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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Saturday - 12 Jan 2013

Finally Feng Shan 85 hawker centre open already!  They have been in the temp hawker for a few mths .... and since we finished our kueh making at Lek Lim we walk over to have our dinner.  

Goh came just in time when we about to finish the kueh making and Zhihong came after when we settle down to join us for dinner.  GP and Wendy didn't join us and it was pouring when they parted with us.  

We sat at the table for about 5mins thinking what should we order and we have come to order many with small portion and share instead of each have our own.  So I went to order Chicken Wings, Fried Oyster, Carrot Cake,  Goh went to order his favourtie Newton fried hokkien mee and Zhihong order pork knuckles !  I dun take pork so I didn't know there is such dish here :P

And all of the stalls were back to their original place before renovating.... portable table and chairs were no longer to be seen as they have build stone tables and chairs outside.  Food was awesome ..... really miss these yummy food!  Parted with them and headed to in law's place to help my FIL to close shop and to visit my MIL .... YES she is being discharge!  Yipee!  She opt to clear the stone only after CNY ..... so now much watch her diet too!  After some discussion she feel she is ok to take care of TT and bring her to school as per normal.  

While we are doing our own stuffs TT was brought out for a birthday celebration with my friends.  Came back only at around 10pm with lotsa presents!  Dress, cardigan, books (TT wants it and ask them to buy), princess story books, bedsheet etc ...... she was so blessed with so many of them dote on her ... thanks for showering love for TT!  Am looking forward for tomorrow's meet up with Jan babies birthday celebration with my multiply gfs! 

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