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Friday, 18 January 2013

Friday - 18 Jan 2013

TT turn 5 today!  Time really flies ..... really cannot believe haha ... and that show I am growing old every single day!  This year is the first time Mr Goh celebrated her actual birthday in school after 3 good year of celebrating it in school cos this year he need not go for reservist!  

We woke up early and headed off to collect balloons for her .... I have order the walking pets balloons from MiiniWorld thanks to Geok Ping for the contact.

This year I took out the goodie bag concept and gave balloons instead cos every time it will end up with lotsa sweets, chocolate etc.  To be frank I dun usually give TT all these when I am at home so all these will be in a container and when time comes by it will end up in the dustbin cos mostly will expire already.....

After collecting the balloons we headed over to collect her Princess Cake ..... this time she chose to have a Cinderella!  Something different cos she will always opt for pink dress Princess instead of blue .... dunno this time she choose something different!

When we step into her class she was so happy ... hahah introducing us to all her friends and the kids was all excited about the walking pets balloons!  The kids went to wash their hands while we prepare the cake ..... her classmates all love to take photos and all wanted to take photos with her!  Click here for more photos taken. 

We left after distributing all the goodies to the kids .... Dearie headed to collect a souvenir watch from his camp while I waited for TT to be release from school at my MIL's shop.  After fetching her .... we decided to bring her out and I asked Abrielle (TT's bff) whether she wanna join us.  Wanted to go Wild Wild Wet but seems very hot so we decided to go Liang Court - The City to take a look.  Hazel brought her kids there before and I wanted to let TT try cos she love role playing! 

After a good 3hrs play .... and she requested to eat Sakae we brought her to Suntec branch ..... after meal shop around we were all very tired .... so we asked Abrielle whether she wanna stay with us for the night ..... she say yes ... so the 2 gals happily bathing together,  play ..... watch TV ... but at about 11+pm .... Abrielle walked into my room and say that she wanna go home that was after talking to her Parents at about 10+pm .... guess she misses them after talking to them!  Her Parents and Ah Ma came to pick her up at around 12am!  Poor TT she was crying after hearing Abrielle is going back with her parents .......

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