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Friday, 30 July 2010

Fri - Sat - 11 & 12 June 2010

Nothing much to update for Friday ... as for Saturday we met up with Charmayne and Kean to go AMK hub to register for the Big Walk 2010 this time we will be going as a big group!  Ah Ghor and small uncle going with us too .... and we are asking our parent in law to join us too!

When we reached AMK hub the Q is quite long .... but we are lucky that we are early a bit ... cos behind us is real long!  After we finished the registration we headed to soup restaurant for our brunch.  Kean went our for a while and came back to tell us he saw my BIL ... hahah so we went to look for him.  They are also registration for big walk ... they should have pass it to us!

After we parted Dearie and I headed to Orchard to pick up 3 sets of PS 3 which I ordered from Danson for my company D&D.  Is really heavy each sets is about 5 kg lucky his worker help us to carry it down to the carpark.

Head on to PP to buy some groceries and with $80 can let TT go for a make over so we let her to go for it!  The Q is really long so we decided to buy her one princess outfit and we can have priority Q.  Almost all princess dresses are so formal and we dun think is good to buy it cos no chance to wear it!  But later I found one which is quite ok that is Tinkle Bell outfit hahaha ....

Dunno why she didnt smile much when she is inside ..... but when she is out she is back to herself *LOL* wonder why ....

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Thursday - 10 June 10

Met up with my fellow schoolmates after work at Parkway really just like school time we will hang out there after school.  We went for dinner and headed to Marc's house for some drinks and chit chat. 

Everyone seems the same no change at all almost all of us are married .... and is doing good.
Lotsa catching up and talking about the old school time is good .... some memories are coming back when they are talking about it. 

Our school is very small is just an L shape ...... so all of us know each other even we are not in the same class!  All of us just chatting without knowing is very late ... I reached home at 1+am .... haha thanks to Lip Chin whom gave me a lift home!  Hope we can catch up soon again real soon!

Wednesday - 9 June 10

Thanks to Beno for the invites to Neo Garden Cathering 18th Anniversary!  The occasion is held at Asian Civilisations Museum.  The only thing I know is .... is not a sit down dinner and you have to be in formal wear. 

After work I went over to Coco's place to change and get Dearie to go over after work to pick up my clothing.  I went over with Sandy since Dearie not free to be there on time so he gave a miss to it!  Didn't know I can bring a few people with me ... if I know I will ask more to go. 

The opening kick off with their CEO speech .... and showing of a video of the operation of their factory.  Beno and Sarah is with us throughout the whole session and even recommend us which is good to eat ... the first one we attack is their sashimi hahah ... lucky we are fast cos after us the Q is really LONNNNNNNNG!

We left the place at around 9+pm .... a very nice celebration they have inviting most of their customer to join in!  *thumbs up*.  We are given each a goodie bag which include a name card holder box and a bottle of their in house drinking water.  Happy 18th Anniversary to Neo Garden Catering!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Tuesday - 8 June 2010

Went dinner with Sebastian since he told me he is coming to office we decided to go Minoriya Japanese Restaurant which is just opposite my office.  We went there once during lunch we only eat their bento set didn't take the buffet.  So we have ample time to enjoy their buffet dinner.

They have about 140 dishes ... we order alot to try ... and both of us feels that their grilled mackerel fish is the best it came a thick slice each and I think we both ate a total of about 10 of it.  Sashimi is fresh ... tempura is well fried .... yummy!

Its located at Tanjong Katong Road ...  so if you are driving there is public carpark behind or if you could find space along the road you can park there free after 7pm and free during Noon time till 5pm.

Sunday & Monday - 6 & 7 June 2010

Sunday evening we went over to Tampines to have the fishhead steamboat ... lately we have been eating out very often cos my MIL looks tired so we decided to head out.

TT love to drink soup see how she always drink .... hahah she is very kan cheong at times so she just pick up the bowl and gulp down the soup!  My little one dun like me to feed her always like to eat on her own but if my MIL feed her she is ok with it! Nottie gal!

