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Monday, 14 January 2013

Monday - 14 Jan 2013

Thanks to Angeline for sharing her pineapple tart recipe .... I use to like open pineapple tart .... after tasting Angeline's I like the close one hahaha ..... 

Last year I went to her place to learn ..... this year I totally forget how to do it ..... gotta ask Angeline for the recipe and the steps ..... sorry about that!  I had try once before this bake and I forgot to rub in butter I just happily pouring in eggs first instead ... taste was there just that the texture is a bit sticky and the tart came up to be too big look like Shao Bao instead! See how forgetful I am *sigh* 

So today I do it slowly and since TT is not home I have time to bake even after work!  I still need some practice on it and I must also keep a look out on the oven temperature control cos it always turn out too brown ...... and I am gonna make alot to give to my relatives and friends hope I can do it!

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