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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wednesday - 30 Jan 2013

Alyssa day today again ..... I was a bit early and get to play with her for awhile .... every year just before CNY we will go over to Goh's Godma's place.  MIL will come along with us .... but usually is MIL doing the talking while we watch TV sorry but we dunno what to talk about. 

Alyssa (TT) was the happy kid again .... playing around .... see her cheeky face and dunno when I call her she will reply "YES, mummy your highness" I burst out laughing hahahah really funny ... Goh give his try .... and she reply " Yes ... daddy your Majesty" we both laugh out loud.  Sometimes she really makes our day and melt our heart! 

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