On Monday we went back to have dinner ..... all of us is still quite sad over the lost of Grandma.  My PIL will go 三清公 everyday without fail to pray Grandma .... and as for us we will try to go every Wednesday.  But heard that the 4th and 6th week no need to go ... cos heard people saying during that time they wont get to receive anything from us even we burn it to them.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Saturday - 5 June 10

Thanks to Baba 弟 aka Jeremy for asking me to go Ah Poh's garage to service our car.  Hahaha is been a long time since we service our car and the due time to service is in Jan ....and we do not wanna go back to the usual one we do so ya thanks to Baba!

We went over at around 2pm ... .and Ah Poh told me we have to wait like 2-3hrs cos our car need a big overhaul .... and since is near to 80KM he suggest we do a thorough check.  His garage is at Tampines factory area so the nearest we can go is Tampines Safra.  So we headed to The Mind Cafe for our brunch is a good place to meet up with friends ... can play board game and chit chat there. 

At around 3+pm we headed back cos Baba came as he need to service his car too.

Chit chatted for awhile and everything is done up .... Ah Poh told us that our alarm got problem but he dun have this service here.  So he recommend us another shop at the other block ask them to do a check for us.

The alarm really got problem after checking it so we change the whole thing cos if we dun change Dearie cannot use the car remote to lock the door and cannot auto lock it when he drive off.  So for safety reason we change the whole thing.  Now everything is done!  Any friends who wanna do car servicing can go to Foo Brothers Auto Service located at 9002 Tampines St 93 #01-42 can say you are Ah meow's frd

Thursday & Friday - 3 & 4 June 2010

Nothing to update for Thursday back to work but still feeling very sad everytime I think of Grandma my eyes rolling with tears.  Everything is settle ...  and each of us are given some coins to keep.  Thanks to all my friends whom came to the wake and the token you given thank you so much!

I missed you very much .....

Penny & gang planned to go out today .... for a nice dinner and head to Movida I told them not so nice for me to go party cos I dun have the mood at all.   But after several pestering by them ... I agreed to go dinner with them and sign them in to Movida using my St James card.

Coco arranged us to meet at Brotzeit at Vivo is a nice place ... I love it!  A good place to chit chat and have meal together.  Coco is the first to arrive .... and follow by me ... so we started to drink and wait for others to arrive cos they dun allow us to have a dining area before everyone arrive so we just sit around at the bar counter for some drink first. 

Coco ordered Weissbier she drank 2 or more glass before I come.  Wooo hoo she is really ready to party tonight!  Hazel is the third to arrive ... so ya we gals chit chat first.  Happy to know that Hazel is with Ricky now .... Ricky is really happy now he is in a relationship!  Finally he is attached as friends we are very happy for him too!

After Penny, Vera and Peiying came we are being directed to a dining area and we left everything to Coco to order .... we really have alot ... and can't finish all the food ... and they happen to see I have my sandwich box they all just chuck everything into my sandwich box! *LOL*

Went over to St James and stay for awhile to wait for PC to come over..... before hazel and I make our way home.  Saw my dear friend Ryan at Movida too ... is been very long since we meet up.  So nice to bump into him today ..... I think we have not met up after he attended my wedding *LOL*  He is still the same no change at all!

Left Movida after PC came .....hope the girls have fun!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Wednesday - 2 June 2010

Went for prayers cos is the 头七 so we were up early heading to Bedok.  All of them are talking about whether Grandma go to our place.  Almost all food are being "touched" is so amazing .... the chopstick is being split apart when they all have it place nicely .... and spoon have some gravy spot!

As for us we make a cup of Kopi O for Grandma it is her favorite is mine too .... our coffee do have coffeemark left behind!

After the prayers we went over to in laws place to ave our car tyre change cos the old one is not so good .... after everything done we went back home to rest ... is really tiring and tomorrow we are going back to work!

Tuesday - 1 Jun 10

We woke up a bit later than we set .... so we heard we will car pool so we make a trip to Bishan but all have left.  So we quickly make a trip down to Mandai ... lucky still in time to pick ashes.

After picking up the ashes we headed to Bedok 三清宫 to place the ashes and there is small chanting by the 西公.  After all the things done we went back to Bishan for lunch and back home.

At evening time we headed to my Uncle Japanese Restaurant for dinner ..... all of us have a nap so we are fresh.  Tonight 12 will be Grandma's 1st 7 头七... almost all bought something for her.  What should I get???

