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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Monday - Wednesday - 29 - 31 July 2013

Nothing much to update on my boring Monday and Tuesday just that Tuesday as usual Yvonne came and teach me Yoga from home .... not too bad cos really sweat it out and Ah Mei came as well to join us great to have more people joining lucky my current house can accommodate!

As for Wednesday - Alyssa's day was also one of my groceries day whereby I will go NTUC before popping to my in law's shop for dinner. 

This little baby of mine will kept asking about whether will I go for dinner .... sometimes she will wait till I reached before having her dinner.  Usually she will be half way through having her meal when I reached.  

Shop beside my PIL's shop also have little kids and they are Alyssa's playmates sometimes .... we will just hang around to play with them as well and also to chit chat with their Parents.  

Sunday, 28 July 2013

River Safari & Zoo on Sunday - 28 July 2013

Thanks to my SIL - Celia for organising this family trip to River Safari.  To kick start the day we met up at Bedok Mcdonald for breakfast!  And after our hearty breakfast we all happily head to Zoological Garden ...... BIL went to get tickets and well this say is true 早起的鸟儿有虫吃 cos Queue was not long at getting tickets was a breeze!

We reached the entrance of River Safari at 845am and they only starting at 9am so photography outside was also a must so just nice that this time is for camwhoring!

We were excited to see Kai Kai happily eating .... but he dun really move around so really have to patient at times.  As for Jia Jia I manage to catch a glimpse of her when she walk out from her rest area .... after she make a round she head straight and nap!  Imagine others only can catch her on the CCTV!  Keepers told us that usually she is very shy she will still indoor most of the time ..... and guess what I only get to know they are of same age as Alyssa whahahahha ....

After watching them we went to the restaurant for a rest ..... bought the Panda bao which stated they only make 200pcs per day.  Cute design .... quite big bao ..... not bad to eat as well!

We Spent the whole morning at River Safari and headed over to the Zoo in the afternoon and before we go in we had lunch at the Ah Meng Restaurant.  Almost all their food sold out very fat luckily we manage to get food and seats as well.  I love their lemon tea very much but somehow I the standard drop a little!

We went straight to take the tram ride for the Rainforest show and at the same time we did went to see some animals!  After the show we went separate ways .... Alfred follow us to the Kids World cos Alyssa and him wanna go for the water play where others went back first.  The 2 of them so happy playing at the play area ... Goh and myself just sit around while waiting for them to finish their play.  Had a great fun today looking forward to our next trip again in August!

Jing Long Seafood Restaurant

After our trip to River Safari and Zoo we headed back Bedok to have dinner.  BIL suggested  to eat at Jing Long  Lucky they still have some seats for walk-in cos they reserved table was always full....

BIL ordered 3 combination ($41.40) which consists of Crispy Delight Duck, Top Shell with Sweet Sauce & Salad Prawn. Mushroom Tofu (Large) ($22), You Mai (veggie) ($18), Dry Scallop Chicken (Large) ($36), Sweet & Sour Pork (Small) ($10.80) and Sliced Fish (L) ($$23.80).

I love the 3 combination is just like a cold platter during a wedding dinner just that it had lesser dishes inside .... crispy duck was the best .... is not too oily nor dry and the bites was really good!  Salad prawn was good too fresh prawn combination with mayonnaise won't go wrong and lastly the top shell with heir sweet sauce just nice to open up our appetite!

Mushroom Tofu was good as well ...... silky texture was so easily to swallow in, I dun really like the You Mai cos somehow after some bites the bitter taste was there which I dun fancy I still prefer Nai Bai!  Sliced fish was fresh too and is a normal cooking style nothing to rave about.  Next which I love was the Dry Scallop chicken ... generous dry scallop was added into the soft chicken with lots of chestnut too!  No complain of the sweet and sour pork so I assume it was good!

Overall the dinner was good and total cost of our meal and after 10% discount was $180.85.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Saturday - 27 July 2013 TCC @ T3

We are heading to the River Safari tomorrow so Alyssa decided to bake cookies so we can eat there.  So I woke up and head to buy more icing sugar and butter so that we can make lots!  

I still not very good catching the oven temperature so some turn out a bit brown.... but still so good thanks to Angeline's recipe!  Alyssa love it to the max! 

After Alyssa's Berries we head over to T3 TCC gotta meet up with my friends to get BOMB hahaha .... Ariel will be getting married on 8 Sept!  

Queue for about 15mins then manage to get a big table for 10pax is a big challenge and yes I am back in TCC again!  

We ordered some sides to go along with our main .... and in T3 they have all day breakfast available Alyssa was happy cos she can have her pancake!  Food standard here sucks big time just like MBS ... oh well here no OSS food but food was not done properly .... we ordered the chicken wings is kinda cols when serve and seems like not cook.  

