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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Thursday - 24 Jan 2013

Is Jolene's birthday on coming Sunday so we have a mini celebration for her at work ..... Rosalind bought a black forest cake from 4 leaves for her ... to be frank I dun fancy blackforest so I only took a little bit of the cake minus off the whipped cream hahaha that's equivalent to like 3 mouth and I finish the cake!

After the mini celebration we went Penang Kitchen for lunch ..... Jo and I order each a Prawn Noodle set which comes with a Barley and Rosalind ordered their Penang Laksa.   Tasted the laksa .... not too bad for the first few mouth .... and but at the end it kinda salty.  The waitress was not really friendly today ... she didn't take down our add-on order and she try to argue back with us.  But when she serve big group her face change totally!  So I feel that she will only be happy when there's big group not 2-3 pax last time when we visited she was very friendly but not today!

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