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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Penang Kitchen

Thomson wanna gave us a treat for lunch but he was late so we just go ahead choosing what we wanna eat.  And we chose Penang Kitchen (Katong)  for lunch since is been sometimes since we visited.

Waitress whom took our order was a foreigner she was not really friendly .... and dunno how to recommend the food.  Choices of dishes was limited so we order a few like sambal kailan, Fu Yong Seafood Egg, fried chicken wings, sambal prawn and for appetizer we order mango salad and fruit rojak..... the rest will be some main course like sin chow bee hoon (on the menu it was added as a new item), fried kway tiao, fried rice (1 non spicy and 1 spicy), prawn noodle.... 

Restaurant was half filled for the lunch crowd .... serving of food was quite fast ..... and in no time our table were full of food!!!  One local auntie whom served us food was more friendly she was so kind to give us extra bowl to share the food too!

Overall we feel the fried rice, prawn noodle was good .... sambal prawn cook with more lady fingers than prawn, seafood eggs was over priced .... very thin egg was served with little ingredients inside.  So after the lunch .... we order dessert too ..... be cautious when you do ordering especially the Tang Yuan ..... my boss and I ordered that with red bean base and almond base respectively ..... the tang yuan was not cook!  Both of us were like eating powder ball instead cos we can feel the flour!  I think only their cold dessert can make it but not the hot one at all!  

Thanks Thomson for the treat .... total damage done to his wallet was $120 :P

Overall still ok in my rating of 3.5/5..... definitely will wanna come back for more of their fruit rojak and prawn noodle!

Penang Kitchen 
5 Coronation Road 
#01-05 Coronation Arcade 
Singapore 269406
(Next to Coronation Plaza NTUC) 
Tel: 6466 6193

283 Tanjong Katong Road 
Singapore 437066
(Near Tanjong Katong Girls' School) 
Tel: 6348 8595 

Email: penangkitchencatering@gmail.com

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