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Monday, 31 December 2007

Monday - 31 Dec 2007

                                                  Our lunch  -  long john silver                                                       Yummy carrot cake                                      Our dinner  on the last day of 2007 heehee                                                  He is enjoying himself                                                      Ethan is sleepy already                                      Before counting down already  celebrating                                                             Happy New year!!!                                                    The Drinker of the night                                                   Everyone have one of these                                                     Tats the gift  in the  party bag                                                        K it before I POP!

Was working halfday today ...... so I am rushing like mad for my work ..... still have a bit to finish .... hope I can make it!  Went off happily with my colleague- Linda and accompany her to make some cushion cover for CNY.  Parted with her I went to Singpost to get lunch for myself and hubby.  Told hubby that I must eat whatever I like now if not 1 mth cannot eat wor ...... bought Long John Silver and a piece of carrot cake from coffeebean.

After having our lunch, I am feeling sleepy .... so I went to nap awhile ..... hubby say that he doesnt wanna nap ..... but the moment I turn to his side he is already snoring heehee ...... maybe I influence him already.

Woke up at around 7+pm and received a call from huat saying that they are heading to karaoke at around 9+pm .... so ask we to go as well.  Since we have nothing to do we just tag along heehee ...... Penny & Edwin came to pick us up and went to Leisure Park K Box!  Hahaha I am back there again!  This time the timing is u can sing till 4am hahaha cant imagine how long can I sing.

At around 11.50pm they stop all rooms songs request and expect all of us to be at their reception cos they have a counting down session.  After the count down we went back to sing song again till 3am .... reached home is around 3.20am already!  But I am still very energetic ask my hubby to watch another episode of TVB series with me before I go to bed ......

keke ..... eh no chance of having 1st Jan 08 baby .... but am happy cos I am looking forward for a 2008 baby acording to my edd 19 days more to go!  Wanna take this chance to wish everyone a very Happy New Year hope everyone have a smooth year and good heatlh always!!!

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Saturday - 29 December 2007

Can't believe that I slept so well I woke up at 1.30pm today and had muffins that SZ mei mei made for breakfast cum lunch.  The banana walnut muffins is yummy another flavour the M&M flavour is a bit too sweet.  Is yummy!  Laze around watching our TVB show and I play PS2 for awhile and is already early evening. 

Wash up and off we went to Leisure Park.... thanks to Baojie for giving us a lift there cos is raining ..... and both of us are thinking how to go over.  We are meeting our cousins there for karaoke session!

Reached Kbox around 630pm and we just have to top up another $2 each to have their buffet dinner.  Quite alot of food - Dim Sum, Sushi, Sashimi, fried food, fried rice, soup, dessert, cakes etc....... we are so hungry that we never start singing first just eat & eat hahaha ......

Is all night (happy Hour) buffet so when you feel like munching anything can just go out to the buffet bar to grab some food to eat.  I do enjoyed myself but time is abit short hahaha ....... well but I have to be satisfied thanks to all the cousins / SIL for making today a possible one .... cos I am looking forward to sing before I POP! hmmmm must think of what other things I wanna do before i POP already! 

Another 2 mummy from my Jan 08 motherhood forum POP already congrats to 3rascal & Chaye!!!  Do update us your delivery story!

Friday, 28 December 2007

Friday - 28 Dec 2007

                                                         Cold Dish                                                            Shark's Fins                                                          Yam Ring                                                                  Fish                                                               Pork Ribs                                                      Vegetable with mushroom                                                                     Chicken                                                                Noodle                                                 Tang Yuan  with red bean soup                                                        SZ mei's creation - yummy                                                Tats the xmas gift for my dearie

Was rushing work like hell today ... cos really afraid I will just go deliver anytime.....especially now is peak period of the time.  Cheer up QQ!  Is TGIF! hahaha I am telling this myself everytime of the day!

Took a bus to Orchard as we have to attend Jordon & Nicole's wedding due to night time and too crowded in the bus I alighted 2 bus stop before the actual stop.  No choice gotta carry my big belly and walk from Orchard MRT to Orchard Parade Hotel.  While crossing the road ... someone horned me ..... I got a shocked cos is still Green man wor .... wanna turn and scold that person (dunno why I so brave lately) I realise is actually my friends - Shunli & Cailuo they are going to the wedding too!  Thank God! Cos of them I dun have to walk so far with my heavy belly!

