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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Monday - 27 Oct 08

Went to visit Granny at Changi Hospital .... she look tired cos she cant sleep well there and dunno why uncle admitted her to the ward with 8 person ... is kind of conjested and hot there .... anyone know that can the medical bills be cut from my CPF if I were to change her to other class? 

Left there only after the visiting hours and we are so hungry and we end up having our bruch at Qi Ji I ordered a laksa and Nasi lemak to share with my mum and forget all about my husband whom is the first one I asked what food he wanna have.  Dad ordered their popiah to share and he had Nasi lemak as well.

Mum was telling me that the Doctor actually tell them Granny left only 6 mths to live due to liver cancer .... hmmm it is shocking to us.  My Ah Yi left us in Feb ..... and his son who is getting married next year June ..... meaning Granny won't be able to see him marrying.  We are so sad ...... lets pray and hope for the best.

Went over to Penny house as she is leaving this Wednesday ..... we meet up again ..... had canadian pizza for dinner total cost of the meal is $75!!! All of us think is so expensive and is not as nice as Pizza Hut.  Left her place only at 11+pm ..... and we only manage to sleep at around 2+am ..... very tired ... but lucky GM not in town .... so can zombie a bit at work .... haha

Wish all my Indian friends a Happy Deepavali!!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Sunday - 26 Oct 08

Reached Shunli & Peiying house at around 1.30pm ...... Bird is already there and follow by Peichun and then Penny & family.  Penny said that she have yet to visit Shunli's place so we have this mini gathering at his place.  Their maid prepared so much food for us and I came with cocktail hot dog with cheese cos there are quite a number of children around and i guess they will like it and Penny cooked a big pot of soup is yummy, Peichun bought some sugar rolls too the kids love it!

Peiying's maid cooked fried rice for lunch and cook bee hoon for dinner really alot of food is feasting again I think I will gain more weight over this weekend hahahah ....

Cousin Nicole called up and told me that Granny admitted hospital while we are partying and ask me to look for my mummy cos they couldn't reach her.  Times really flies ....... night falls and we left their place at around 11+pm as for the husbands is their night out today .... they have 2nd round to go.  TT and I went back home to zzzzzzzzzz while dearie join them out for drink till ....... wee hours ......

Saturday - 25 Oct 08

Got a msg from Diana last night and told me my orders for my baby Gap shoes and my ON clothing have arrived!  So I have arranged with her to get from her at Marina Square and at the same time pick up Hazel's orders.

1st time meeting Diana in person heheheh ...... so it is like a blind date .... hahaha seems like years ago when I meet up with Alamak chatters hahaha that feeling so funny!

Went over to Suntec and grab a bite cos am feeling hungry at the same time we are waiting for Hazel cos she is coming to town and will meet her at Centrepoint to pass her her orders. 

Took no. 36 down to Orchard and went Robinson to shop for some toys for TT ...... dun really like to shop at Robinson cos their nursery room is rather small and I have difficulties in finding a place to feed TT cos I am at level 6 where the children department is.  I love Taka the most hahaha .... cos they have big space of nursery room ......

After passing Hazel her clothing walk for awhile and I feel tired so we walked down to PS to get QQ rice for dinner on the way we met Weeli & Joey finally I saw familiar faces in Orchard.  Every time when I am in Orchard I didn't get to see them at all even they are there at the same time.

Watched our TVB series for the rest of the day and do some housework cos next day we will be out again and it would be long day again ..............

Friday - 24 Oct 08

Went home happily cos is FRIDAY and we will be having super long weekend for this week!  My p/t maid came quite early but my 2 precious came back home late!  Dearie gotta work OT and he only manage to fetch TT only at around 10+pm. 

By the time they reached home my p/t maid left already ..... she missed TT too .... almost every Friday she will play with her for awhile before she go.  And TT love to smile at her every time and that melt her heart too.

My 2 bao bei came back home around 10+pm and I only had my dinner at that time too ...... after dinner we play with TT while watching tv too. 

Watch her in action video here

Friday, 24 October 2008

Thursday - 23 Oct 08

Went lunch with Mr and his wife ..... have difficulties in finding a parking lot along East Coast Rd we are going to have the Beach Road Prawn Mee.  So coincident met one of the TKD frd - Ron there and met Mr Tan there too .... world so small.

