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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tuesday - 15 Jan 2013

Food Republic was opened at parkway they took over the banquet at the basement area prices all go up ..... but it looks good cos the deco was so nice ..... more variety ... more seating available.  Today I was upset by Auntie J again ..... so I asked Auntie Rosalind to go lunch together! 

Auntie R told me that Linda (my ex-colleague, Pauline's Auntie) told her that one of the 盐鸡 stall very nice so we headed to try.  So coincidence that Auntie R's hubby was q-ing behind us .... guess this chicken draw lotsa attention!  

Chicken was tender .... and deceiving photograph of the rice was clearly show with lotsa of chinese sausage but end product is only like 1/4 of one slice of it!   Soup was ok .... very flavorable..... overall .... I guess there will be much better stall around which I have not cover!

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