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Friday, 26 July 2013

Friday - 26 July 2013 Teow Chew Meng

My boss was so happy cos her her son won Japanese Speech Contest 2013 so she giving us a lunch treat!  Check out his speech on youtube  do remember to turn on the caption on the task bar for the subtitle! 

We also decided to try out Teow Chew Meng this restaurant is newly set up in Singapore as they have severals restaurant in Malaysia.  This place was rather small probably like can only maybe like 30 pax .... we were greeted by the friendly waiter and was shown to our seats immediately.  After giving us the menu and he suggest that we take 4 pax sets instead which he think will be good enough for us.  

The set cost $64 and consists of Mee Sua Tow, Oyster Mee, Kerabu Mango, Seasonal Vegetable, Seafood Roll, Prawn Panand dessert.  He recommended cucumber juice ($3.50) we were like eeeee cucumber drink will be nice but fear not they come with one sour plum inside too and is really refreshing, we also ordered Kedondong juice ($4.50) this was equally nice and refreshing too!

First up - Mee Sua Tow, this was just like shark's fins to me cos is starchy base and they do have little shark's fin added in and it goes well with a little dash of vinegar.  Up next - Oyster Mee, the oyster smell was over powering if you are not an oyster person you will not like it at all.  Beside oyster, fishball, mushroom and prawn were added inside too.  By adding their special chilli into this mee you will get those fiery feel and their chilli really good! 

Seasonal Vegetable was normal nothing to rave about, for the kerab mango not too bad but not spicy enough.  Prawn roll and Prawn pan is a must try .... but I feel the roll was a bot charred after they deep fried it ..... I love the prawn pan very much!

Boss ordered another dish for us - 3 flavour prawn ($12)  this is kinda disappointment it was tasteless only tasted the sweet taste not spicy at all.  Lastly Yam paste this was good it was steamed individually in the bowl not too sweet personally I like it very much!  Total cost of the meal - $105.50 and there is no service charge and they provide good service!  Thumbs up! 

Teoh Chew Meng
259 Tanjong Katong Road 
Singapore 437047
Tel: 8321 0218

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