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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Tuesday - 17 Feb 09

Jo & I are very friend to the fishball shop cook and service crew located just a few shop away from my office ever since they left after CNY I dun really like eating it anymore cos the new cook sucks!  And my Fav fish soup is no longer that nice anymore and is a china lady whom is cooking that.

Now whenever I wanna have lunch i have to crack my head what to eat .... today I went over to 7-11 just wanna buy a BAO to eat end up I bought Chicken Wan Ton Mee.  According to the staff there is a new product from them. 

Kinda disappointed cos is very salty .... ate the wan ton and char siew and threw away the whole packet of mee is not cheap too.......When will my work place fill with yummy food ..........

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Monday - 16 Feb 09

My MIL told me TT having running nose yesterday when we are dining out so i monitor her for a while and see is quite bad.  Guess weather is really bad that's why I have many friends fell sick.

Decided to bring her to see a GP and I will be on Childcare leave ..... not much people today Q is quite short unlike early in the morning always long Q.  After seeing the doctor I gave her the medicine and wanted to make her sleep but she is still wide awake.

After playing with her for awhile can see that she is really tired but refuse to sleep.... she is very sticky to me especially when she is sick kept on asking me to carry her, pat her and sayang her.  Heart pain to see her so 辛苦 especially with runny and sometime blocked nose.

After patting her for a while she fell asleep so I went to do some cleaning in the kitchen and have my brunch.  She woke up after a 30mins nap ... OMG is very short and she started to be like sticky again to me.  Guess that is the weather today is very humid and hot and I dun dare to on aircon at our bedroom.  Maybe is too warm that she can't sleep well ... gave her some water to drink and play with her again.

She fell back to sleep only after about 3hrs of playing around and I cook fried rice for dinner wanted to make hot the Nonya Chap Chye but I scare she will wake up again so give that a miss.  Is very very tiring when child is sick ... I didn't get to sleep well cos TT have a blocked nose and she kept making noise in the night .... oh I am like a panda already....

Sunday - 15 Feb 09

Went over to mama house and have brunch there .... she cook Nonya Chap Chye today and she  know I love it so she cook more and pack for me to bring back home.  Hers is still best heehee I can cook that but not as good as hers ... even Dearie give 3 thumbs up! .  Mama commented my Ngoh Hiong is good just that I forgot to put the prawn, not much water chestnut it will taste even better.

After the sumptous meal we headed to Gangsa Road - Jaslyn's house ..... suppose to attend her Prince-Matthew's 1st Birthday on 21st Feb 09 cos we are going Genting so we have to give a miss.  Went over to pass Matthew present ..... chit chat with Jas and play with Matthew for awhile.

Rushed back for meeting at CC and went for dinner after the meeting.  We went over to Tampines for their 鱼头炉 over there, there is no baby chair so have to make TT sit on double chair but is kinda dangerous cos have to make sure she sit properly. 

Kinda difficult to eat out without a baby chair cos she really too active...I ask my in laws to eat first while I bring TT to go for a walk.  After Dearie finished his food he took over and I have my dinner.  Their standard like drop already not too nice anymore and I feel thirsty after eating ....maybe business become good .... food standard will eventually drop.

Saturday - 14 Feb 09 Valentine's Day Part 2

                                                         On the Bus

I am looking forward for this Valentine's Day cos I will be spending it with 3 other couples - SZ Mei & YZ, CS & Frances and YH & JM(YZ's sis).  Cos everytime I will only spent it with Dearie and is always out for dinner only and back home. 

We registered in this event called - Blue Valentine 09 it was organised by Kg Ubi-Kembangan CCC & Family Life Champion.  There is a Free shuttle bus provided at Eunos MRT so is very convenient for us. 

That is our boat - Stewart's Riverboat @ Marina Pier.  At first we thought it will move but is not .... it is stationed there.  And suddenly I remember seeing the same boat in Sentosa before .... it use to be A&W restaurant.