Drinks still ok but their queue really crazy ..... never ending and somehow we need to give up our place soon after we finished our meal and can't even chit chat for long.  And best is they didn't ask if we wanna make another membership as we spend like about $200+ service was not very good as well.  Dun think will come back here again ..... 

Friday, 26 July 2013

Friday - 26 July 2013 Teow Chew Meng

My boss was so happy cos her her son won Japanese Speech Contest 2013 so she giving us a lunch treat!  Check out his speech on youtube  do remember to turn on the caption on the task bar for the subtitle! 

We also decided to try out Teow Chew Meng this restaurant is newly set up in Singapore as they have severals restaurant in Malaysia.  This place was rather small probably like can only maybe like 30 pax .... we were greeted by the friendly waiter and was shown to our seats immediately.  After giving us the menu and he suggest that we take 4 pax sets instead which he think will be good enough for us.  

The set cost $64 and consists of Mee Sua Tow, Oyster Mee, Kerabu Mango, Seasonal Vegetable, Seafood Roll, Prawn Panand dessert.  He recommended cucumber juice ($3.50) we were like eeeee cucumber drink will be nice but fear not they come with one sour plum inside too and is really refreshing, we also ordered Kedondong juice ($4.50) this was equally nice and refreshing too!

First up - Mee Sua Tow, this was just like shark's fins to me cos is starchy base and they do have little shark's fin added in and it goes well with a little dash of vinegar.  Up next - Oyster Mee, the oyster smell was over powering if you are not an oyster person you will not like it at all.  Beside oyster, fishball, mushroom and prawn were added inside too.  By adding their special chilli into this mee you will get those fiery feel and their chilli really good! 

Seasonal Vegetable was normal nothing to rave about, for the kerab mango not too bad but not spicy enough.  Prawn roll and Prawn pan is a must try .... but I feel the roll was a bot charred after they deep fried it ..... I love the prawn pan very much!

Boss ordered another dish for us - 3 flavour prawn ($12)  this is kinda disappointment it was tasteless only tasted the sweet taste not spicy at all.  Lastly Yam paste this was good it was steamed individually in the bowl not too sweet personally I like it very much!  Total cost of the meal - $105.50 and there is no service charge and they provide good service!  Thumbs up! 

Teoh Chew Meng
259 Tanjong Katong Road 
Singapore 437047
Tel: 8321 0218

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Tuesday - Thursday - 23 - 25 July 13


Along our Office more and more restaurant opening ... and lesser coffee shop food available so lucky that we can cook now so today we decided to fried bee hoon!  Kinda blessed to cook at times ... no need to think of what to eat and repeating eating the same thing almost everyday!  


When i getto my in law's shop they gave me one form to  fill up my child likes and dislikes again ..... this is the 3rd time I am filling up I really wonder why they kept asking us to write same thing over and over again!  and there is one more session of Parent volunteering .... we did not fill up any of those I am wondering if there is anyone doing it for those working Parents.  I really 有心无力 sometimes too busy to do anything!
On Thursday 

we cooked again but we cook dessert instead of whipping up lunch .... cos Thomson bought Beach Road Prawn Mee for all of us!  Now is $5 for each packet and really expensive now as portion still the same or maybe smaller but well the taste was still as good!  And they were very generous to give us each a packet of soup even we ordered the dry version cos some stalls they won't pack the soup for us! Thumbs up!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Monday - 22 July TCC

Is Fiona's birthday month and she is using her 50% birthday discount so we are on for the dinner at TCC and this time we choose MBS.  I was first to reach and there was like only 2 tables occupied and I was shown to the seats when I told the waiter the number of pax.  Again I feel that the seats was not very good for dining same like Bugis but is much better!

I decided to have caffine injection while waiting other sistas to reach .... I waited for quite sometime drinks then was served.  So from what I see there is only one waiter and one managing the counter and the waiter seems tired and sleepy. 

When my sistas came ... the waiter serve us ice water but the glass were not washed properly can see the stain on it .... slow in everything and the BEST of it was ..... whatever the birthday gal - Fiona wanna order were all OUT OF STOCKS!  We were all so puzzled with the OSS thingy ..... is it they are closing down this branch or what ..... and their drink of the month that comes with jelly were OSS too!  Hahha so funny! 

But overall we do enjoyed the gathering and we have also conclude that this branch is a no no to dine in! 

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sunday - 21 July 2013

Reached Downtown East at around 11am .... kinda early actually for us haha usually we will be lazing on our bed just because of Alyssa we make a trip down.  Meet & Greet Dora only at 2pm so we just hang around the place to play some games.  

