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Monday, 27 September 2010

Wed - Fri - 1 Sept - 3 Sept 2010

Nothing much to update on my Wed & Thurs.  Just that TT kept on coughing and she did vomit again.  She is on soft diet no rice/noodles for her ... just milo kosong and diluted milk.

On Friday I was on leave for Grandma passed away 100 days almost all of us are on leave and was at Bishan at 9am.  After the praying we headed to Bedok there to pray too and cos is seventh month there are so many people there.

TT still quite active and even snatch food with her Grandpa *LOL* but still coughing.  MIL suggest to bring TT over to chinese physician cos she said some neighborhood people tell her that the Chinese Physician is very good in treating children's cough. 

TT was given a cough mixture and some powder form of medicine.  Nap with TT after we bathe and around 8+pm we woke up and I gave some milk to her before giving her some cough mixture.  Awhile after she had the medicine she vomited out everything again poor baby really heart pain to see her like this. 

Dearie said maybe is due to the milk she take thats why she vomit again ... I told him might not.  Poor baby kept on asking for milk cos she is hungry after vomited so Dearie asked me to give her some milo instead.  Not long after she had her milo she vomited out again I told Dearie something is wrong lets not drag anymore so we decided to bring her over to ESH A&E.  MIL is so kind enough to drove us to ESH and is already 1+am not much ppl in the A&E so after around 5 mins after registration we are in to see the Doc.

He diagnose TT having stomach virus and he instructed the Nurse to gave an insertion of medicine into her anus. When the medicine inserted TT still "kiap" her backside so funny!  She was given a total of 5 bottles of medicine and total cost is $191.  Hope she get well soon ....

Monday - Tuesday - 30 & 31 Aug 2010

These few days we are hooked on a new TVB series - The Mysteries of Love starring Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma and Bernise Liu.  Raymond Lam acting as a genius in physics and he uses it to crack many cases.  I love this show .... same old thing I cry n cry again watching this show ......

So hooked till when dearie is back home bathe and our marathon start ...... eat n glue to the TV and we are watching real fast!

Dearie told me the story is so alike with Japanese drama - Galileo.  Shall watch out for the Japanese drama on SCV I think is already showing.

Sunday - 29 Aug 10

Went over to Diana's Place to pick up my ON items .... and headed to farm since we are around the area ... cos I love to buy their aloe vera, mushroom and some dried food. 

Went over to my in law's shop dropped TT off and both of us headed for our monthly CC meeting we are going for a retreat which all of us looking forward at first we wante dto go Universal Studio but we have change and decided to go for an overseas trip to Kukup.

Is being a long time since I went there must really have fun till we drop when we go in Dec should I bring TT along?  

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Fri & Sat - 27 & 28 Aug 2010

On Friday we went over to Frances & Norman place to look at their precious son - Jenson Yap.  Both baby and mummy is doing good ... Jenson look so much like Frances ... is it true that Baby Boy look like Mama and Baby Girl look like Papa cos most of our friends say TT look like my hubby!

On Saturday we went over to FU LU SHOU cos my Thai Amulet plastic is broken so I have to replace it.  So for the waiting time we walk around at Bugis area and ended up at Illuma Blue Mountain Cafe.  There is still set lunch available although we are there like 2pm... it comes with a soup, a dessert and a drink quite worth it. 

I think I have ordered too much finger food that we hardly can finish it.... food is very normal not really fantastic.  Quiet ambience is the best I like it cos can chit chat with Dearie on comfy chair saw some students doing some self studies there too.

Went back to pick up the amulet after 1hr and headed to OG for a walk bought 2 pyjamas pants and just spend $75 you can get the OG card but the place is chaotic that turns us off and we headed back home. 

At around 8+pm we decided to call delivery ... not Mcdelivery but is Zi Char Delivery!  Thanks to Chane whom scan it and thank to SZ for sending it to us ....it is really cool to have this around our area.  No need to move our butt just wait for it and at around 10mins piping hot zi char at your doorstep!  I tried the HK noodle while Dearie had the horfun ... yummy is nice ... best thing is that they replace char siew to crabmeat .... good for me cos I dun take pork!  Will try more in future!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wed & Thurs - 25 & 26 Aug

On Wednesday, our YOG Manager told us that he have tics to the closing ceremony for tomorrow so I took from him 3 tics wanted to bring TT over.  And I got a call from a company and was asked to go for an interview so I have made arrangement to go tomorrow since I can go pick TT early too.

On Thursday, Girlene came over office and we headed lunch together and since my interview is at Tampines we headed to Tampines One.  The company I went is AIA the lady whom interview me is very nice we talk everything including our children *LOL* 

But I dun think I will have chance cos they wanted a short notice candidate as I dun have much leaves left I dun think I will be selected.  After the interview I went over to Tampines One again to get some cheese cake for my baby TT.  And I bring her home to change and wait for Dearie to come back.