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Monday - 31 May 10

Third Uncle have assigned each and every of us to accompany our parent.... all will need assistant to be by their side.  Ritual start again at around 12+pm .... most friends and relatives came to walk the last journey with Grandma.

Papa came a bit late so Dearie is being assigned to act behalf for Papa in giving the last respect and offerings. 

Most just burst into tears when the ritual start ..... all of us so 舍不得 we really
舍不得!!!  Weather today is cooling ..... Grandma give us blessing too ... not to let us all walk on hot ground. 

Grandma will be cremated at Mandai Crematorium & Columbarium ..... we catered 3 buses for people whom came sending Grandma.  At the viewing hall most of us can't take it ..... some just let go ... and Small Aunt fainted .... really unbearable ... especially at the moment the coffin is auto moving in .... that is the most sad moment everyone have to face!

All other friends and distant relatives went back to Bishan and the rest of the immediate family we went over to 三清宫 located at Bedok South as Grandma's ashes will be place there.  A small ritual is conducted there and after that we all headed back to Bishan to wrap up everything before heading back home to rest.  Tomorrow morning we will be meeting up to collect the ashes .....

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Sunday - 30 May 10

Today is the last day of the wake ... Dearie & I were on duty yesterday so we only went back home at 6am to catch some sleep as tonight will be a long night + we are not going home tonight.

We went back around 1+pm ... and Small Aunt cook nice noodle for us .... when we reached there .... there are lotsa ppl there already.

At around 6+ 7pm .... the ritual ceremony start .... it takes about 4 or 5 rounds and each interval is around 10mins only.  My Parents and Uncle came .... when during break time I manage to get some rest at their table.  Cos is a total FULL HOUSE tonight ..... and there is no more table and chair left! 

During the ritual most of us couldn't take control and burst out crying ..... our beloved Grandma have left us.  Almost all break down including myself ...... my dear dottie still tell me "mummy, dun cry" and wipe off my tears!

The whole ceremony ended around 10+pm to 11+pm ..... including of burning the big house everyone is sad+tired+hungry.  After the ceremony we help to take down all the blankets ... there are total about 100+blankets and all of us help to untag all the names on the blanket fold up ..... and those who want the blanket just take the rest will be donated out.  According to all Cousins 100+ blankets is consider little ... last time when Grandpa passed away the whole of the Langsat Road is hanging all the blankets which is around 300+!!! WOW!!!

After all the packing up .... we take turn to go back bathe .... we are back to Bishan at around 2+am ... thanks to Woo Heng whom bought us some supper and we started to chit chat to keep all of us awake!

Saturday - 29 May 10

3rd day of the wake Dearie & I came a bit later than usual ... cos we are very tired ..... lucky TT not with us or else we will be disturb by her.

My Dad came with my 姑姑 & 姑丈 and my dear dottie really know how to "Carrot" her grandpa .... she asked my Father to bring her to 7-11 to buy ice cream!!! *LOL* she choose a kit kat drumstick .... really know how to eat!

Today also quite alot of ppl coming in to pay respect to Grandma ... all of us help out in serving food, drinks and also to sit around with our own friends.  Lucky our family is big so we have lotsa helpers everyone 分工合做 things are done very quickly!  Tomorrow will be the most busy and sad day to face......

Friday - 28 May 10

2nd night of the wake is also a holiday therefore lotsa people came ....... starting from noon.

All of us tried our best not to be too sad cos we still need to oversee the people who came to the wake.  As for me I still try my best to carry Nat finally I get to carry her!

More people came at around 7+pm .... my Parents came too.  And thanks to Jasmine & Hubby and Jo for coming.  It was raining very heavily .... which we feel that cos Ah Ma wants people to stay on therefore this rain is extremely heavy.  Ah Ma love crowd!

And when Ah Ma passed on is our Great Grandfather's death anniversary and we think that she dun want Ah Ma to suffered any longer so he took her with him.  And Dearie told us that he dreamt of Ah Ma passed on the day before but dare not say anything out.

