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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Thur - Sat - 28 Apr - 30 Apr 2011

 Had our dinner at Bishan before we went over to Bedok to fetch TT ..... yummy prawn noodle soup ... was carving for it.  Dearie so happy when he got back home and open the letter box .... I dunno why he so happy to get our polling ticket hahah ....

This year is my 3rd year going for voting ... not as excited as my other friends whom are first timer.  For the next one week there will be alot of campaigning and rally and I believe worker's party one will be crowded!


Our estate have all poster being hang up ..... well still in my mind whom should I gave the vote to.  Last time I am in Jalan Besah .... easily I know who to vote ..... this time round .... opposition party is quite strong ... but I guess only 1 is strong .... shall see how .....


Finally I have my hair rebond!  I simply love my fringe which is straight I love Fiona's fringe!  I always having it curl up makes me so irritated.  Dunno should I go highlight my hair again .... sitting for a few hours in the saloon is abit tiring ....

Today at Tumbletots TT learnt how to squash the orange to make orange juice ..... she really use her bull strength to squash her orange!  Teacher brought bottle orange juice for their fun food tasting my greedy piglet have 2 big cup of it!

As for Berries my pig pig able to go into the class solely by herself so is Joanne's dottie - Kayla.  Good job gals!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tues & Wed - 26 & 27 April 2011

Nothing much to update on my Tuesday .... on Wednesday the Hiao me went mani and pedicure again .... I have difficulties to cut my toe nails so I always go for my mani and pedicure.

My 2 bao bei will come fetch me back .... my manicurist love seeing TT and she always will have some stuffs to bring home for sure. 

We headed to The Olives Cafe for dinner... love their carrot cake so cute ... food is alright shall go back and try more next time.  Quite a pleasant place to chill out with friends too.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Saturday & Sunday - 12 & 13 March 2011

Saturday usually is a "burnt" day for us we need to bring TT for enrichment classes till 5+pm.  Headed for a short window shopping and went over to my in law shop to help them close their shop cos we heading to Airport cos my SIL (GLC) is coming back from Australia!  Time really flies she need to be there for 3 mths and it really passes so fast!

Helped SIL for her luggage and the kids so happy to see her .... and she bought lotsa stuffs for us.  Thanks Sis!

On Sunday we went over to San Qing Gong cos sis came back from Australia and she wanna do her praying so the whole family go together!  Headed to Katong Shopping Centre to meet my hubby's ex-students for KTV 12-6pm cost only $60 dirt cheap and you can bring whatever food and drinks in to eat! 

In the evening we went over to Tung Lok Seafood for dinner and just before the dishes come my BIL and SIL was looking at 4D live and break the news that first prize is 7377 .... I was so happy cos I bought that number! Yippie!  Just nice today we celebrating SIL's BD and I buy all of them dinner! woooo hooo super happy day!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Monday - 25 April 2011

After work we went over to fetch the kids and Sis and off we go to Xin Wang for dinner ... thanks to GLC sis for taking care of my dottie and the 2 brothers while my in laws are away.

After we had our dinner rested at Bedok and around 10pm we went over to airport my in laws will be back today.  My in laws are taking different flight from Small Aunt and Uncle so they are much more earlier and Small Aunt and Uncle's flight delay till midnight then will touch down.

TT will be staying over at my in law house so we make our way back home ..... really sleep well when she is not around haha

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sunday - 24 April 2011

I was craving for 毛瓜 soup ever since I drink it at Small Aunt place.  So today I went to market and try it myself!

Since my in law not around and we didn't wanna go out so I just cook a simple dish at home.

TT very happy cos I added fishball in the soup she have one big bowl of rice today!

Lucky my Dearie quite chin chye when comes to food .... so is easy for me to cook cos he eat anything and everything ... usually he will be the one whom will finished up the remaining food haha no wonder he put on weight so fast 5 years ago he is still very skinny ..... ho ho ho welcome to the FAT club :)

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Saturday - 23 April 2011

As usual Tumbletots and Berries day on Saturday ... today she learned letter O .... and they made Octopus using balloon and my cutie pie so smart she choose the smallest balloon instead of big can easily keep it.

The rabbit ear is her craft work form last week lesson - Letter B Bouncy Ben she is so happy with it!  After her nap we headed to Berries ...the Tan family already at the CC .... they went to collect a 2nd hand bicycle so we decided to meet up for dinner.

After TT's lesson we headed back to my office area to have dinner ... once again I am in HK Street Chun Kee for dinner Coco was already there waiting for us.  Had a good dinner with them .... and we walked over to Little Ice Cream Kafe for dessert ..... Coco and I shared a waffle .... yummy!

Went up to my office to get bottles of Hoegaarden back home for a drink .... they all went over my place and also to help me finish up the bottles ... I stored alot of it in office and in no time I will have more again cos my boss always remembered to buy for me whenever he go overseas :P  

Friday, 22 April 2011

Friday - 22 April 2011

Woke up early to go airport to send my in laws off to China and went over to Old Town for breakfast.  The menu change quite alot and is like we dun see anymore breakfast set u gotta go ala carte ..... more local delights added in instead.

Again TT ordered the soft boiled eggs and is enjoying it with a cold chocolate after our breakfast we went back home to rest.

During noon time we went over to SL and PY's house cos my gal love playing with their kids ..... they are so happy to see each other as for the adults we are busy chatting .... PY showed me Xian's Shichida homework ... and told me that sometime he will cry when doing the work.  They say might stop him next year .... pain to see him like that.  I think my TT go sure will cry! 

Had a great time spend with the Tan .... will try to meet up more cos my dear dottie loves playing with Xian and Hao!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Monday - Thursday - 18 - 21 April 2011

In the morning I went to GP ... really cannot stand my running nose anymore ..... plus I have fever too.  Got 2 days mc to rest at home ..... really groggy after the medication and I slept 2 days straight ......

But when I went back on Wednesday I rushed my work like mad and end up going back only at 7+pm.  Sometimes I really wonder did others do their job anot cos most of the things remain untouched!!!! *sigh*

On Thursday I was cheonging purchasing air tics for my in laws cos they wanna go back home town again with small aunt and uncle.  Manage to get hold of 2 tics for them via Air China and they be flying off tomorrow hahhaha is an cheonging experience for me cos I never do such last minutes stuffs before.  Thanks to Ivy once again love you!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunday - 6 March 2011

Woke up at 8am (Indo time) and headed to the hotel cafe for our breakfast .... I still find Batam hotel have better food.  After we had our breakfast we walk over to another block where all the fun stuffs like paint ball, flying fox, bowling etc 

Dearie went to play their flying fox ... wanted to follow him but I am lazy to climb up the stairs so I give it a miss hahaha Dearie claimed that is fun and will wanna come back for more next time as we still think 2 days 1 night is rather rush.

Went over to our villa swimming pool for the last dip before checking out and 1pm.  TT having great fun she enjoy so much!  Thumbs up for their transfer services .... had a good stay at Nirwana Gardens shall try others next time!  Back to reality only at around 6+pm had a great time with my gfs!  Thanks once again to my 2 gfs!