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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Mon - Thurs - 28 - 31 May 2012


Dearie went reservist from today onwards and yes I will be alone at home and TT will be in Bedok "camp " too hahaha but sometimes is kinda bored to be home alone!  But I am enjoying it :P 

Tues - Thurs 

Since no one at home is good time for me to do some packing ..... my TT always mess up my place!  Since is school holiday I asked my MIL to bring TT back and we headed to Quality Hotel to meet up with the rest for supper.  

All the kids having great time spent eating and they even do some chatting up hahaha so cute .... hope that when they grow up they will be that close too! 

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday - 27 May 2012

Lucky I still able to wake up and attend Justin and Stephanie's wedding lunch  .... as usual I will meet up with Sandy and go together.  Venue is at Raffles City hmmm still very near one straight MRT will reached.  When we reached there and realise Daniel overslept, Steven sick ..... cannot get Aces!

Our table only left Michelle and her hubby, Sandy, Jeremy, Leroy and myself .... the portion of food is big so we can't finish most of the food and we have to pass over to the next table of our friends cos more "macho" Man sit together hahaha ..... 

The lunch ended like coming to 4pm so I took train back and my 2 baobei was sound asleep and is so unfair look at TT she was sleeping so straight unlike sleeping with me she will hug me, sleep on my pillow, legs on my tummy all kinds of pattern!  But with Mr Goh she was so "well behaved" 

Not long after is dinner time but I am still bloated no choice cos we have arranged a family dinner at Hong Kong Street Chun Kee.  I only can sit down and eat a little cos am still full ...... and in the meantime I am checking 4D result ...... earlier on Jeremy was telling me to buy 1818 cos our wedding lunch table is 18 .... and guess what it really open on starter prize!  Leroy strike a little but I didn't buy so is Jeremy himself :( 

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Saturday - 26 May 2012

Is hard to meet up with buddies so mostly when Penny & Edwin is back to SG we will all try our very best to meet up.  This time round we doing something different that is go for picnic haha we do up a pot luck picnic and we meet up at Botanical Garden.  Children went Jacob Ballas Children's garden  to have some water play and we head back to Eco lake there for small play. 

Ended the small gathering at around 12+pm and we headed to PP cos I went M1 to re-contract my Papa line and got a free phone for Dearie.  The staff recommend HTC One ..... and Dearie is ok with anything so ya and he got his 1st new smart phone!

Went back to rest and had dinner with my 2 baobei before going for a night out.  Arranged to meet up with the girls for having a all gals outing,  And since Coco meeting up with her gfs, Penny, PY and I tag along too ..... went over to No.5 at Emerald Hill first follow by Shanghai Dolly.  Kinda sleepy when the clock strike 1+am ...... cannot tahan! haha

Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday - 25 May 2012

 Is the last day of school before June school holiday ... school planned a party for the kids and they have to wear pretty dress to school.  TT choose to wear CNY dress hahaha .... very AI SWEE!

Beside wearing home clothing children need to bring some snack to school and share with their classmates wanted to bake some cupcakes but I am too lazy to bake anything so I just do the most easy one - Hotdog + quail eggs! 

Left to work after taken some pics of the kids ..... and in the evening my MIL said that all hotdog gone left a few quail eggs hahah something different cos the rest of the kids brought alot of sweets, tidbits, cake .... lucky I made a right decision to make hotdog and quail eggs! heehee 

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thursday - 24 May 2012

Meet the English Teacher today ..... nothing much to say about her as Teacher told me she know most of the things and most of the time she like to participate in Q&A and of cos when come to singing part she love to dance!  Teacher told me sometime she will throw tantrums and she will make her sit at naughty chair and when she feels ok then join back the class.  hmmmmm new to me I can use this method at home too! 

Off to work after meeting up the teacher..... and finally we got good news from Cousin Pauline .... she delivered a healthy baby boy at 3.5kg! Hahah this little boy was in Pauline tummy for quite sometime hahah he look so much like his sister when birth!