Alyssa was given a game card and was suppose to finish up all the station but she refuse to go into the slimey dunking haha cos she didn't wanna get dirty!  So she skipped that and cannot redeem any prize but we still manage to get some gift for her when the Emcee threw questions to the public when he is hanging around at certain station. 

Fandi Ahmad Academy was in the roadshow too and his students have some friendly match going on at the center of D'Marquee.  These kids really can play well and I saw some with some sportsman ships too!  130pm sharp we went to queue for Dora meet & greet queue number and lucky we manage to get it, Alyssa was overjoyed! 

After the meet & greet my dear gal wanted to go for meal cos we didn't had one at all she was really hungry but .... she still endure cos she see this mega bounce and wanted to play.  Check out the video!

After her bounce, up next was Ninja Turtle meet & greet but Alyssa refused to let us Q for it and wanted to go for lunch so we went to Streats for lunch as usual Alyssa love eating their eggs and luncheon meat noodles, Goh opt for curry chicken and dumpling noodle for me as usual.  Goh's curry was really nice,  thick and not really spicy (to me).  Alyssa's noodle was maggie mee type which was very normal as for mine I prefer the Streats at City Square Mall much more nicer and noodle more Q. 

And during this roadshow we signed up Explorer Kid member for and is $15 only till she turn 12!  

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Saturday - 20 July 2013 Chef d' Table

 Very happy to see the nice cake from the restaurant!

Is July babies birthday celebration so we are back to Chef D Table for dinner it was a great experience that we all had during Pauline's birthday last December! 

Last year Goh came with me ... today is Alyssa's turn am afraid she don't have anything to eat I bought her sandwich and some snack so that she can have it and I guess she will be bored cos she will be the only kid there! 

I ordered back the same 4 course meal and I am having the same thing as well .... Lobster Bisque, Mushroom Tofu, Seabass and dessert same goes to Pauline but she choose beef instead.  As for Sam she choose ala carte - seabass and as for her entree she opt for Foie Gras.  Jamie ordered Pink Dory and it comes with lemon sauce which gave a very refreshing feel.  Jamie gave some to Alyssa and she like so much that she asked me to order one for her as well and she really a big eater!  She finished it in no time when it was served to her! 

We all waited for the dessert cos the chocolate lava cake was the highlight and we simply fall in love with this dessert! Check out the video on Pauline's blog !

Alyssa really enjoyed the dinner very much and love the lava cake for sure and she tell me she would wanna go back again!  Do check out the place ..... is a great place for couple as well!  

Chef d' Table 
30 Victoria Street 
#01-29 CHIJMES
Tel: 6338 4898
Mon - Sat - 11.30am - 2.30pm, 6.30pm to 10.30pm 
Closed on Sunday 

Friday, 19 July 2013

Friday - 19 July 2013

Thanks to the Shengs for inviting us to their new place at Kembangan ..... and SZ get her mum to cook for us yummy dinner - Bee Hoon, Curry Chicken, sotong ball and they bought satay as well and her mum cook Gingko barley for dessert as well. 

Stayed around and catch up with some other old neighbours and so happy to know that Chane was expecting a baby gal and will be due in Nov so happy for her and Lester!  

After we left their place we went for 2nd round at Xin Wang Kovan to meet up SL, PY, Coco, Rachel and Penny.  Penny and Rachel came back for a short holiday and is good to meet up with them again.  Alyssa was so happy at SZ's place playing Zac's toys refuse to eat anything and was hungry asking for food so we ordered  a breakfast set for her as she requested. 

Goh was hungry too so he ordered wanton noodle and as for me I shared one porridge with PY and coco opt for their mui fan.   First time I see mui fan comes with pork floss on it .... Coco commented not too bad for that dish!  The porridge that was served to us was not hot only warm kind which was not very nice cos I love it to be pipping hot, porridge was really smooth which is a plus point! 

Chit chatting till around 1am and my dear Alyssa have already doze off ...... gave PY and SL a lift back before going back to our place.  A nice catch up with them! 

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Wednesday & Thursday - 17 & 18 July 2013 - PCF

Wednesday - Alyssa's teacher called and told me that the slot for meet the parent session that I opt (8am) for was taken up I was like WTF last min then they tell me cos it will be tomorrow (thurs) I was so angry and shoot one letter in to the Principal and immediately they call up and asked if I could make it earlier like 7.45am.  No choice as we do not want to be late for work so we will just go early. 

On Thursday it was pouring heaving and slow traffic make us only reached the school at 7.55am ....... so we go through her progress report.  Now they are better to have it in soft copy instead of showing us thick file, to be frank I was quite reluctant to attend today cos her original class teacher had left and this teacher whom attended to us was new and she only be with Alyssa like a few weeks before school holiday after which they have long 1 and half mth of holiday.

