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Monday, 28 June 2010

Sunday - 9 May 10

Is Mother's Day today and this my 2nd year of celebrating this occasion as a Mama *LOL*. We headed off to Momoya Japan Restaurant for dinner today food there is quite good ... we all eat till very full hahahha

TT loves the Garlic rice .... she even ask me to take a pic of her (see the above)  .... sometimes I just find she really like an small adult!

After we had our meal .... we wanna take a family pic ... in the end I dunno how the waiter take this pic above without my PIL!!  We all laff it off after looking at this pic!

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Fri & Sat - 7 & 8 May 10


I didnt get to rest for my MC I am back to office to work cos is a busy day .... went back a little later than usual.  Today is really very busy but lucky Daerie came picking me up and off we go to fetch TT home ..... eyes hardly can open *LOL*

Wanted to go Night Safari today but at around early evening it started pouring ..... so we cancel off the trip but ended up at Suntec City.  We went to Carrefour and headed to the Conventional Hall to look for food.

Always passed by the Joaquim Buffet Restaurant .... so we went over to try the food.  They came in personal steamboat pot so nice... Dearie have their chicken soup while I have tom yum and my dearest TT is the most happy one cos she get to eat her favourite FISHBALLS!!

After the hearty meal we walk to basement to get to the carpark faster but ended up we are attracted by the fountain.  Can dedicate song and have your message appearing so my Dearie went to make a dedication and I video it ... but the song is not that we dedicate the song only come after the wordings!  Thanks Dear! hahaha ..... my Dearie can me LOmatic at times! :)

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Wed & Thurs - 5 & 6 May 2010


Didn't have much updates for today ... only I am quite tired with ulcer all over my tongue and mouth + having sore throat weather is quite bad and with the HOT HOT environment I am working at last week makes me sick.  Jolene is the first one to get sick .... hahaha we loves aircon working environment!

She is sick for 2 days so when she is back is my turn ..... very tiring and painful ulcer I have.  And tomorrow marks 4 years Wedding Anniversary and we are still deciding where to go for celebration!

Woke up as usual to go see a doc ... lucky Q is not long ..... so within half an hour I manage to see Dr Ong.  He gave me 2 days mc for me to rest but today is our wedding anniversary I will wanna go out to celebrate.

Bring TT go school and both of us headed to Mcdonald for our brunch ..... and shop near TT school before we fetch her.  At 1.15pm sharp we fetch TT and off we go to Sentosa Universal Studio .... quite a last min decision we made.

3 of us are so excited about this trip ... smooth traffic and when we reached there .. not much people is good to go on a weekday.  Remember to bring pram if you have bringing your child ... we rented from them at $10 for a single pram.

Almost all the rides we can take with TT ... except about 3 I guess ..... Shrek 4D is good .... hahah but TT dun enjoy it she is scared cos all the characters are so close to her when she put on the specs.

Guess that TT hate most is the WaterWorld cos there is explosions here and there and during that time she is quite sleepy hahahah .... look at her expression on the above pic ... ppl behind us are all laffing at her expression!

Universal Studio close at 7pm ..... and yes we stay till 7pm and we headed to Vivo for dinner.

Happen to see this restaurant 西门町 so we decided to have dinner there ..... kinda disappointed cos the food is not very nice ... I ordered their chicken the chicken all comes with fats and blood so all these goes into my hubby tummy LOL ..... didnt enjoy the food at all!

We had a long but happy day today ... lucky I still have one more day to rest! 

Happy 4th year Anniversary!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Tuesday - 4 May 2010

Is Mama actual birthday decided to go over her place to give her a surprise ....but before I could she called me already!  Hahaha not to keep her in suspend so I told her I wanna bring her for dinner tonight.

Informed Dearie about it and he will make his way to Mama house once he pick up TT.  We headed for dinner at their hawker centre zi char without Dearie cos he called and say that he will be late ... I ordered 4 dishes + 1 soup including a plate of prawn cos me only $39.30 dirt cheap! 

Happy Birthday Mama!  May you be happy and healthy always!

Sunday & Monday - 2 & 3 May 2010


After a long long night sleep ...... I feel refresh but hahaha sleep too long till my back pain LOL ..... but soon after a while I feel better!

TT really super baby she can sleep so long without eating!!!  Yesterday MIL called and told us about our Cousin - Benson was admitted to hospital as he suffered a stroke.  *sigh* everything seems not right for our family for this year!

We didnt go visit him yet cos he is in ICU now ... so decided to go later when he is out of ICU.  Went back in laws place for dinner and they did told us about the progress .... hope he get well soon! 