Congrats on the arrival of baby Nixon!  And thanks to Small Aunt for the mee tai bak dinner .... haha  when over to get a hitch and have free dinner cooked by her :P and I simply love her cooking is my liking more 清淡! Yummy!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wednesday - 23 May 2012

Today meet the Parent session is for her Chinese subject ..... meeting was at 9am and just nice when we sent her for class I can see her Teacher straight away.  Her chinese Teacher kept praising her .... she was asked to take care of her friend - Bee Choo and Teacher told me she really take great cake of her ... bring her to toilet and do most of the things with her.  Teacher commented she can reply well using mandarin when question was asked and she can follow rhythm very well!  Ok not much of the worry .... *phew*

After work I headed to Raffles City to meet up with my gfs for dinner a unwind session for 4 of us...... 4 of us were unhappy with our own work, hectic work plus hiccups at work makes the 4 of us pissed .... so is good to meet up and relax ourselves.  

Had dinner at Out Of The Pan, each of us order a crepe and chit chat at the same time is really relaxing after our meal we still head over to Toast Box for coffee and continue our chill out session till 9+pm.  Tomorrow will be another meet the Parent Session ..... dunno why they split like that ..... gotta take time off to go over again at 10am!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tuesday - 22 May 2012

OK we are back to the chalet again .... BBQ again hahah but this time before we can BBQ everything it started to pour arghhhhh  so disappointing!  We gotta make use of the induction cooker to cook the rest of the food. 

Once again the kids wanted to go for a dip .... the place looks relaxing like a resort but they dun have swimming pool so kinda boring during the day!  I went for a jaccuzzi dip too with Coco hahaha she brought bubble bath there too ....... not too bad after a tiring day and relaxing after that!

We left after the rain stop ....... but is already 11+pm again hahaha I am gonna go for meet the parents session wonder will I get some negative comment about TT keep finger crossed! 

Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday - 21 May 2012

SL and PY asked us to join them in the chalet where SL balloted so before we go over we went to fetch TT at my in law's place and her school gave back a file for us to view her progress in school.  Glad that she is doing well and really hope that she can do better during her rest of her academic journey in future!  In fact I can feel the stress already!  Going for meet the parent session in the next few days *sweat* ...... 

We were very impressed by the new fountain view chalet at Changi if you gals attended TT's 1st birthday bash the place simply turn into a resort style!  With attached jaccuzzi, extra backyard room and PS3 in the room really makes a different.... open concept kitchen with a centre island top makes the place so atas looking! 

The kids extremely happy especially they can dip themselves in the jaccuzzi since is last min thingy we didn;t bring TT's swimming suit so she dip in half naked with her panties on hahahah ..... chit chatted and we left at around 11+pm....... 

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday - 20 May 2012

Went to Steven's baby girl's baby shower she is really cute but her jaundice quite bad .... she was very yellow.  Steven was the confinement man this time for his wife .... he took 1 mth leave and took care of them!  But he told us very tiring ..... but good that he slim down! Hahaha .... 

After we went back home I decided to go for a hair cut and dying of my hair .... TT say wanna cut too so she followed me to the saloon near our place as we dun wanna travel. 

By the time I finished my hair cut and dying of hair is her turn ... and she actually fell asleep while the hairdresser cutting her hair hahaha so cute she can sleep anywhere anytime! 

And now mummy and dottie having same hair cut whahaha ..... ok next is whether to rebond or perm my hair ..... 

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday - 19 May 2012

 After Berries we decided to go over Changi City Point for dinner and do some window shopping is a long queue to the carpark as there is only 1 floor of parking but still quite ok the queue going quite fast and there is valet parking service too and most of the cars are all parked at the 1st floor so everything is quite smooth! 

After some window shopping we end up at Hans for dinner.... TT loves their congee and as usual my dear Dearie having their Fish & chips ..... after the dinner we went shopping again and went back home with more food and groceries too hahaha 

Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday - 18 May 2012

Happy Birthday Dearie!  First I gave him a surprise massage date ..... and glad that he had enjoyed it and is a good deal from Monday - Friday 11am to 6pm all massage service is at 30% off!  

After that we went over to my Parent's place and passed them something .... and we drove them over to pick up my nephews.  After that is our time to pick up our princess and we went for some window shopping and TT request to decorate birthday cake for her Papa. 

So we went over to Tampines 1 and she was so excited with the decoration walked around and feel tired so we headed back early to rest.  Thanks to Weeli, Grace and Joey whom came by to our place to celebrate Dearie's birthday and of cos not forgetting the present you gals bought thanks!