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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Wednesday & Thursday - 3 & 4 July 2013

Nothing much on my Wednesday ... just normal .... and for my Thursday I took half day leave and headed for a hair color change and as for TT she wanna cut her hair and prepare herself for school reopening on 15 July.

This baby of mine really have her own opinion .... I just leave every decision for her how to get her hair cut she just carry on telling the hairdresser how she want her hair to be.  She wanted a straight fringe that's her choice ... so it turns out to be so ugly cos is very heavy ... see the pic on the right with the yellow blouse whahaha she really look funny .... even the hairdresser think it was really heavy on her .... she cut for her layer. 

It look much better than the first one ...... as for me ... I color back my hair back to brown .... no more golden color .. so far only 2 person say the golden dun suit me.  But it really look dull after my hair grow long .... so I go color back brown but still I look funny cos maybe of my curl .... think I will wanna go do rebonding again can't stand the curl anymore!

2 of us quite happy with our haircut and coloring .... haha so is camwhoring time before we hit our bed ... Goh cannot stand us at time whaha ..... 

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