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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Friday - Saturday - 25 & 26 Feb 2013


Every Friday I will have to go pick TT at Heguru just opposite my place ...... her class will end at 530pm and they are so nice to look after her for about 15-20mins so that I can pick her up after work.

When I reached she was playing with a kid and the Principal of the school ..... building up a house of her own. The have a second story and in the room was a play area + Parent waiting area ..... beverages provided really comfortable.  Teacher came up and told me what they did today and told me about her progress.  Teacher said that she have improvement and will keep track of her in class cos we are unable to sit in with her. 


Went to run some errands at PP in the morning .... and just nice Iweekly and 8days having a road show ..... just spend $5 to buy the goodie bags and you get all the above ..... since I already got Iweekly I bought 8 days instead ,,,,,, not bad to get such things .... 

Back home I continue my baking of pineapple tarts and at the same time do some frying of the crabsticks ...... crabsticks failed cos I have to fan dry it cos is really wet and can't fry it ... next time shall do it one day before frying. 

Coco came to help me and herself for tearing up the crabsticks .... really not easy .... tedious job....and we "work" till like 10+pm ..... my back really hurting ..... after that we sat down and wait for the result from the by-election.  Cooked mee sua for all and specially made hard boiled egg for TT cos I miss her lunar birthday on Tuesday so make it up for her she was so happy that she finished everything all by herself!

By the time I clean up is already like 12-1am ...... back hurting like mad ..... and I have schedule myself to go for a hair maintenance for myself tomorrow ..... gotta wake up real early!

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