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Monday, 30 November 2009

Friday - 20 Nov 09

Finally I get to eat mee soup LOL ...... and is prawn mee soup ... always crave for it hahah ... I find myself damn funny I dun get cravings when I am preggie but when I am not I crave for alot of stuffs LOL.

Kinda miss my dear friend Coco whom went on a company trip ..... hahah cos we always chit chatting on MSN non stop .... and peep into other's farm and do stealing LOL.  Now she have went BKK I have to look after her crops as well busy harvesting her farm and help her to cook in her cafe.  All above mentioned is Facebook game LOL look how engross we are for the game!

Well just 2 more days she be back soon ... hope our yakking can resume soon .... but in Dec she be flying off again .... arghhhh ..... gonna miss this sista for very long :(

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Thursday - 19 Nov 09

Forgot to take my dinner today ..... LOL when I finished my food then I realise I didnt take pic hahaha .....

Laze around with TT with me ... watching TVB show .... my dear gal will be kan cheong in some scene which is exciting sometime she will make some noise like "oh" ... Ai yo" hahahah damn funny loh.

My Dear TT didn't gain much weight lately after she fell sick together with me kinda worried but at the potion of food she ate ..... hmmmm not small loh is BIG!  She eat more than my BIL and SIL .... and she still can ask for milk after she finish her food.  I gave her 300ml of milk she can finish it all!  Wonder is her metabolic rate is very high or she is not growing well  Gotta monitor her till she go to PD when she turns 2 year old next Jan.

Wednesday - 18 Nov 09

Auntie Jo is on MC for today and tomorrow .... so I will go Yoga on my own today and my GM is on a trip again this time ti Iran!  So I will be alone during afternoon for 2 days .... not too bad to be alone in office alone just that no one to talk to and will tends to be more sleepy especially in rainy days!

Before I go yoga I went back to Mama place to visit her .... she fell yesterday!  Sigh dunno how to make her listen to us ... she still abit not too steady so Papa always ask her to call for help whenever she wanna walk.  Yesterday is CHU YI so Papa went outside to burn the joss paper and my maid is doing some washing.  Mama stand and walk on her own and BOMB a loud thud was what my Papa and maid heard.

Her left eyes swell and bruises appear.... Papa boil the egg and help her to massage before bringing her to the doctor.  Told Mama not to walk around anymore if so please call for help ... or use the walking stick to support.  She always tell me ok ok but never listen at all sigh dunno what should I do to make her listen to us. 

Left her place at 6.45pm and head to yoga lesson ... today I feel more relax and not so rush ... maybe last week cos we very rush so is quite tedious for me.  Today very relax and I feel great after the lesson.  Dearie and TT came picking me up ... heee ..... thanks to them ..... today we have mushroom rice ..... they gave alot of rice ..... didn't finish it although I am hungry.

Happy Birthday to my dear friend - Amy Goh and Happy 22 mth TT!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Tuesday - 17 Nov 09

Was working halfway suddenly we heard a loud BANG .... KPO us CHEONG to the conference room which is overseeing the main road to check out what happen.  A woman driver whom is going to make an illegal U turn got hit by an oncoming taxi.

Well is that woman's fault ...... she shouldn't be lazy she should go all the way up to make the turn .... as our main road here is quite dangerous and she have her children in her car!  There are cars parking along the road which makes the road more narrow.  Must be very careful if you drive along Tg Katong Road!

Today's dinner is not too bad ..... soup is good ... I love the 四川菜 soup .... veggie is normal.  I notice TT always have her shoes put into either Dearie or mine shoes just like the pic above.  Now everytime when I open the door she will sit on the floor taking off her shoes and have her shoes put on the shoe rack. But she always placed her shoes last so that she can "slot" it into the shoes of ours!  Hahaha cute rite?

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Monday - 16 Nov 09

Today's meal is not too bad just that is herbal soup again ... hahaha ..... will we get more heaty if we drink so much a week?

Oh well after the meal is lazing around again ......chit chatting .....

TT is so cute whenever she sees me in front of com she will make her way up on my lap and get attention maybe she know FB always draw more of my attention LOL.  This time round she ask me to draw out the table and must as well lying down there!

Can faint loh LOL ... and I told her "ok baby you dun more keep on lying down and DON'T move" *LOL* Grab my phone and I snap pics of her lying there she really didn't move at all!  And she enjoyed lying there with me playing games there ..... gave up playing in awhile and attend to her LOL ...... really got no free time for myself she too sticky to me I have to find something that interest her totally .... so I can do my own stuffs!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Sunday - 15 Nov 09

I have a good sleep till 11am! Hahaha finally a day when i need not go out so early.... thanks to Dearie for the wonderful breakfast you bought.

Do some housework and watch TV before going back to nap with TT and Dearie.... 3 of us nap till 6pm!  Wanted to go Toyogo to get some stuffs but they closing at 7pm so we didn't wanna rush there so we decided to go next week.

Suppose to go my in law place for dinner cos they will be having badminton at 8pm and Dearie didn't wanna play cos he say he is tired after RT we decided not to go over and will be settling on our own for dinner.

