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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday 13 Jan 2013

After Hyatt we headed to Bedok Point to meet up my in law ...... they having a dinner at Bedok Paradise Inn .... as MIL still cannot feast my BIL cancelled Irodori reservation.  Tonight is to celebrate my SIL's birthday which falls on 17 Jan .... and TT's birthday is on 18 Jan usually they will do it together. 

BIL said that we didn't tell him we have already eaten .... hmmmm we didn't much at Hyatt .... but was really very full.  So we just had some without any rice or porridge.  Didn't take the food as I feel I am very tired and full ... but so far Paradise Inn still never fail me in anything!

Just after the food we have a small cake cutting with them ..... and cos of my MIL admittance to the hospital I didn't get any present for my SIL yet ..... so will give to her one day before her actual birthday when we visit TT. 

Parted with them ...... send my in laws back while the young one make their way home by foot!  Enjoyed myself very much today ..... for the celebration at 2 different places with my loves ones including you all my multiply gers! 

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