Reached there and see most of the friends we have not seen for sometimes .... especially our Teacher - Mdm Sue ..... she so happy to see I am expecting and is gonna due real soon scolded my husband for not telling her and never fetch me! hahaha......

The food is so so only ...... I feel a bit disappointed cos is under Tung Luk Group ... the place is warm too .... I am sweating the lights are dim oso thats why poor shooting of the food .... sorry to have make u all see such ugly pics!  We stayed on till the last one to go off cos we wanna wait for the groom and drink with him ..... wish them have a blissful marriage!

Thanks to Suhao whom drove us home ..... went up to SZ mei house around 12 already ..... to get the Crocs sandals she helped me purchase during a recent BP in motherhood forum and help me collect it at Jurong area .... Thank You! She make muffins today as well ..... gave me 4 of it .... smell so yummy liao will be very nice ..... it will be our breakfast for tomorrow .... update you all of the yummy muffins tat will be in my tummy! heehee

Thursday, 27 December 2007

I am pissed!

Maternity leave is entitlement not happy u can go get preggie loh

This is what I display on msn display name!  Gotta know someone is jealous of me having 3 mths (12 weeks) of maternity leave.  *Sigh* And say that where got company so good give 3 mths maternity leave if other company already ask you pack and go!  How ignorant she is ... this is govt entitlement for An eligible female employee it started on Oct 2004 if I didn't recall wrongly!
I feel so sad upon hearing that cos when I break the news that I am preggie she is already not very happy! 

To think that I am afraid office will be very busy and she will be busy like mad during peak period I even wanna shorten my maternity leave come back half a day to help.  I guess I must shelve this cos I am not being appreciate at all ...... I just don't understand some people ..... if you like so much about having 3 mths maternity leave I won't stop you for having another baby DO it more often with you husband! 

I will be happy and congrats you!  I am very upset over this matter and is always running through my mind every now and then.  I am trying hard not to think of it cos it might affect my baby gal ...... so I gotta relax and keep cool!  I treat her like a friend but she treat me like a fool!  This month is consider bad month for me also .... hope all these not happy, suay days will be over soon ......

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Wednesday - 26 Dec 2007 - 9th Scan

Today is boxing day heehee ..... suppose to be a day whereby you open your present too .... hahaha I have opened mine today .... thats my baby progress! No more ultrasound pics from Dr Heng anymore .... only can see abit of her hands, spine ..... cant see head liao wor.

Went to Dr Heng's clinic and I am 1 more kg heavier hahaha guess my girl grows well ...... went in to have my usual ultrasound scan ...... and Dr Heng told me her head is engage!!! 

And she is 2.9kg this time round ..... Dr Heng very happy ..... ask me when I wanna deliver ... cos she told me lotsa patient asking for request for particular day.  She told me there is one patient see feng shui so she wanna deliver on 27 Dec 2007.  She told me that day should be a good day ..... cos many of her patient ask her about her schedule that day!

So I told Dr Heng let nature take it course see when my baby wanna come out she very happy to hear that ... haha ..... I really wish she will come out only on 2008 heehee ...... cos is really near to end of 2007 ...... Told Dr Heng lotsa ppl says I am having a boy ..... the MUA, nephew, ah bird ..... all asked me or say I am having a boy cos of my breakout and BIG nose!  So I asked Dr Heng is it confirm a girl she say 100% confirm hahahah .... then she ask me why so I told her about the case that all ppl say .... like big nose, breakout etc ... she say NOT true hahahaha

After the check up .... we went to banquet again cos I got craving to eat the chicken char siew rice again.  Took a bus to Geylang Serai there to buy our dinner and walk back home from there is really very tiring especially I am quite urgent ... lately always go to the loo like nobody business and of cos my left backside is so painful ...... lie on bed, walk oso pain

Came back home only I just feel like napping .... and almost miss all the show I wanna watch in the evening .... sigh ... really tiring now ....