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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Mon - Wed - 21 - 23 Jan 2013

Monday we went over to With a Pinch of Salt for lunch ..... usually they are closed on Monday .... when we stepped in we were greeted by the waiter (FT) then menu was given ...... service kinda slow .... and I guess they have a change of management.  Food with a little change, no more jar of ice water given, no wifi, no big bottle of chilli and tomato ketchup left only packets kind.  And each table is about 4 packets (2 each of chilli and tomato ketchup).  Food wise standard still there but service standard drop! 

On Tuesday I headed to Simei  myself to get some more pineapple paste and flour ...... told Dearie to go back straight as I will packed food back via MRT will be easier.  Packed duck rice for Dearie while I have fish soup.  Dearie love the duck rice at NTUC food fare ...... I dun really fancy duck so I didn't have that.  After dinner I continue to roll the pineapple so that it will be easy for me to wrapped when I finish my dough if I starting to do. 

On Wednesday I named it now as Alyssa Day cos it will be the day then I will be having dinner with her .... and is a midweek so she will miss us only 2 days before and 1 3/4 days after hahaha .......she also looking forward to our dinner time .... MIL say she will kept on asking why we are not there .... why take so long  etc 

SIL bought TT a lego toy for her birthday .... and she love it this is her very first lego toy .... immediately she took out the toys and asked us to fix for her and MIL found one container for her to store her toys!  But when we say we are leaving ... she will make some noise then will say wanna follow us again ..... the cycle begins hahaha but she will say ok ok at the end and wave to us bye bye and send us to carpark seeing us leaving ....... 

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