Went to Parkway to get our groceries ...... many things is running out soon ...... seeing there isn't much Q in Giant we decided to buy our stuffs first before heading for dinner.  After we finished our groceries shopping ... we walk around PP to see what to eat for dinner.  They open up new wing on 1st & 2nd level .. Pu Tien and Ichiban occupied the 2nd level and there are a very long Q for both shop! 

We went over to check out another newly open cafe - Toby's The Dessert Asylum .....We ordered Fish & Chip - $14.95, Chicken & Mushroom bakerice - $11.95 and Onion Rings - $5.50.  Total we paid - $38.13 including GST and service charge.  Fish & Chips is good .... it simply melt in your mouth.  Didn't order any dessert cos after the meal we are too full to have any.  But it seems good just looking at the menu of the dessert and some other diners whom are having. 

I feel that the service still need improvement ..... cos they are not really attentive .... maybe party is the lighting I guess cos that location can't have any drop lights hahah so is kinda dark!  I will wanna go back there again to try their dessert!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Saturday - 14 Nov 09

Up early to go for flea mart today ... last month due to busy schedule didn't come .... is like been months since I sell stuffs.  Anyone out there wanna buy from me anot ... business not very good! haha ....

it didn't start well throughout maybe due to sleepy "worker" (see pic) haha .... kinda quiet .... maybe cos lotsa ppl have already go for their holiday. 

It didn't go well till the time when I started to pack up ... a lady walk over to me and start choosing the clothing.  Manage to sell $48 and I gave her a pair of slippers as free gift... she is very happy!  It makes my day so is she! 

Thanks to my parents, cousin Peiwen and Uncle whom bring TT out to shop while I can concentrate on my business.  They bring her back to me after the shopping trip hahah thinking of going to pick her after the flea mart, thanks Uncle!

Parted with Klowyn who have a stall there with me and headed home straight cos we are going to have dinner with friends later in the evening.

Coco, Weeli, Joey and I "conference meeting" in MSN discussing what to have for our dinner past few days as usual I opt for steamboat!  Is such a cooling days lately so steamboat is quite a good choice. 

Wanted to go to Tian Fu which is near my working place but we ended up going Crystal Jade Kitchen at Toa Payoh.  The only available seats left for steamboat at 8pm cos Holland V will have to wait till 10.30pm.

Service there sucks!  There is one waitress give us black face and threw our napkins on the table kinda rude .....and we waited for about 20mins for them to bring us the pot and food.  There are some table which came later got their food first which makes us blood boil.  TT was very hungry and started to make a fuss that Dearie have to bring her out and lecture her.  And during that 20mins our drinks is not being served too we just sit there and chit chat.

But after that there is a change of waitress to their captain it makes us more comfortable with her she is friendly too!  Pity there is no tom yum soup base hahah .... you can mix your own sauce to go along with your food!  Love their prawn dumpling and their 生面 nice and we are given one plate of fresh prawn each of us take about 2 of it!  We pay about $26 including everything quite reasonable.  We are all so full after the meal that we walk around after the meal at Toa Payoh! haha shall go again next time to different branch NO MORE Toa Payoh!

***Happy Birthday to our dear friend Bird & WT... may all your dreams come true!

Friday - 13 Nov 09

Got some mangoes from a friend but most of it is very soft 烂了.  Is kinda bad to throw away but once is being cut it will all be like watery can't even eat.  I left it with Jo to settle *LOL* cos I need to rush home to do up my laundry before Popo (PT maid) come over.

Today's dinner ... curry fish is good ..... Dearie enjoyed that too quite surprising to me when he said that is good!  I got a holiday off again from Dearie ...... went over to SZ house for a game of MJ with Hon and Min before we head for supper.

When I got home TT is sound asleep and she is the one who tell me "bye bye mummy" whenI am about to go out guess she know that Dearie gave me an off day heehee ....... 

Monday, 16 November 2009

Thursday - 12 Nov 09

Dearie came back home straight after work cos we are going to the airport to send sis GLC she is leading a group of student there for exchange programme.  How I wish to go back there now .......

Today's dinner looks good .... 蛋花汤 cook with tomato is tasty ... prawn is fresh too!  After we finished our dinner we went to in law's place.  My beloved nephew told me that he didn't do well in his exam .... English will be pulling him down although his other subjects is doing very well.  Now I am thinking what to get for him cos his birthday is coming soon!

Had a drink at Coffee Club with my MIL & SIL (GLC) before she check in .... not easy for her to lead a group of 30+ students but lucky she is experience enough. 

Reached home at around 12.15am and saw 2 parking attendant summoning people .... so cute that they cycle here ..... one uncle and one lady age around 30+ to 40.  We are also trying to track when they will be coming ..... so if our friends came over will know roughly what time is the summon time!

Wednesday - 11 Nov 09

Went Yoga lesson after work today .... a bit siong to me cos I have stop for almost 2 years.  I will try to pick it up again ... it is really relaxing after the stretching!

