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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday - 20 Jan 2013

Brought TT back to Bedok today .... my dear little girl making noise saying wanna stay with us this and that but when we tell her why she have to stay with Ah Ma .... then she will be a good girl.  She will listen .... I am really blessed to have her as my dottie cos she really sensible when we try talking to her.  And according to my in laws .... everyone say she is really good .... she slept early and behaves well there unlike when she is back home when I am trying hard to make her sleep ... she will always bully me! 

Tonight MIL cook Mee Hoon Kway ....... all self made .... now is hard to find with hand made ... mostly are all machine made.  Love the way she made really can feel the QQ feel....... 

SIL LC bought TT a pair of hello kitty shoes for her birthday ..... TT love it so much cos she have been asking me to get for her .... but always can't get the right size.  MIL say the size need to be change again cos it just fit her .... so if a few months more her feet will be out grown and can't wear it again!

Thanks for the present sis! 

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