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Monday, 22 July 2013

Monday - 22 July TCC

Is Fiona's birthday month and she is using her 50% birthday discount so we are on for the dinner at TCC and this time we choose MBS.  I was first to reach and there was like only 2 tables occupied and I was shown to the seats when I told the waiter the number of pax.  Again I feel that the seats was not very good for dining same like Bugis but is much better!

I decided to have caffine injection while waiting other sistas to reach .... I waited for quite sometime drinks then was served.  So from what I see there is only one waiter and one managing the counter and the waiter seems tired and sleepy. 

When my sistas came ... the waiter serve us ice water but the glass were not washed properly can see the stain on it .... slow in everything and the BEST of it was ..... whatever the birthday gal - Fiona wanna order were all OUT OF STOCKS!  We were all so puzzled with the OSS thingy ..... is it they are closing down this branch or what ..... and their drink of the month that comes with jelly were OSS too!  Hahha so funny! 

But overall we do enjoyed the gathering and we have also conclude that this branch is a no no to dine in! 

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