My class is at Bras Brasah Complex and there is about 20 ppl in the class ..... not too bad. 
When Dearie open the door TT welcoming me and asking me ..... "where did you go?"  and I told her I went for yoga class.  Isn't she sweet!

I still take the tingkat after work cos it will be a waste if I dun eat.  Today got fried mee tai bak .. nice I like and my favourite brocolli .... but I didn't finish the food.

Took a shower and play with TT for a while and I disturb her back asking her back "where did you go then"  Her reply to me "I dunno" *LOL*  My little piglet grown up le ... hahaha really cute!

Tuesday - 10 Nov 09

Came back home and do housework as usual before my 2 precious come back.  And I went over to SZ place when accident happen .....

Dearie is keeping his shoes outside our house and my dear baby is keeping hers inside the house.  Dearie open the door didn't know that Baby TT is just behind the door and she got a cut on her toe!

Poor baby crying out loud ... and after I received the call I quickly went back to take a look .... it reallyy look serious to me.  Cos the fresh is cut open ..... bleeding is stop and is not crying anymore only tell me "mummy, pain pain ...... 痛.....痛."  Called my MIL for help .... she came down immediately to see how bad the wound is. 

BIL suggest we go KKH but MIL says KKH always very long Q so we decided to go ESH which is the nearest and cos we all so worried till can't think of any night clinic available anot.  When we reached ESH there is no Q at all ... and we are being attend by the nurse.  The nurse clean up the wound for TT before the Doctor come in ..... after examine her ... Doc told us not to worry she no need to be stitch up... no need x-ray everything is gonna be fine.

And commented TT is a brave gal .... cos she didn't cry or make any noise when the nurse clean her up.  TT still can tell us that the antiseptic lotion is cold ..... haha so cute right ..... forgot to video it down cos I am carrying her.  Brave gal baby!  Mummy is so proud of you!

She is being bandage up in case she got mess around her toe .... when the nurse is done ... TT said "socks"!  We all burst into laughter when she is still so cool about the accident!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Mon - 9 Nov 09

Is again herbal bak kut teh ... yucks ... dun like the taste of it.  But the other 3 dishes is good .... sweet and sour fish is nice ......

After my dinner and rested myself for about 2 hours ...... 9.45pm sharp I am off to bed!


I SLEPT at 945pm!!!  Hahaha ..... ask TT to join me ... she went in lying beside me and kept on talking to me her baby talk.  If not she just poke my eyes, nose and mouth ..... saying out loud what is it.  Good job baby!  You are learning everyday!

And angry me being poke ask Dearie to bring her out so I can have a peaceful beauty sleep.  I was sleeping like a dead I didn't know when they come in to sleep ..... and I woke up at 3.30am ..... seeing that we are all sleeping at weird position .... *LOL*

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Sunday - 8 Nov 09

Went to Sembawang Shopping Centre today for the 883jia Fm grand draw for $10,000 give away event.  I was lucky enough to be the 8th caller each time when I hear an engine sound being intercept into a song.  Thereafter I have to guess the song title and singer in order to enter the draw.  Jo and Lanetar is the draw too .... so if any of us got the $10k we will split it but Lanetar can't join us so we lost a chance.

I didn't hope for that haha just go there to try luck and of cos see my favourite DJs.  And they  have another chance to win travel package that is to take pics with any of the DJs and if your pic is being chosen u stands a chance to win. 

Beside that they still have games going on ..... there are RUDE people around pushing around when they are trying to go up the stage to play games so that they could win some shopping vouchers.

After we left SSC my Brother call and ask us to go dinner today cos they celebrating Issac birthday today cos his birthday falls on a weekday.  He asked me to go think of a place to go ....... and meet at my parent's place at 6pm.  Since is still early we headed to Bugis to get gift for Issac before meeting them up.

We decided to have dinner at Zhou's Kitchen at Far East Square.... service there is good!  Food is nice too ....love the chilli crab, prawn and deep fried soon hock.  We are all so full after meal .... on the way back we decided to drive to Orchard and see the lighting.

TT is so fascinated by the colorful lights ..... and kept say "wow nice!" we all have enjoyed the evening very much!  Thanks Bro * SIL for the yummy dinner!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Saturday - 7 Nov 09

Went over to Gubak's dottie 1st month celebration at Anchorvale .... he bought a EA there close to ard 400K i think .... nice big space ... but outer part of his house resemble Hong Kong flats!   Love their car park which is built below the flats!

After we left Gubak house at around 4+pm we headed to Pasir Ris PA Home Team chalet ... we are being invited by Kampong Ubi YEC to attend their team building BBQ.  So to prevent we got lost in our way ... we take our own sweet time to find the way .... and so happen we turn to the right place and right unit.  So we are early for their BBQ ... hang around the place to talk to the Ubi YEC members while waiting for SZ, YZ, Nadia & Ping Bu.

Went back home and had a game with Lester ... is been a while since we see Lester & Chane ... great that we catch up again.  Hope to catch more of our neighbours see how are everyone doing..... wonder they want any gathering before Xmas like we use to have ......

Happy Birthday to my good friend Amy Khor .... stay pretty always!~~~