Mr Tan join us for lunch and thanks for the lunch too ..... dun really like the taste of the prawn mee here kinda bland .... still prefer the one located at Geylang lor 1 shall go back there to eat next time!

Mr Ong called up said that he have lotsa food in his car ask me to go down and get it but is after lunch le how to eat?  So I pick 2 packet of nasi lemak for dinner since he said that the nasi lemak just sent over to his office at 1pm so is still warm and fresh. The box is safe for microwave so we make hot, it tasted well and there is one Ngoh Hiang, fish cake, chicken wing, hotdog and egg inside best of all it is Halal hahaha...............but my poor hubby said that he still hungry after finishing that packet.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Wednesday - 22 Oct 08

Woke up feeling better and met Huijia at Eunos MRT to go Orchard Taka together this time all came out without our babies.  Walked around the event hall as they are selling branded stuffs and we actually skipped the children area cos if we walk in we will surely come out with something.  After Penny came we decided to have some dim sum but the restaurant is not open yet so we went to the food court to grab something to eat.  We ordered a bowl of porridge, carrot cake, fried oyster, popiah, kuey pie tee & one baked rice to share among the 4 of us. 

We have long long chat till we dun even notice is lunch hour quickly get up to let others to get their lunch and we went to do a little bit of shopping.  End up only Penny & I bought something .... she bought a seating cushion for Ellie and I bought Little Swimmer huggies diaper for TT since Taka is selling it as I have difficulties in finding them.

After walking we are deciding to go for movie or shall we have coffee and chit chat..... since is a catching up session we decided to dropped the idea of watching movie.  Headed to Coffee Club for coffee actually kinda wrong choice cos is kinda noisy.  Penny's auntie is here in SG as well Edwin just went to picked her up from airport and she is in Taka shopping already!  she is the real tai tai ...... shopping shopping ...... so nice ..... when will it be me? 

Headed home at around 6+pm and thanks for the lovely porridge for dinner Dearie!

Tuesday - 21 Oct 08

This one look better right?  And got Archar inside so I like ..... had this chicken rice located at Eunos Blk 7 when I helped my cousin Tricia to deliver the Old navy baby clothing that the boss's sister ordered.

Since I am there I ordered the chicken rice for dinner...... is yummy but when I turned in at around 12am ...... 12.30am I woke up breaking into cold sweat and LS.  Dearie say he got a shocked when I came out of the room kneeling down and my face turn pale.

Ran into kitchen to get 2 PO CHAI pills for me and pour me a cup of warm water and get me to eat that.  I feel so cold suddenly and wrapped myself with 2 blanket and sleep thru till next morning.  TT woke up when I am eating the medicine guess she know something wrong with mummy.  Dearie make some milk for TT and she fell asleep beside me after she finished her milk. 

I must get well cos I am on leave tomorrow I dun wanna waste my leave and I am meeting Penny, Peiying and Huijia out for shopping.

Monday - 20 Oct 08

    Thanks to Charmayne (our cousin, TT's 姑姑) for the head band is very nice! 

Today is a busy day for me at work simply no chance to eat some snake and of cos time passes real fast when you are super busy!

Reached home at around 7pm+ and I am dead tired thanks to Mr Tan for the punggol nasi lemak for me and my Dearie.  Is been sometimes since we have that cos is not cheap so have to choose wisely!

Played with TT awhile and she K.O at around 9+pm and is our 二人世界 again ..... that is TV time ......

Sunday - 19 Oct 08

Thanks to Francis whom came picking us up to Edwin's new place.... today I gotta see my another 宝贝 - 陈怡庭 Ellie.  She is so cute ...... just a few months ago my TT is also like her ..... baby easy to handle ..... but now my TT like MONSTER hahahahah so active and almost all my energy is used up on her!

Today is our 1st time seeing Ellie after her 1st month at Sabah they came over to SG to meet relatives and friends here at the same time also a house warming they just shifted to a new place.

