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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Saturday - 19 Jan 2013

Woke up my 2 baobei and we went over to Umi Sushi to have lunch ... I have a $20 voucher to be use and last day is today!  Voucher can only use for dining in only so each of us order a main course plus some sushi to go along. TT order a kani udon and a chawanmushi and for me and Dearie we order terriyaki chicken. Pay only $2 for everything ...... 

It started to pour heavily in noon time .... and we are meeting up and Angeline's place for dinner.  So I volunteer to get all the food and we will share the cost among us.  Dearie and I went over to Fengshan 85 to get all the food.  Simply love the hawker food yum yum! 

Zhihong (AL's hubby) packed back char kway tiao to go along too .... and is really nice too ..... we were all so full after the dinner.  After the dinner my lovely gfs celebrated TT's birthday for her .... the mini surprise celebration really makes her so happy cos is with her best friends!  Thanks girls for the cake and present!  And AL thanks for the "presents" for us to ..... really nice to have some of it!

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