The event started at around 7.15pm, emcee of the nite is good .... he could make us all laugh and we are being split into 2 groups to play games throughout the whole night.  Food is good but we didn't dare take more cos the boat is actually swaying till we are a bit blur at first.  *LOL* Lucky we never vomit if not will be very embarrass

                                                                   A nice Group photo

                                                     Game Time

The Family feature in LIAN HE ZAO BAO and the young couple won the bidding of the Mont Blanc Pen.

There is a mini auction for Mont Blanc pen Max bid is $20 ..... wrong strategy we played if not either one of us will get the bid.  We donated $20 each for charity work .... total amount collected is $700 and it will goes to Children Society.

SZ mei, YZ, Dearie & I went up to play some games ..... maybe because we come in a group the rest of them is like couple only so they asked us to go up to play.  And we make so much noise in between and we all enjoyed ourselves very much.

Lucky draw time is our favourite time *LOL* this time I won a $20 dining vouchers and the 1st prize goes to CS & Frances is $300 NTUC vouchers so lucky!  Shall date the 2 of them to go NTUC together *LOL*

We only manage to get home at around 11.45am spend a little bit of time waiting for the bus.  Went over to SZ mei house for more happening night!  We played MJ and sing karaoke .... my Dearie kept everyone entertain after he drank a cup of 鸳鸯. 

We laugh till sore throat, stomach pain....... even Doc YH oso laff till wanna cry out!  My dearie really talk alot and make us all laff till wanna burst liaoz.............. muahahhaha and he can come with this
一条一条变薯条 when he is playing MJ with all the SHOU ZI ..... *faintz*  If you all wanna see him perform just buy him a cup of  鸳鸯 will do *LOL*

Thanks to my in law in helping us in taking care of TT.

Saturday - 14 Feb 09 Valentine's Day

Woke up at the same time as per normal working days cos I have made an appointment to collect TT passport.  They encourage on the mail that making appointment will be good but when I reached there to collect it doesn't make any different!  Went over to Paradiz Centre as I have joined my Jan mummies 08 forum friends to take up a trial class with them, thanks to Icy aka Eileen for the coordination of the trial class.

We are having 3 different language course with Little Neuro Tree in 3 consecutive Saturday today we will start from Japanese.  We are being assigned to Banana room .... and the moment I open the door I saw TT's name heehee .... hope she will be good in the class.

We started with greeting the teacher and a song ..... and in the class they learn shapes, rough, smooth, memory testing etc.  They smashed different vegetable in puree from and we are ask to let baby taste it.  My dearest TT eat till so happy and cry for more hahaha .... she is so noisy too .... and Rayden (Lynn's baby) will make a noise whenever TT make once.  She is very active in class .... climbing up and down the tables and chairs *faint* really scare that the Teacher will chase her out of the class. hahaha .....

This lesson is on Japanese and I only know simple Japanese most of it is all ???? in my mind *LOL* next week will be in Mandarin but I won't be in town so I have a make up class on 1st March look forward for the English & Mandarin.

This is how I spent my 1st half of My Valentine's Day with my another darling ......

Monday, 16 February 2009

Thursday & Friday - 12 & 13 Feb 09


Went over to my PIL's shop to wait for Dearie and we headed to Kiddy Palace at Century Square to shop.  Since I have the voucher must well I use it and Kiddy Palace at Century Square is much more bigger than PP.

Bought a swimming costume, blouse and a travel cutlery for TT total is about $25+ after discount.  Walked over to TM and bought our dinner there didn't wanna have any meal outside cos TT will be very noisy hahah ..... and we are quite tired too.

We had our meal without TT cos she is in la la land when she is on the way back home in the car ..... heng ah .... is not easy now to have her with us when we are having meals cos she will kept on asking for MUM MUM whenever she see food!


Bought a cake from Bengawan Solo for our GM Mr Lim Teong Chin PBM cos his birthday fall on Valentine's Day 14 Feb so we celebrated for him today.  Happy Birthday Mr Lim!

