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Friday, 11 January 2013

Mon - Friday - 7 - 11 Jan 2013

Mon and Tuesday nothing much to update .... but do feel abit different cos last time we have TT with us ... and she will always be so talkative talking to us non stop but now house was so quiet ..... only the 2 of us ... not really use to it ... and will always think what she is doing now and then ..............

We make Wednesday a Alyssa Day cos is the day that we will go back to in law's place for dinner and also to go have some bonding time with her.  

And I have told her I am gonna bring her to order her birthday cake ..... when I reached the shop I saw my MIL was sleeping ..... I feel not very right cos she dun do this usually and at this month she will be busy with all the delivery and ordering of goods. 

So I told her I bring TT over to order the cake and when I get back to shop she was on a recliner chair sleeping.  And just when I finished my dinner she asked me to walk over to the clinic to check if is her turn I knew something is not right so I asked her what happen she told me she have gastric pain and after taking gastric medicine still unwell.  My FIL said that he didn't want to have any dinner so I get the helper to pack up all the food and went with my MIL to see Doctor. 

Doctor told me that gastric is near to the heart area he afraid my MIL might have heart pain instead so he told me to give her medicine and monitor after 2 hrs of the medicine if still not well gotta admit her to hospital so he wrote a recommendation letter for us in case anything happen. 

At around 11pm ... I text my BIL and he told me that he had sent my MIL in to CGH and need to be admitted so I asked him to keep us inform ..... so I have to take urgent leave if not no one look after Alyssa.  Dearie took urgent leave too..... 

Thursday morning we woke up at 7am and prepare TT to go to school .... so after sending her off I text my BIL but he did not respond to me (thinking maybe he is still sleeping guess the admittance will take sometime in the night) so we headed straight to CGH and bump into him and my FIl so 4 of us went to the obersevation room to look for her due to high occupancy in CGH she was being transfer to another waiting area instead of observation room.  Just nice her doctor came and he told us they have found some gall stone so she need to monitor and do further checks. 

Parted with my BIL and FIL and went to pick up TT .... back home and rest.  dearie was on standby for helping FIL in his delivery in case his worker not coming.... this period of time was always the busiest!  Around 5+pm we went to pick up Big Uncle at his shop and went visiting ... my MIL was being transferred to a single ward room cos there wasn't any bed for class B1.  Not so bad having a single ward .... she was sleeping soundly when we are there guess that she didn't sleep much during the observation time. 

On Friday after sending TT  to school we went over to CGH to visit MIL and happen that Doctor came around too .... and he say that he will have to ask for a blood test again ... poor MIL she hate it cos is so painful and her veins is small and hard to draw out blood.  Stayed with her for like 3hrs plus we went pick up TT and go back there again.  

Had lunch there and keep her company till 2+pm and left told her we not coming back cos TT having lesson later and my part time helper coming in.  Hope she can go home soon ......and hope she will be fine too .... 

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