Her progress report mostly was on good side .... and among her classmates she was quite a fast learner and eloquent.  She love singing and dancing too .... overall she is ok and she even help teachers to take care of her classmates but her temper really bad she get irritated when her classmates dun listen to her.

And after the whole thing it was like 820am but the one whom is suppose to be here at 8am was no where to be seen!  And just now I took some times to look around her new class room after the renovation and .... their class itself have 2 attached toilet .... nice! 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Monday & Tuesday - 15 & 16 July 2013 - Meilock Soursop, Toa Payoh Rojak

Nothing much on my Monday and on Tuesday Goh and I went to catch a movie cos we are free as Alyssa have went back to my in law's place cos school reopen HOORAY!

So Goh and I can have some couple time we went for 2 show straight haha ... cos Alyssa said that she didn't wanna watch it so we watched Monster University and Despicable Me 2!  Watching on a weekday definitely is a great savings!

After movie we headed to Old Airport Road hawker to hunt for food ..... as usual we order the fried hokkien mee cos we simply love the spicy chilli!  And I tried the char kway tiao opposite lao fu zi ..... tasted better than LFZ! 

Just like everyone's favourite tao huay (many stalls around)  ... old airport road also have alot stall selling soursop drink but I like coming to Meilock Soursop juice ... I love soursop juice so bought 2 cups at $2.50 each ..... I love sucking the seed but if you do not they have ice blended version!  This stall started selling sugar cane juice and then they decided to be something different and start selling soursop drink.  Try it if you are there at Old Airport Road! 

Hunting still goes on and decided to q for Toa Payoh Rojak I didn't have this for quite sometime..... is Goh first time eating that.  He love it!  And now the old couple have their son-in-law to help run the business he was there help to prepare the rojak ... standard still there not too sweet just nice!  Just like last time you need to get Q number ..... sit near the stall when they flashes your number all you have to do is to go up and make your order and in about 5 mins you will get your yummy rojak!

Both of us so satisfied with our dinner yummy!!!

Meilock Soursop
Old Airport Food Centre 
Stall no.:01-82
11am to 10pm 

Toa Payoh Rojak 
Old Airport Food Centre 
Stall no.: 01-108
Closed Sunday

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sunday - 14 July 2013

Alyssa wanna go for a swim at Jurong Sports Hall so Goh drove me to work ...... and he went swimming with Alyssa.  It was drizzling when we are on our way and my dear Alyssa was so disappointed and fell asleep in the car.  

Lucky when we reached the rain had stop and the happy girl went swimming with Goh while I start my work.  Both of them finished after 2hrs  of swim and I have to tell Alyssa to go back and have a rest first as there will be family dinner after that but I won't be going as I need to work. 

She is quite sensible at times and agreed going back with Goh..... and she veen asked Goh to send me a picture of herself before she sleep so nice and it really melts my heart! 

I off work only at around 630pm as today is the last day of the competition and Guest Of Honour - Mr Ang Wei Neng (Adviser to Jurong GRC Grassroots Organisation) was invited to grace this event and I am really happy when he walked up to me telling me that I have done a great job and a good emcee!  That really makes my day!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Saturday - 13 July 2013 - 真粥道

First time my bosses and Tournament chairman all not around for our tournament.  Is PA-STF today and hope everything goes well! 

Today is Poomsae competition rather boring hahah cos not really exciting matches to see.... it started at around 2pm so I was there around 1pm ..... as usual I am in charge at the registration counter and also as emcee.  This time is at Jurong Sports Hall .... so far away compare to Toa Payoh and is much bigger so I have to walk more! 

Alyssa was so excited to see the big swimming pool again so I told her that she can only go for a swim tomorrow when I asked Goh to come along as I cannot bring her there this little Miss really a good gal she listen and agreed to it and glad that Xian was around too so she can play with him before his match. 

Whole competition ended at around 6pm after ,my presentations to all the participants .... so I met up with Goh at Katong as he wanted to try the zi char from 真粥道.  As usual Alyssa and myself  have porridge ($6.50) and Goh ordered the Fried horfun ($6).  

Fried horfun really good .... the gravy was just nice not salty ..... the horfun was fried just nice too!  We also ordered some sides to share the Braised Platter ($8) and Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves ($6).  Standard of the platter was still there but not the veggie .... it just taste not right and simply too spicy without any taste at all and it took quite awhile to be served.  If you like quiet environment I guess this is not a good place unless you want to be seated outside.  I feel is too noisy cos is quite compact and echo was quite big too so I feel quite irritated when is too noisy and I will tend to eat faster and leave early.  Guess that is better to dine during weekday lunch ......

NOTE: 真粥道. will be wrapping up .... last day will be on 16 March 2014.