After work we went to Bedok 85 to rent another new set of show - 珠光宝气 is a 82 episode TVB drama ... comment about the show is good so I shall chase for it then!  Bought dinner from there and headed to my PIL's shop to have our food.

Lucky EMO (the maid) is carrying TT .... and we manage to have our dinner.  If not TT will be asking for food non stop, is not a bad thing that my child is asking for it but not too good too cos she might go to someone and ask for food.  So we have to train her well ... if not whenever she see food she wanna AIM for it hahaha.  I am happy cos TT loves to try anything that we are having ..... sometime I dun even have a bite she want a 2nd bite already *LOL*

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Tuesday & Wednesday - 10 & 11 Feb 09


Every morning when we take lift down ... we will always as TT to "look up, baby" she will look at it.  And she love to look at mirror and self admiring  *LOL*  whenever we asked 谁美美 she will look for mirror to look into it and smile.

Nothing much for update today as everything is about the same knock off and fried rice for dinner and Dearie went RC meeting with SZ mei & YZ while I play with TT till 9+pm and headed to pat her to sleep.  In the end I am the one I sleep first cos I remember wake up after a 1/2 hr nap she is still playing her piglet.  I never care about her and go back to sleep a while later I saw her lying down on her own hugging her piglet to sleep.  By the time Dearie came back we are both in la la land ..............


Have you ever work till your screen went upside down?  Hahaha I am not the one ... is my colleague - Jo (old bird).  I laughed very loudly after I see her screen where on earth got ppl work till like that.

Oh well she told me that her mouse is giving her problem but personally I used her mouse before is perfect and good to use.  She just asked Auntie to buy one for her is a cordless kind she kept on banging the mouse I think she is not use to it. 

Possibility of having a new mouse and will spoil within a month is about 20%.  I didn't say that it will not spoil lah but the way she treat her mouse ...... everyday I can hear she keep knocking on the mouse 不坏都给她敲坏.  She never take care of her things at all .... she used to anyhow delete away some system files away and KPKB that her com got problem.  So I won't rule out the possibility that she spoil the mouse and blame on Auntie whom bought a lousy mouse for her.

After work I went over to PP wanted to get a new water bottle for TT she spoil the very 1st one that Pauline bought for her is very nice cos the size is just nice for her.  Nottie gal spoil the water bottle!  I was there early so I went to buy some clothing for Dearie since some of his polo T abit worn out.  I bought him a pair of jeans too he hate wearing it ... *LOL* but he smile when I pass that to him hahaha think he like it!

Went Swensen for dinner and I ordered a kids meal to share with TT ..... while dearie have their chicken rice and we also ordered a caesar salad to share.  Never take any pic cos my precious is so eager to taste the food when is served.

Went to minitoons and got a bottle for her with piglet and pooh bear on it ..... hope she will be more gentle on it.  I got her a hairband too .... bought that cos of the color it really nice ahaha can match any color of her clothing .... Does she look hip and cool with it?

When I take pic for her she even turn to let me take her side of the hairband how does it look like ..... *LOL* BTH this little cuttie!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Monday - 9 Feb 09 元宵节

Is 元宵节 today so my mum (MIL) asked us to go back for dinner today went to Chun Kee located just a few shops away from my office to order Yu Sheng.  Last day to have Yu Sheng and I have to wait till next year then can eat le .... and some other new year goodies.

Stop by Edo Sushi before heading to my in law's place and bought some sashimi to add on .... but in the end feel that is better not to add on *LOL* and is quite cheap 14-16 piece costing only at $8.

Mum cook all of our favorite food - 白粿, hokkien mee, shark's fins and bee hoon .... and of cos pig trotters - my husband favourite.  We were all stuffed ..... with all the nice food .... and lastly is the Yu Sheng.  Chit chat there for awhile before going back .... by the time we went back is already close to 10pm.  Tried looking for the full moon but Dearie say is moon eclipse so can't see anything and according to radio station after 52 years this year the moon is the most round and the closest to earth too bad I can't see it. 

