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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday - 29 April 2012

                                                                       My new specs

TT was so happy cos we told her we will be going jogging ..... she was excited woke up real early.  We park our car near big splash and headed to jog.  TT can't jog!  Dearie went on jogging without us ...... I have to encourage TT to jog .... imagine I so fat I can jog she can't!  She told me she is tired and wanna rest at the stone chair! *faintz*

So I asked her to brisk walk instead while I still jog slowly ..... she say the sun was very glaring very hot ... loads of excuses! haha

After the jog she say wanna try cycling so we asked if you wanna have the family kart she claimed that no need she want to cycle alone!  So we rented a 4 wheels bicycle not too bad but she still lack a bit of confident but she regret of taking that bicycle cos she feel both Dearie and I nothing to do hahaha .....

About 45mins later she said that she is hungry so we brought her to Mcdonald for bf ..... it was being relocated to seafood centre side quite inconvenient and there is no more drive thru..... roller bladders cannot blade in to order they have to go up the kerb on their own.  No wonder not much crowd on a Sunday morning!

Went back to rest for the day and we didnt go over to in law side just a simple meal that I wipe up to end out lovely Sunday!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Saturday - 28 April 2012

Real short trip for Penny ..... she is going back today ..... so we pick her up and sent her to the airport.  Elmo and family came to have lunch together as well so we went Swensen at T3 for lunch before she check in at T1.

The kids enjoying themselves very much .... and they talked non stop!!!!   Lucky Elmo's maid help in keeping look out for the kids so we can enjoyed our food and coffee session before her boarding.

Parted with them when Penny check in and we headed straight to Berries ....... after that we went over to Ikea to look see look see...... and so nice we bump in to YZ, SZ and their baby boy Zac! Hahaha ...... stayed so near but never bump into each other hahaha I miss this cute little boy!  He grow up so fast!  Took a fast pic before we leave Ikea ..... really short of time .... no time to really shop around ... gotta pick up TT at 530pm.

After picking up TT we met up with Weeli and Joey for dinner ..... also to use up my points for Long beach as is expiring real soon ...... so total we had around $70+ Just need to top up $10+ for the whole dinner!

My tummy gonna burst too much food today :(

Friday, 27 April 2012

Friday - 27 April 2012

YES! My BFF came back for a business trip on her own ..... so we have a short dinner meet up!  We met up at NEX since she have not been here yet we headed to 鲜得来 (again) for dinner.  Not for the food but is a good place to chit chat while your food cooking in individual pot!  Can sit as long as we can hahah till closing also ok.

This year due to work she cannot celebrate his son's birthday with him .... she feel a bit guilty but her son say to her that is ok as long you buy me present hahaha smart boy!  Not only Penny bought ...... PY and I  bought him birthday gift too!

Went to Tea Dot for some dessert (cakes) and some drinks ..... so nice to hanged out on a Friday night hahaha quite a long time since I did that and of cos need to thanks Mr Goh again for babysitting TT while I am out! 

Tea Dot closes at 10+pm so we went over to PY's place for a chit chat session while waiting for Elmo to come home after his work ..... too bad he had night flying if not I am sure we will be out drinking instead hahaha But he did not miss this opportunity the moment he stepped in ... he went into his kitchen to get Moscato wine for us to drink!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Mon - Thursday - 23 - 26 April 2012


Inter-JC for today ..... only Poomsae (Pattern) for them ..... so ya again kinda boring but then these JC ppl are very fun ..... at the end of the day after the prize presentation they have cheer from each and every JC!  And that reminds me of my Sec school uniform group days!  How I wish to go back to sec school now .... it was so much fun during the days especially having camp!  So do u all miss your school days?  Share with me!

Tuesday - Thursday

Back to work on Tuesday and I am super busy ..... the work load is piling ...... and best thing is also financial closing Auntie Rosalind was busy too ..... and my dear Auntie Jolene will take out her back log to do at this time!!!! *Sigh*

I brought back lotsa work to do at home since I can't finished at home this time ... thanks to TT and Dearie whom help me in stamping on the grading cards .... if not I sure can't finish my work ..... having late nights for these 3 days I am looking more like a panda now :(

While I am taking a break I saw TT using my lappy hahaha I guess sooner or later it will become her toy soon anyway when she is in Primary School she will have to need one ..... and silly girl even say wanna sleep on the sofa while I am working on my long table at the kitchen ... .how sweet she is!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday - 22 April 2012

Went to Mt A to visit Steven's baby ....... she is so cute and he will be taken over the confinement lady job .....

I know Steven through Alamak chat and that was like when I am 19 .... he married in the year of 2004 and I still remember running around to prepare their wedding for them and I am there helping out throughout even during banquet time.  His wife then is my good friend too .....

Things just dun get right and they parted in 2011......... is really a pity ...... Steven get to know his current wife after that and got married and now gave birth to a cutie pie.  He had been longing for a kid now I think he is a happy man.

After visiting we went over to Bishan Junction 8, Charmayne and Kean came picking TT up and brought her to their wedding venue for a short rehearsal.  As for Dearie and I we have some me time spending together at home cos TT went out with them and Small Uncle/ Aunt  after the rehearsal! 

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday - 21 April 2012

Woke up early again today cos we will be having a small gatherind and am going to Tampines round market to get fishball love the fishball very much so chewy!

After Tamp market we headed to Small Uncle/Aunt's house cos is Charmayne and Kean's  过大礼.  We had lunch over there as they ordered buffet and each of us given a box of cakes from Pat's.

After that we head back home and i start cooking some food .... I made Nasi Lemak and thanks for Angeline for some guidance hahah I am lousy :P

Beside cooking Nasi lemak I made egg roll and quail eggs and the rest they bought chicken wings, satay, otah and etc.

Had a great chat with all and also would like to Congrats Nicole and Jordan having number 2 and will due in Oct ..... great to catch up with you guys!