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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Thursday - 31 Jan 2013

Thanks to Sam whom spotted this good deal at Groupon and the coordination done for us!  We bought hokkaido cake baking at $93 for 2 pax.  Kinda excited cos I love eating them now I can get to know how to do it and I hope I can bake for my 2 baobei at home soon.

Total 12 pax in a class ...... great to have small group so the trainer can answer our question clearly too unlike the chocolate making we had last time .... too big group and we can't really see the demonstration.  

Recipe and Method as follow 

Group A
3 egg yolks
30g sugar
a pinch of salt
30g corn oil
60g full cream milk

Group B
70g cake flour

Group C
3 egg white
1/4tsp cream of tartar
40g sugar 

Cake Topping
Non dairy cream 100g
Icing sugar


1. Preheat oven at 180deg C
2. Combine group A in bowl, mix well.

3. Whisk egg white till foamy. Add cream of tartar, followed by sugar. Whisk till soft peak
4. Sieve cake flour into group A and mix well.
5. Combine with egg white. Mix about 20% egg white to Group A, then pour everything into Group C. Mix well.
6. Pour batter into individual paper cup for Hokkaido cake (non wax cups)
7. Bake in oven for 20mins.
8. Leave cakes to cool.
9. Prepare whipped cream.

10. Poke a hole in center of cakes, pipe in the whipped cream.
11. Sprinkle icing sugar on top of cake and serve.  Best consumed cold

ITSI conduct classes for private and corporate class good to have it as team building and good to have also a group of friends to go together too!

Visit their website or facebook for more info


Address: Blk 333, Kreta Ayer Road, #02-32, Singapore 080333

The New Harbour Cafe & Bar

Janice and Lynn parted with us after our baking class so the 4 of us just walked over to Tanjong Pagar road to look for food .... a late dinner indeed for us.  The whole stretch of food mostly were korean BBQ and steamboat ....... we didn't to have it cos is buffet style .... so we give a miss and Angeline actually recommend to have dinner at The New Harbour Cafe & Bar. 

Pauline ordered Harbour Mixed Grills ($22.80), Angeline stick to her usual food that she love - Yaki Udon ($13.80), Sam had their Pork Mush Sausage (13.80) while I ordered the most faster food (I think! But is the last that served!) - Seafood Spaghetti ($16.80)  and not forgetting any side we ordered Chicken Wings ($12.80), Cumi Bakar (squid aka sotong - $16.80) and Hainan Roast Pork (highly recommended by Angeline - $12.80).  I dun take pork so I think should be good cos almost every table were having it! 

This place don't serve ice water and is bottle water if you wanna have it .... So Sam and I both ordered Ice Lemon Tea ($3.80) while Angeline and Pauline ordered IBC Root Beer ($4.80). 

My spaghetti quite decent ..... seafood was fresh enough..... tasted the mesh potato on Pauline's mixed grill and she commented the food quite.  Yaki Udon was nice too ... Sam pack one back for tomorrow lunch since she will be on leave.  

Lighting in this place was quite bad so my pic came out quite bright cos of the flash ...... service here still quite ok ... but furniture wise I guess they should have "QC" soon cos I was given one which is gonna give way soon!

Check out here if you are around Tanjong Pagar area ..... 

The New Harbour Cafe & Bar
114 Tanjong Pagar Road 
6226 2657

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wednesday - 30 Jan 2013

Alyssa day today again ..... I was a bit early and get to play with her for awhile .... every year just before CNY we will go over to Goh's Godma's place.  MIL will come along with us .... but usually is MIL doing the talking while we watch TV sorry but we dunno what to talk about. 

Alyssa (TT) was the happy kid again .... playing around .... see her cheeky face and dunno when I call her she will reply "YES, mummy your highness" I burst out laughing hahahah really funny ... Goh give his try .... and she reply " Yes ... daddy your Majesty" we both laugh out loud.  Sometimes she really makes our day and melt our heart! 

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tuesday - 29 Jan 2013

Auntie Rosalind suggest to have pizza for lunch .... so she volunteer to go opposite to buy Domino Pizza and it cost only $5 for a personal pizza and a can of drink.  Rosalind add on about $2+ to get the onion rings to go along too. 

She ordered Hawaiian while I pick chicken temptation .... that we swop 2 pieces so that we can enjoy 2 flavour!  Not too bad having a pizza near us ... so that we can have a change .... and pricing are reasonable too! 

