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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Jan Birthday celebration at 10 Scotts

BAD EXPERIENCE! Is all I can say.......

10 Scotts - a place that birthday girl choose to go ..... she went on a weekday before and was raving about their service and food so we are all ready and looking forward to it!  We love to eat and this time round is almost full attendance for the birthday celebration so I brought TT and Goh along this time too!

First when we reached ...... I feel I was like walking into an atas food court instead cos there was no one attending to you at all and I have to go in and find my friends on my own.  Upon sitting down for like 20mins still no one attend to me for any drinks!  I have to call for her and Goh ordered an ice coffee and the waitress asked him whether he want with or without milk.  Goh replied her with milk .... and for me I asked for an ice lemon tea and ice chocolate for TT.

Waitress told me there isn't anymore children cup she can only provide me with glass!  I have no choice but to let TT uses the glass if not she will have nothing to drink!  Really very sad to hear that there isn't any more children cutlery!  They are using Ikea children cutlery and is cheap buying that don't tell me a 5 star hotel cannot afford to have more of the children cutlery from Ikea???

After another 20mins my drinks was not served!  TT want to go to the ladies so I brought her there and when I came back my drink was here but no syrup and NO MILK (waitress ask Goh whether he want before) was given!!!   Lemon Tea was served with no syrup on my table .... at least there was like 1/4 served to my friend's table.  Tea totally dilute taste ...... so I ordered my 2nd drink - Rasberry Ice tea ..... disappointment again very diluted!  

TT's drinks was no where to be seen so I waited another 10mins and I told my friends her drinks was not served .... so they say the waitress brought in once but dunno whose .  I was really upset about it cos she (the waitress) was the one taking down my order and she was the one whom told me TT gotta use glass to have her drinks instead how can she forget what customer's order???

Goh and I were given 2 tier of small bites and whatever we finished plates was taken away but with no refill coming back till one of my gf complained then they take down our order and some items was coming in later on but is all wrong order too!  Beside the food served they have live station too .... the maki, peking duck take forever to refill kinda boring nothing actually let me think of going back there! 

Scones which is the menu was served when they clear my 2 tier tray I saw my friend's table none was touched except mine cos I like scones TT love it too!  2 complimentary pies was given to the birthday girls and it also take long time to be served cos all of us were almost crowding around them 

Paying for $48++ per pax to a 5 star hotel with this kind of service really not worth to come at all!  Don't need to consider a place for high tea anymore best thing of the day was I am with my beloved gfs .... you gals made my day not the food or service!  Disappointed!


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  2. Thanks! Hope you come back more often :)