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Thursday, 31 January 2013

The New Harbour Cafe & Bar

Janice and Lynn parted with us after our baking class so the 4 of us just walked over to Tanjong Pagar road to look for food .... a late dinner indeed for us.  The whole stretch of food mostly were korean BBQ and steamboat ....... we didn't to have it cos is buffet style .... so we give a miss and Angeline actually recommend to have dinner at The New Harbour Cafe & Bar. 

Pauline ordered Harbour Mixed Grills ($22.80), Angeline stick to her usual food that she love - Yaki Udon ($13.80), Sam had their Pork Mush Sausage (13.80) while I ordered the most faster food (I think! But is the last that served!) - Seafood Spaghetti ($16.80)  and not forgetting any side we ordered Chicken Wings ($12.80), Cumi Bakar (squid aka sotong - $16.80) and Hainan Roast Pork (highly recommended by Angeline - $12.80).  I dun take pork so I think should be good cos almost every table were having it! 

This place don't serve ice water and is bottle water if you wanna have it .... So Sam and I both ordered Ice Lemon Tea ($3.80) while Angeline and Pauline ordered IBC Root Beer ($4.80). 

My spaghetti quite decent ..... seafood was fresh enough..... tasted the mesh potato on Pauline's mixed grill and she commented the food quite.  Yaki Udon was nice too ... Sam pack one back for tomorrow lunch since she will be on leave.  

Lighting in this place was quite bad so my pic came out quite bright cos of the flash ...... service here still quite ok ... but furniture wise I guess they should have "QC" soon cos I was given one which is gonna give way soon!

Check out here if you are around Tanjong Pagar area ..... 

The New Harbour Cafe & Bar
114 Tanjong Pagar Road 
6226 2657

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