In the afternoon, one instructor came with Tanjong Rhu bao .... and very nice of him still remembering I am a chinese whom dun take pork!  He bought chicken bao and I like it very much cos it come with egg inside too ...... mostly only pork one comes with eggs.  Yummy!  Thanks once again!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Monday - 28 Jan 2013

After work Jo and I make our way to Fatty Weng to pack dinner back ...... love their horfun and bee hoon.  Before we board the bus we called them to order so we can pick up and go need not wait for them to cook. 

Price still the same at $5 and best is they still using Upeh to wrap the food ... the fragrance smell really makes me hungry but have to wait for Mr Goh to be back home then we can enjoy the food together!

Read up most of the review of dining it wasn't that good .... but packing back is fine especially when you call to order and pick up later. 

Fatty Weng located at: 

Add: 94 Guillemard Road
Tel: 63452702 

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday - 27 Jan 2013

Woke up early to go saloon to have my hair dye and rebond ....... my dear TT woke up together with me too ... she said that she wanna have a hair cut too! 

Both of us love taking bus so we took a bus from interchange and change at Joo Chiat haha ..... one straight route of MRT we didn't wanna take .... :P lucky my girl love taking bus too!  The saloon is located at beach road near my mum's place .... have been patronising them since I am in Sec 1.

Lucky when we reached there is only one customer .... so I have my fringe rebond first follow by the dye and highlight .... I opt for ash color cos can cover my grey hair if it grow again haha ...... and TT asked the hairdresser (Kiang)  to have her hair cut ..... Kiang asked me how short I throw the decision back to TT ...... she ask to cut just below the ear ...... 

Kiang was shocked and asked her if she will cry *LOL* TT was so firmed she say NO and continue watching cartoon on the ipad.  She even wave bye bye to her hair before they sweep away hahaha cuttie gal! 

She was so happy that she have short hair ...... so which one you prefer?  Long or short hair of TT?

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Friday - Saturday - 25 & 26 Feb 2013


Every Friday I will have to go pick TT at Heguru just opposite my place ...... her class will end at 530pm and they are so nice to look after her for about 15-20mins so that I can pick her up after work.

When I reached she was playing with a kid and the Principal of the school ..... building up a house of her own. The have a second story and in the room was a play area + Parent waiting area ..... beverages provided really comfortable.  Teacher came up and told me what they did today and told me about her progress.  Teacher said that she have improvement and will keep track of her in class cos we are unable to sit in with her. 


Went to run some errands at PP in the morning .... and just nice Iweekly and 8days having a road show ..... just spend $5 to buy the goodie bags and you get all the above ..... since I already got Iweekly I bought 8 days instead ,,,,,, not bad to get such things .... 

Back home I continue my baking of pineapple tarts and at the same time do some frying of the crabsticks ...... crabsticks failed cos I have to fan dry it cos is really wet and can't fry it ... next time shall do it one day before frying. 

Coco came to help me and herself for tearing up the crabsticks .... really not easy .... tedious job....and we "work" till like 10+pm ..... my back really hurting ..... after that we sat down and wait for the result from the by-election.  Cooked mee sua for all and specially made hard boiled egg for TT cos I miss her lunar birthday on Tuesday so make it up for her she was so happy that she finished everything all by herself!

By the time I clean up is already like 12-1am ...... back hurting like mad ..... and I have schedule myself to go for a hair maintenance for myself tomorrow ..... gotta wake up real early!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Thursday - 24 Jan 2013

Is Jolene's birthday on coming Sunday so we have a mini celebration for her at work ..... Rosalind bought a black forest cake from 4 leaves for her ... to be frank I dun fancy blackforest so I only took a little bit of the cake minus off the whipped cream hahaha that's equivalent to like 3 mouth and I finish the cake!

After the mini celebration we went Penang Kitchen for lunch ..... Jo and I order each a Prawn Noodle set which comes with a Barley and Rosalind ordered their Penang Laksa.   Tasted the laksa .... not too bad for the first few mouth .... and but at the end it kinda salty.  The waitress was not really friendly today ... she didn't take down our add-on order and she try to argue back with us.  But when she serve big group her face change totally!  So I feel that she will only be happy when there's big group not 2-3 pax last time when we visited she was very friendly but not today!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Mon - Wed - 21 - 23 Jan 2013

Monday we went over to With a Pinch of Salt for lunch ..... usually they are closed on Monday .... when we stepped in we were greeted by the waiter (FT) then menu was given ...... service kinda slow .... and I guess they have a change of management.  Food with a little change, no more jar of ice water given, no wifi, no big bottle of chilli and tomato ketchup left only packets kind.  And each table is about 4 packets (2 each of chilli and tomato ketchup).  Food wise standard still there but service standard drop! 

