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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Tuesday - Thursday - 23 - 25 July 13


Along our Office more and more restaurant opening ... and lesser coffee shop food available so lucky that we can cook now so today we decided to fried bee hoon!  Kinda blessed to cook at times ... no need to think of what to eat and repeating eating the same thing almost everyday!  


When i getto my in law's shop they gave me one form to  fill up my child likes and dislikes again ..... this is the 3rd time I am filling up I really wonder why they kept asking us to write same thing over and over again!  and there is one more session of Parent volunteering .... we did not fill up any of those I am wondering if there is anyone doing it for those working Parents.  I really 有心无力 sometimes too busy to do anything!
On Thursday 

we cooked again but we cook dessert instead of whipping up lunch .... cos Thomson bought Beach Road Prawn Mee for all of us!  Now is $5 for each packet and really expensive now as portion still the same or maybe smaller but well the taste was still as good!  And they were very generous to give us each a packet of soup even we ordered the dry version cos some stalls they won't pack the soup for us! Thumbs up!

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