Ellie is a premature baby ...... Penny gave birth to her on her 35+ weeks glad that both of them is fine during that time.  Penny told me her birth story which shocked me hahah she drove herself to hospital when she is having some contraction!  Strong and steady lady leh!

We have great time catching up one with another cos is been a long time since we meet up together but there are some whom can't make it for the gathering.  Shall organise one soon before they leave SG next week cos this year we are not going over to Sabah.

Friday - 17 Oct 08

My FIL told us only yesterday (Thursday) night to go eat Fish Head Steamboat for dinner today I was unable to change my P/T maid schedule.  MIL suggest to cancel the maid schedule and go dinner but I was like "har" cant loh cos if she never come we will be handicap everything I can do on my own except ironing!  If i cancel her we will have no clothing to wear .... so I asked Dearie and TT to represent.

My BIL is going overseas to work till late December then will be back again ..... all of us will miss him again especially his family.  As for me I am home to wait for my p/t maid to finish her work and Dearie to pack dinner back to me. 

Good to have some time without TT as I could pack the place peacefully without she crying out for me kekeke ...........

Monday, 20 October 2008

Saturday - 18 Oct 08

                                   Presenting TT with her BLOATED diapers hahaha                                                           Sam & I Took MRT down to Clementi to meet Sandra and the rest of the multiply khakis .... I only met Sandra the rest are all 1st time meet up!  Excuse me if I couldn't remember your name ladies, I am so pai sei that some know me and I didn't know you so sorry!

Went to shop in NTUC 1st while waiting for sam(midas), Cheryl(mudpie) and geokping(GeokPing) then we took 2 cabs to Hazel(lurvesunday)'s place.  We are lucky that we reached there early cos it started to pour when we are waiting for them to open the gate for us.

Was a little disappointed to see the rain cos TT cannot go for her swim but fear not the rain stopped ... hehehe so I changed TT and off she go with Dearie for a dip.

We prepared quite alot of food and lucky the food is just nice .... and both me and Dearie love Hazel's mum's pineapple rice SEDAP! I do love the cheese cake, mushroom and the chicken kebabs.

Was feeling tired when we reached home so is TT hehehe ..... Sleep only after my hair is dry ...... another long day tomorrow again .......I was very happy to meet up with all the ladies ...... thanks for adding me in Hazel, my family & I do enjoyed it very much nice knowing all the multiply khakis! 

Happy Nine months old TT!!

***I know I am very slow in blogging ...... please excuse me cos I have lotsa work to do at work

Thursday - 16 Oct 08

Went Bedok again ... cos am meeting my cousin - Tricia to collect my Old Navy baby clothing that I bought online together with her.  And she pass down more of Faith clothing for TT ..... WOW TT have so much clothing now.  Cousin Tricia told me some clothing Faith only wear like a few times and couldn't fit in anymore children really grow up fast!  And her no. 2 in her tum tum now is a boy so cannot wear Faith's clothing.

After meeting her at my in law's shop I waited for Dearie to pack dinner today we tried one stall that sell nasi lemak.  I observed for 2 days that the Q is never ending so we wanted to try it I shared my packet with my MIL hmmmm rice is still ok, chicken wing not that good, otah so so ..... I like best is the chilli which is packed seperately and there is ikan billis inside with onion. 

Overall is so so only normal but is very cheap $3 for 4 dishes ...... compare to Punggol Nasi Lemak 4 dishes can easily come up around $5-$6.  So everytime i buy 2 packet it will be around $11.00+.  Will not be going to the market during weekend so more tasting of outside food for next week .......

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Wednesday - 15 October 2008

Went NTUC to shop before meeting Dearie at Bedok interchange ...... I am going to try the Mandarin chicken rice today.  Brought 3 packets and 1 is for Lester to try ..... after eating both of find the rice is good but chicken wise not too good as Lester says maybe is "kept" too long.

For me I added an egg I find it oily cos he put the sesame oil on my egg!!! Arghhhhh that makes my egg yolk "wet" and become NUA NUA which I dun like it!  Presentation of the food is good ..... they actually pack it nicely just that when we are on our way back hahah the whole pack become LUANZ inside when my in law drove us back. 