Waited for the whole night finally Ah Keng (Davis's bro) brought Shi Shi back ..... cos we feel that we can't go fetch her else we will all cry together!  The moment she step down from the car she walk towards Ah Ma mourning area and say out:"阿嬷, 按作你没等我回来!" (read using hokkien) all our tears started to roll down ..... she is really sad cos she is the closest to Ah Ma.

Small Uncle talk to her and she slowly become more calm..... all of us feel so sad seeing this scenario.  We went back home to rest at around 2am my in law wanted to stay overnight but we scare they are too tired so my dear dottie is with them for the next few nights so that they can rest more at home.  As for us we can be at ease when she is not around and would like to thanks to my BIL whom assigned their maid to look after my dottie for the next few days at Grandma's wake!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Thursday - 27 May 10

Woke up feeling uneasy ..... dunno why ... ..... wanted to pick up my red polo tee to wear in the end I put it back and choose to wear a black blouse..........

At around 3.51pm Pauline sms me asked me if I know anything I say I dunno and she replied: "Ah Ma..hospital called, ask them go dw now."  I was shocked and back to my work station to msn any family member who are online.  Manage to get hold of SIL - GLC and was talking about this with her. 

And knowing all rushing down ..... by the time the hospital say Ah Ma (husband Granny) had passed on peacefully at 4.03pm.  Not a single of us saw she leave .... only the caretaker(maid) is with Ah Ma when she leave. 

Kean came picking me up and then Charmayne back to Bishan to wait for everything everyone of us are so sad and was crying.  Our Beloved Grandma have passed on .... although I didn't spend alot of time with her but she is the most I respect!  She was sick early this year after CNY she still remember my BD and gave me an Ang Bao!  She really have a good memories .... she will NOT forget anyone else BD at all!

Tent-age is setting up and all of us are there waiting for the casket to send Ah Ma back ..... due to evening timing we can't put Ah Ma into the coffin everything have to wait till next morning.  At around 7+pm casket have send back Ah Ma's body...... everyone is so sad .... and all of us are crying.  This moment is the worst of all!  Not only we are sad we are all worried of our little cousin - Shi Shi she is at China doing a exchange programme and will only be back tomorrow night.  All of us tried not to put anything on FB scare that she know how to get on FB in China.

We have draw up duty roster so that we can take turns to look after the place in the night.  And we all ask our 长老 (OC) to go home rest more only 1 OC will be on duty.  As for Dearie & I we went back at around 12midnight and came back at 4am ... we just get to sleep......

Mon - Wed - 24 -26 May 10

Very tired after the weekend work ..... my eyes is really like auto closing somemore is a MONDAY BLUE!  After work I went over to in law's shop for dinner while waiting for Dearie.  Everytime he will be late ... wonder is it because I tell him I am going so he take his own sweet time.

On Tuesday morning I woke up at 6am!!! OMG this is really auto waking up .... weather is damn hot and we try not to use air-con so often cos of the electricity is damn high ... a 3 room flat and we are like paying 160+ per month and we are not at home in the day!  Gotta endure and try to put up with this stupid weather!

Nothing much to update on Wednesday .... lucky I didnt wake up at 6am again ... is so difficult to wake up if trying to go sleep again and I find is more tiring if I sleep back.  So today I try sleeping early to catch up my beauty sleep!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sat & Sun - 22 & 23 May 10

Sat tournament started off at 1pm.... Dearie and TT came with me too .... lucky they came cos Dearie can help me a little here and there we are really short handed!

Lucky got 2 VJC boys came helping too .... if not no one will mend the computer scoring it is not easy doing that!

Everything goes smoothly but unfortunately some came late cos they just take the estimated time as a guide line and the event went fast cos some came late and everything is being walkover.  Lotsa complain but no choice we have told them that is estimated!  Whole event ended at around 7+pm .... off we go to have dinner and went back to sleep early cos I have to be at sports hall again at 9am!

Took a cab to go sports hall on my own is too early so Dearie and TT still sleeping.... this year we have add in a Family event ... i think is good to have such event.  The Family event took place in the Arena the whole of the attention is drawn to them!  Loud applause was heard when they finish doing their pattern.

Everything is so smooth I can even take some pics of the event and it ended at 6+pm .... by the time we called back my in law's house they have left for dinner.  So we have to take dinner on our own ... I should have call and tell them but i forgot :P