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Friday, 19 July 2013

Friday - 19 July 2013

Thanks to the Shengs for inviting us to their new place at Kembangan ..... and SZ get her mum to cook for us yummy dinner - Bee Hoon, Curry Chicken, sotong ball and they bought satay as well and her mum cook Gingko barley for dessert as well. 

Stayed around and catch up with some other old neighbours and so happy to know that Chane was expecting a baby gal and will be due in Nov so happy for her and Lester!  

After we left their place we went for 2nd round at Xin Wang Kovan to meet up SL, PY, Coco, Rachel and Penny.  Penny and Rachel came back for a short holiday and is good to meet up with them again.  Alyssa was so happy at SZ's place playing Zac's toys refuse to eat anything and was hungry asking for food so we ordered  a breakfast set for her as she requested. 

Goh was hungry too so he ordered wanton noodle and as for me I shared one porridge with PY and coco opt for their mui fan.   First time I see mui fan comes with pork floss on it .... Coco commented not too bad for that dish!  The porridge that was served to us was not hot only warm kind which was not very nice cos I love it to be pipping hot, porridge was really smooth which is a plus point! 

Chit chatting till around 1am and my dear Alyssa have already doze off ...... gave PY and SL a lift back before going back to our place.  A nice catch up with them! 

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