On Tuesday I headed to Simei  myself to get some more pineapple paste and flour ...... told Dearie to go back straight as I will packed food back via MRT will be easier.  Packed duck rice for Dearie while I have fish soup.  Dearie love the duck rice at NTUC food fare ...... I dun really fancy duck so I didn't have that.  After dinner I continue to roll the pineapple so that it will be easy for me to wrapped when I finish my dough if I starting to do. 

On Wednesday I named it now as Alyssa Day cos it will be the day then I will be having dinner with her .... and is a midweek so she will miss us only 2 days before and 1 3/4 days after hahaha .......she also looking forward to our dinner time .... MIL say she will kept on asking why we are not there .... why take so long  etc 

SIL bought TT a lego toy for her birthday .... and she love it this is her very first lego toy .... immediately she took out the toys and asked us to fix for her and MIL found one container for her to store her toys!  But when we say we are leaving ... she will make some noise then will say wanna follow us again ..... the cycle begins hahaha but she will say ok ok at the end and wave to us bye bye and send us to carpark seeing us leaving ....... 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday - 20 Jan 2013

Brought TT back to Bedok today .... my dear little girl making noise saying wanna stay with us this and that but when we tell her why she have to stay with Ah Ma .... then she will be a good girl.  She will listen .... I am really blessed to have her as my dottie cos she really sensible when we try talking to her.  And according to my in laws .... everyone say she is really good .... she slept early and behaves well there unlike when she is back home when I am trying hard to make her sleep ... she will always bully me! 

Tonight MIL cook Mee Hoon Kway ....... all self made .... now is hard to find with hand made ... mostly are all machine made.  Love the way she made really can feel the QQ feel....... 

SIL LC bought TT a pair of hello kitty shoes for her birthday ..... TT love it so much cos she have been asking me to get for her .... but always can't get the right size.  MIL say the size need to be change again cos it just fit her .... so if a few months more her feet will be out grown and can't wear it again!

Thanks for the present sis! 

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Saturday - 19 Jan 2013

Woke up my 2 baobei and we went over to Umi Sushi to have lunch ... I have a $20 voucher to be use and last day is today!  Voucher can only use for dining in only so each of us order a main course plus some sushi to go along. TT order a kani udon and a chawanmushi and for me and Dearie we order terriyaki chicken. Pay only $2 for everything ...... 

It started to pour heavily in noon time .... and we are meeting up and Angeline's place for dinner.  So I volunteer to get all the food and we will share the cost among us.  Dearie and I went over to Fengshan 85 to get all the food.  Simply love the hawker food yum yum! 

Zhihong (AL's hubby) packed back char kway tiao to go along too .... and is really nice too ..... we were all so full after the dinner.  After the dinner my lovely gfs celebrated TT's birthday for her .... the mini surprise celebration really makes her so happy cos is with her best friends!  Thanks girls for the cake and present!  And AL thanks for the "presents" for us to ..... really nice to have some of it!

Friday, 18 January 2013

The City at Liang Court

The City located at Liang Court is an Interactive Learning Playground for children it is designed for 2 - 8 years old.  When we stepped in the small place have actually partition up to different room with different play area.  In the premises children can try out different adult roles in fun and safe environment and there is an area for the Parents to take a rest and for some bites.

TT first try out to be Princess so she change into Cinderella gown and walk around to be like a Princess ..... after that she became Chef .... so is Abrielle.  Beside that they have Cashier in the supermarket, Doctor and Nurses in the clinic, Policemen etc. They can even drive on mini streets with some traffic signs and lights!

Children can practice real-life skills from mathematics through budgeting with play money, they can also learn human body, safety hygiene etc I kinda like this concept cos I saw in Taiwan they have similar role playing place for kids and there is someone whom will lead the kids in different profession as for here at The City Parents have to be the one taking care but if your kids is old enough it should be fine leaving there playing with friends while the parents can just sit around and relax.  

The City information as follow: 

Address: 177 River Valley Road #03-04A Liang Court Singapore 179030
Tel:        6250 6507
Email:     info@thecity.com.sg
Website: www.thecity.com.sg

you can follow them on facebook too ..... TheCitySingapore

Do drop by if you want your kids to have a different indoor experience!