I saw some customer whom eat there the presentation quite good ..... and there is a small write up on the two men that they once worked in Mandarin Hotel before.  If you happen to be there do give a try and let me know how you feel about it heeeee cos different ppl have diff taste

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Goodbye my dearest friend - Mr Ong Ban Guan

                        This is the one and only picture I have with Mr Ong Ban Guan

Pick up the very 1st call when I reached office it is the saddest shocking news for the start of the day.  He passed away due to heart attack the news is so shock that I couldn't accept it and broke into tears.

Mr Ong Ban Guan - the oldest TKD practitioner in our Federation.  He is just like a kind Grandpa to me I really miss him!  He will always give me a lift back home whenever he is near the office and take good care of me when I am pregnant.  No more of him calling me every now and then .... even during lunch time he know where I will be ..... no more of  loh soh-ness from him, no more gossiping with him, he is gone to another world. 

He was here last Friday unfortunately I am on leave I didn't get to see him he
in the pink of health despite at the age of  72.  He was well-liked by many people because he is friendly, easy going and pleasant to be with.

Mr Ong is a good coach teaching in various places he is humble, respectful and compassionate.  He is always on the beat by coming by to office to learn new TKD pattern from my GM this scenario couldn't be seen anymore .......

My deepest
condolences to Mr Ong’s bereaved family and wishes them strength in coping heartbreaking loss

Farewell Mr Ong .... you will always be remembered in my heart forever.

20 Oct 1935 - 15 Oct 2008

Tuesday - 14 Oct 08

Mum is cooking today ..... hehehe Yes I am cooking today ... if you notice I usually only cook on Monday and Tuesday.  kekeke cos I want my loves one to eat the freshness of the food .... dun really like to store in fridge I also dunno why maybe I should store it sometimes cos anytime will have food to eat!

Ok today I cook brocolli with crabstick, onion eggs and I steam the fish ..... Dearie enjoying the onion eggs while I prefer the broccoli heeee.... really have to come up with new dishes so that he won't get sick of it! 

Same old thing nothing much to update ..... after food is play time with TT and our TV time ...... was so glue to the new series we rented and we watch till 1am+ ..... arghhhh so tired ............

Monday - 13 Oct 08

Quite busy lately especially work cos we are trying to meet our dead line for churning out the results for collection next week, Monday blues *sigh* but still gotta finished my work.

Went back home and I quickly cook our dinner ..... was always thinking what to cook for dinner since after my lunch.  I cook the YTF with dao jiu, fried the tou fu and cook cauliflower with ketchup.  No soup for today ..... I missed my MIL's bai cai tou with dried cuttlefish I have one bowl at SZ mei's place last Friday YUMMY I love that soup!  Shall cook it when I am free ..... cos lately I am so heaty!

TT's flesh is so sweet till she attract mosquito to kiss her .... and everytime she got kiss my mosquito I will be worried cos everytime it will leave like pus inside.  This time I notice that it is swollen on her feet!!!  Poor baby .... really heart pain to see her like that .... I applied cream given by his PD everyday.  Hope that all mosquito leave her alone ............

Sunday - 12 Oct 08

Went to the market this morning cos I am going to cook next week!  As usual YTF is not to be miss cos Dearie love the toufu with fish paste.  Bought lotsa veggies too and I can cook porridge for TT.

Maybe due to late nights and heaty stuffs I ate days back my tooth started to ache.  Arghhh this is what I hate ..... quickly boil some barley water to drink at the same time can give some to TT.

I cook quite a big pot of porridge cos I could eat them for lunch and dinner cos I can't bite .... intend to bring it to my in laws place so that I can eat it but I am lazy to pack over.  Went to my in law's place I only eat a little bit of rice cos most of the dishes is quite hard and I dun really like to eat so I save some stomach space for my left over porridge and Alfred's birthday cake kekeke

Poor Alfred had a fever when he woke up yesterday (his actual birthday) so he didn't celebrate it with his cousin yesterday.  We have a mini one with him today and I didn't get him any present cos I really dunno what to buy for him lost of ideas so I gave him an Ang Bao hope that he can get something he like or he can save it in his Mighty Saver Account for his studies next time.