We took circle line to the floating platform and we were asked to walk one big round as the other entrance is closed!  When we are in we saw many empty seats around but people just refuse to move in and we have difficulties in moving in too cos they are just like 大伯公 GLUE on the seats.  So I suggest to Dearie we sit on the stairs the highest w/o blocking others. 

Is kinda sad to the see the flame went off with the solemn tune really salute to all volunteers for the effort they put in *thumbs up* TT enjoyed the show and of cos the best is the fireworks is really very nice great night!  Headed to Marina Square to search for food .... and ended up eating Jia Xiang Noodle a place where I wanna try for very long.  Not much choices left and we quickly settle whatever they have and headed back home is really tiring ......

Monday - Tuesday - 23 & 24 Aug 2010

Monday and Tuesday we went back for dinner at Bedok .... Tuesday I helped TT buy one flower for my MIL.  Her actual BD is Tues .... so she gave my MIL flowers ... haha didn;t have any nice carnation ... orchid looks good so I bought that.

TT slowly eating some food but we control what she take .... poor baby she is always asking for food.  She is a big eater and now we have to control her in case she vomit again... still having some cough.  Although she is still not well look how mischievous she is still.

She can be really naughty at times .....

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Sunday - 22 Aug 2010

Went out in noon and headed to Suntec cos I promise to bring TT find her favourite mascot - Lyo and Merly.  But when we reached there .. they are not out and we are suppose to go buy Mum's present too. 

This year she is 60 years old and we are still mourning for the lost of our beloved Grandma  she didn't wanna celebrate so just a simple dinner will do..... no cake, no angbao order by her.  We all cracking our head usually we will just give her angbao and let her buy whatever she like.  Notice that her bag is rather old so I decided to buy one LeSportsac bag for her.  Hope she like it ...

Meet up my in laws at Beng Hiang decided to have a change of having dinner at the same place we have something different today.  Is a Hokkien restaurant located at Amoy Street.... I have not tried this place yet and heard good feedback about their hokkien mee. 

Overall the food is ok .... love the Oyster Egg very nice but is a bit oily the rest of the food is ok.  After the hearty meal we move on to Chinatown wanna go 记得吃 but is no longer there but there is another dessert shop so we go for a try.

The shop got no one only us but after we made our order suddenly the place is full!  My dear dottie so good she dare to eat 龟苓膏 haha for me is a NO NO to me ... I dun really like the herbal smell.  She gave a thumbs up after she had that and when my father in law feed her peanut paste he show my FIL a .  We all had a good laff at her for the immediately feedback!

Saturday - 21 Aug 2010

Register TT to the Baby & Junior Race 2010 this year too ... she have move up to Cat E haha Her catagory have to run with a Parent so I am going in with her.  She slim down alot really alot ..... and I scare she got not much energy cos she is still on NO MILK diet.  Bought her some chicken tenders to eat before the race and we had our brunch too.

Nat also participate in the race and her reporting time is only at around 230pm .... as for TT her is 1pm so I get to Q for the Huggies baby photo.. last year TT won 2nd prize ... this year I just participate for fun cos there are so many cutie babies around!

Happened to see my Parents there too ..... cos my nephew is there for the race.  Suppose to arrange to go Jb for seafood with the cousins so we all meet together at downtown east.  After seeing the Q on the causeway we decided to head for dinner at Downtown East.

We went NY NY for dinner .... I didn't take any main course just a caesar salad and TT had a mushroom soup.   She love the soup very much and asking for more .... after the meal we have no where to go and all agreed to come over our place to play wii together.  Before heading to my place we all went supermarket to grab some tidbits, wine, drinks and we just enjoy ourselves thru the night till 2+am ..........

Mon - Fri - 16 Aug - 20 Aug 2010

On Monday we have good news our sports Taekwondo won the very first bronze medal for Singapore way to go!  Hope that we have more for the next few days!

Office is really quiet today cos I guess most of them are all working hard at Suntec..... lucky we could watch live from internet so that we didn't miss much!

On Tuesday we went over to MIL shop to help out as she is praying outside the shop Dearie is on MC yesterday and today so he is also available to help but most of the time he is napping in the shop. My dear TT still not feeling good ..... so no milk for her just plain milo and some biscuit really pain me when I see her slim down :(

On Wednesday our player got another bronze for our sports very exciting match.  Again office is really very quiet ..... same goes to Thursday nothing much to update and today is the last day of our sports .....

On Friday my GM they all still not back yet as they have to send all official from Korea to the airport and doing some wrapped up.  Basically we are all quite relax for this week .... really very ENG guess next week we will be abit more busy as immediately after YOG we have to prepare for our National Tournament in Sept.