hut for seating.  The sky suddenly turned dark and the Zoo Assistant was telling Dearie and I that they are afraid it might be cancel.  Just when they finished the conversation with us .... we saw the elephants!  Lucky!

TT clapped her hands again .... and the Elephants came really near us .... and thanks to the PA system controller for the tips "keep your camera they gonna spray the water on you" *LOL* lucky we kept fast ..... *splash* yes we are wet .... TT was a bit in shock but she laff after we got wet.  So if you dun wanna get wet in zoo ... dun take the 1st row when you are watching Sealion and Elephant show *LOL*

It was drizzling before the Elephant show end..... and when it finished it started to pour heavily ........ ARGHHH just when we wanna make a fast move it started to pour heavily .  Make a fast move and let TT be in her pram with water prove shade we run very quickly to Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre - a better sheltered place.

We decided to moved on after a 20mins wait ..... back to Ah Meng Restuarant and bought poncho (dunno how to spell) at $3 each.  Reached the entrance in about 5mins walk and we gotta choose some pics which we took and bought 3 at $35.

Just when we are heading to the car to visit Mama.... Papa called and Mama called me "ka na sai" and hanged up *LOL* think she misses us ..... thats why she called or she is playing with us *LOL*

Reached hospital at around 5+pm .... and Mama have already taken her dinner .... but Uncle came back with a packet of mee and she wanna eat again ho ho ho her appetite is really good.  We pushed her out so we can accompany her .. thanks to Coco whom visited my Mama again.

Went to Serangoon Garden Pow Sing (picture on the top) for dinner we ordered chicken, chap chye and crispy toufu .... in all with  pickles, towel and drinks it cost us $46.00.  Chicken rice is good .... the rest of the dish that we ordered so so only nothing to rave about.

We are all dead beat ...... especially TT I think she enjoyed this trip very much .... shall go again must discuss with Dearie again..... anyone wanna join us next time?