As usual busy for work cos there is a JC school tournament registration so we have to check thru all their grades and the submission.  Lately we are really busy ..... so much things at one go and we are really short handed .. I really missed the days when we are really very ENG!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Saturday - 1 May 2010

Today is Labour Day and I didn't even realize it till I come out of Tung Luk ..... arrange to have lunch together with my Parents and my Uncle & family. Thanks to my Uncle whom always came over to Mama house to pick her up and went shopping every Saturday without fail!

Is a Mother's Day lunch cum birthday lunch for my Mama ..... hahah glad that she like the food!

After parting with them we went shopping together at PP half way when we are doing groceries shopping I feel so sleepy and told Dearie that I wanna go home right now !  He was kinda shocked cos I will never say I wanna go home first everytime he is the one whom say go home le. 

After I got back I bathe and wash up TT too ... at 7pm sharp both of us are sleeping already!!!!  At around 11+pm Dearie came into the room to check on us and I asked him whether TT woke up anot did she asked for milk Dearie say no .... and I check with him whether he had dinner he say no also ... I wanna get up to fixed something for him but I just can't and I doze off again ........ ZZZZzzzzzzZZZZzzzZzzzzzzz

Friday, 11 June 2010

Thursday - Friday - 29 & 30 Apr 10

3rd day of the tourney is for Secondary school and is Poomsae (Pattern) tourney.  Is really very hot in the sports hall I think i can loose weight doing this ... cos I kept sweating non stop LOL

Roll calling for participants is easy for secondary .... they will come down once we call them.... and easier to manw's age. 

Went back to in laplace for dinner and pick TT up ...... really very tiring but a good way to loose weight *LOL*

Yippie today is the last day of the Tourney .... today is quite nice cos Secondary doing their Kyorugi (sparring) so it is actually more exciting to see. 

I was having ulcer all over my tongue and mouth due to the environment and weather lucky this one end and I can take a rest cos I think I have husky voice already due to too much "talking"

Everything went very smooth and well ....... quickly took a cab back home and pack my place which is in a mess before my PT maid come over ...... looking forward for the Sat & Sun so I can rest well!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Wednesday - 28 Apr 10

2nd day of the Tourney today is the primary Kyorugi (sparring) catagory...... the kids really cute while the are sparring.  Today is much better as there are more helpers today so job is done pretty smoothly.

I have arranged the OpenNet ppl to do installation today .... so I left early today at 3pm ... pick up TT and took a cab back cos the appointment time is 4pm.

4pm sharp the installation man came and asked me where should they install the opennet .... what I can think of is from the bomb shelter and link it out to the electrical room.

In about 30mins everything is done ... very fast .... and I tool this opportunity ti throw away some unused items.  Kinda tired and I slept at 10pm sharp cos 2 more days to go for the tourney.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Friday - Sunday - 23 - 25 April 10

This morning I was waking TT up and notice she have a little bit of fever ..... I can't take any off so I have to leave the care to my in law.

After my work I went over to pick TT up too .... her fever is on and off .... she look so restless ..... poor baby it hurts when I see her like that. 

When we go back home she was telling me she feel cold so I put her blanket over her and she carry on watching her cartoon. 

During the weekend we stay home to watch TV nothing much to update .... getting boring ......

Thursday - 22 April 2010

Went over to my in law's shop after a long day of work ... and saw my MIL walking towards to the Clinic .... and realise my Princess is having running nose!

My Princess is the only baby I see likes to eat medicine ... everytime she will say I wanna 喝药药.... and sometime I think she is the one whom said that and I reminds us that is time for medicine!

The Doctor know her very well .... everyday he walk passed my in law shop will call her ... in fact I think shop owner at my in law stretch know her hahaha .... I still remember I bring her to central someone call her whom I dun even know.

When Baby is sick ... I guess the parents will be very worn out ...... hope my baby will get well soon

Tues & Wed - 20 & 21 April 10

Didn't have much update these days .... just very busy all the way.  Phone calls came non stop ... and  I have to repeat certain things over and over again.

Due to Inter-School Tournament we are so busy to answer certain questions that they did not bring up during the briefing.  Hate that feeling repeating repeating non stop.  Almost everyday this week we work till 6+pm .... very tiring and we have been given notice to go down to sports hall to work next week ... no more FB for me sian!

Sun & Mon - 18 & 19 April 10

Sunday we went to for cc meeting after that we head to PP to buy some groceries and went over to hawker to buy food and KOI with SZ.

Went back to their place to have dinner together and watch star award with them and at the same time we play MJ together too.  Its been very long since we get together hahaha catching up with one another is quite fun!

On Monday I am so tired that I decided to take 1 day off so I called up and apply leave.  Without TT around I can do many things ... so I pack our room ... so up some laundry and cook for dinner ...... still feeling kinda tired after a day of rest.