After putting TT to bed and finish doing my laundry is close to 1am ... so tired ... I dunno why almost everyday I slept at this time and TT lately will make some noise when she turn herself .... anyone know why?Is it she play too hard in the afternoon?

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Sunday - 8 Feb 09

A pic with Mr Teo Ser Luck - Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports & Ministry of Transport

Yes!  We are going to the Istana today .... kinda excited cos I never been there before even when there is an open house.  Our time slot is at 6.00pm .... so before that we went over to Jean's house for her 2nd Daughter - Jaelyn's 1st birthday!

                                                        A Happy family

We almost get lost going to Jean's place and we are lucky that we just turn into a road wanted to make a call to her and to our surprise we got the right turn cos the road is inside this road that we turn in.  The road name of her house doesn't appear on the main road is inside another road!

They have a nice house .... and Jean is always apologising to us cos she have no time for us ..... is fine Jean cos you are busy we shall have a small gathering soon since we need to catch up.   When she is attending TT's birthday I also have no time to talk to her.  They ordered a nice cake for Jaelyn is from Prima Deli and it cost around $300 nice cake!

Off to my in law's place cos we can't bring TT in to The Istana ..... so we left jean's place at around 3+pm.

Left my on law's place at 5.15pm thought we could be there early who knows we are late cos the road is block due to the Hindu Festival - Thaipusam going on and there is a slight traffic jam .... Run over to Istana after we park our car at Park mall .... and after we reached ... there is a long long queue......

While q-ing I met 2 Kampong Ubi YEC friends - Keny & Kevin and saw 2 TKD coaches too .... so coincident ..... We Q for about 20-30mins for the security checks and also for the bus to take us in scenery is very beautiful saw 2 swan .... in the pond ..... swimming happily!

After alighting the bus we are free to go everywhere in that particular area so we just walk around.  Happen to see a big crowd ...... lucky Dearie is tall enough he told me is our President - SR Nathan he is like a superstar so many ppl crowding around him wanna take photo with him I am one of them.  But I only manage to have a handshake with him only and I am being pushed out by stronger ppl *LOL*. 

Next we saw our SM Mr Goh Chok Tong he is handsome and have a very good height this is not the 1st time I see him, remember I bought his car number and strike?  *LOL*  He have lotsa fans too ...... he just walk passed very quickly think he is leaving soon ....

So we went to the buffet counter to grab some bites and we saw our MP Dr Ong Seh Hong had a chat with him and he encourage us to take photos with other Ministers as is a rare opportunity.  So I took with our Minister for Health Mr Khaw Boon Wan ...... after that we walk around again and grab bites again .... as time slot is in the evening so I think most Ministers left the event.

Nothing much to do so we just continue to eat and talk ..... the prawn mee not bad and the food they serve is quite good too ..... just that the drinks got not enough ice! *LOL*

                                  With our MP Dr Ong Seh Hong & Ubi YEC friends Keny & Kevin

Next we saw is Mr Teo Ser Luck and his wife .... he have a very beautiful wife ..... and they are friendly too.  At about 7+pm we decided to make a move ... so we headed to Q for the bus and before we board the bus we are given mandarin oranges ..... make our way to marina Square to get something and headed back to my in law place.

Reached my in law place and TT have just fallen asleep so we just rest awhile ..... mum (my MIL) told me that TT is just like she is in TT Paradise *LOL* She mess up everything in the living room even the photos on the TV console!  My SIL took out this fox (shown above) to place on the TV console ... TT never go near it at all!  hahahah we got to know that she is scare of this fox ....... she will cry for help if she sees that ..... only this fox can stop her from messing up the place *LOL*

When she woke up and she saw the fox that Dearie bring to her her heart is pounding very fast hahaha .... and when you wind this toy it will somersault and she got a shock and cry haha should have video it down ...... *LOL*