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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Tuesday - 2 July 2013

After work Alyssa and I head over to PP to wait for Goh..... so we notice there is a Taiwan Fair at the basement.  So both of us just walk around to check out ... first stop already start buying stuffs - Sausage!  Alyssa wanna eat so I bought her a chicken cheese sausage since is very big I asked the Auntie to help me cut into pieces for easy consumption so Alyssa gave me one piece it was nice the moment I bite the sausage the cheese just burst in my mouth!

Next I went to try cakes .... sponge cake and is very fluffy think there were several flavour available - coffee, blueberry & cheese, pandan, orange, chocolate chip etc.  I tasted the orange one and was so refreshing and I can't resist so I bought 1.  I bought it together with another customer cos buy 2 at $10.

Walked further down and check out other stall ..... was rather disappointed cos I saw there are vendors selling food that will be easily found in our local Pasa Malam (Night market).  Others stall that can be found selling Taiwan Mochi, sun biscuit, fresh fruits, jelly, vinegar pineapple cake etc.

卤肉饭, oyster egg, steamed bun, kong ba bao also can be seen here..... so far I like best is the Mango ice .....3 of us enjoyed this dessert very much.  next I like was the crackers ..... is not fried but using pressure to make it!  They have several flavours available and my dear Alyssa opt for the cheese one.  I have seen this selling at Tanjong Pagar MRT alot of people bought this cos is a more healthier choice!  Shall come back again cos Goh wanna try the 卤肉饭 he misses the 卤肉饭 in Gao Xiong so much!

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