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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Thursday - 28 Feb 2013

Thanks to my bosses and Rosalind for buying me lunch and also the lovely ice cream cake from Ice Cream Gallery and is one of my favourite - Sea Salt caramel! Yum!

Rosalind gave me a treat at Chikusen Japanese Restaurant surprise they still have opening set lunch available still opt for terriyaki chicken but portion of the chicken have shrink as compare when we first dine there.  Rosalind said that the beef was good .... Boss Ming had their cod fish and she love it too!  We were served dessert too after the meal ... not too bad.... service was good too! 

After our lunch Boss surprise me with a Sea Salt Caramel Icecream Cake from Ice Cream Gallery it was really yummy!  Had a great time with all thanks for the treat, AB and cake!  Really appreciate it!

Chikusen Japanese Restaurant 
309/311 Tanjong Katong  Road
Singapore 437092
Tel: 6348 1966

Ice Cream Gallery
242C Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437030
Tel: 6348 6535

Eastwood Centre 
20 Eastwood Road
Eastwood Centre
Singapore 486442
Tel: 6246 2926

Valley Point
491 River Valley Road
#01-20 Valley Point 
Singapore 248371
Tel: 6235 0870

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Mon - Wed - 25 - 27 Feb 2013


Went back to make hot for the left over and that's our dinner ... hahah easy .... less than 20mins can have it already.  yumm yum

Nothing to update on my Tuesday ....

But I do have a great Wednesday ..... MIL cook mee sua for my birthday just nice cos I having sore throat and ulcer just nice to have some comfort food.  And my BIL & Family bought me a starbucks card haha ..... knowing I am a fan they bought something I can use!  Thanks!!! Really appreciate it!  I still havent activate the card yet :P 

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday - 24 Feb 2013 - Part 2

After Cyrus's full month party we headed home straight cos I have asked my in laws to come over for dinner ..... I have been thinking what to cook for them.  Thanks to wokkingmum Elaine's ideas so I can whipped up a  good meal.  

Gone through some recipe of hers on the web and decided to cook radish pork, hokkien mee  and cod fish....... 

Is my first time cooking the hokkien mee and my BIL say is good .... of cos need some improvement ..... FIL say it was too dark haha but he like it!  Heng ah!  

Food was almost cleared... left some fish and chicken wings!  And we had a great time ..... after that is loh hei time and follow by birthday cake.... I really busy till forgot about is the weekend before my birthday.  Thanks to Goh for the birthday cake and celebration for me.  Time is too fast hahaha all of us still thought there will gonna be another weekend before my birthday haha!  

Sunday - 24 Feb 2013 - Part 1

Went Quality Hotel to attend Unice and Ryan's 2nd bundle of joy - Cyrus Ng's full month party.  Not too bad to hold a party like that ... maybe if I have number 2 I can do like this too hhaha ..... still early to say anything! 

We reached around 11+ close to 12 ... is a buffet kind of thing just like when they are having teochew porridge buffet.  We love to dine there for supper the food there is nice. 

Had a good chat with Linda and Pauline ...... and of cos best is to carry the handsome boy Cyrus ... thanks Pauline for the beautiful picture!  Once again congrats Unice and Ryan on the bundle of joy!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Saturday - 23 Feb 2013

Ah Hiao aka TT choose to wear another new set of clothes there is bought by my Godma ..... Esprit dress really very nice!  Love the color print!  She love it too ... if you all read my post often all should know she is like a vain pot haha everytime will pose for something she like too!

Can't help smiling at the pose she did for the photos I took ...... kinda pro isn't she?  No one teaches her .... it just came out naturally ....... dun say just like mum hor cos I am not like that whhahahaha

After her Berries class she suggested we go City Sqaure Mall she love to dine at Streats while she can look out of the glass to see other kids playing at the the playground.  After her meal she asked whether she can go out and play we always allowed her to do so.  I like to go there cos is halal haha so basically all the food I can eat a pity they dun have char siew rice ...... now banquet have closed down is more hard to find chicken char siew rice already!

Goh told her she can only allow to slide 3 times and come back she really did!  Sometimes really cannot dun dote on her she really obedient at times!  Since she is a good baby I let her take a ride at the mobile machine after that we went to get present for baby Cyrus cos we are attending his first month party tomorrow!

Streats is under Katrina Holdings and location are as follow: 

Bukit Panjang Plaza
1 Jelabu Road 
Singapore 677743
Tel: 6767 4745
Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm

City Square Mall 
180 Kitchener Road 
Singapore 208539
Tel: 6509 3902
Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm

E! Hub Downtown East 
1 Pasir Ris Close
Singapore 519599
Tel: 6584 4001
Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm 

IMM Building 
2 Jurong East St 21
Singapore 609601
Tel: 6565 0507
Opening Hours: 11am - 10pm

Friday, 22 February 2013

Friday - 22 Feb 2012

After our part time helper came we headed out for dinner .... dunno where should we go and end up at I12 Katong but the queue for the carpark is a madness we park at the carpark behind the old Republic Cinema and walk over.  I am thinking to try out new stuffs ... ended up having Sushi Teh ... thanks to TT whom always fancy Japanese food kept asking nothing but chawanmushi *faintz*

She opt for a chawanmushi to go along with her tamago sushi but after finishing her chawanmushi and a piece of tamago sushi she said that she is full and the rest goes into Goh's stomach ... hahah that's how Goh put on weight!

After the meal we walked over to the Blackball shop ..... this is my recent craze this is the 2nd time I eat it ..... first time is my SIL Celia bought for me during Day 4 of CNY cos I was asking her about it how to order and which is nice so she bought it for me and get me one of the menu. 

She bought Blackball signature ($4.90) for me to try and it comes with a combination of YamQ, Golden Sweet Potato, Yam Ball, Sweet Potato Balls, Red Bean, Pearls and of cos grass jelly!  The combination of all these really yummy I simply love the sweet potato balls very Q! 

Today I ordered a mix and match ($4.90) you can mix and match 4 different ingredients so I have double yam ball and double sweet potato! And as for Goh he opt for Mix and Match too and he have red bean, nata de coco and yam ball!  

You can opt for Cold, Warm, Hot or Icy for the dessert I always go for cold one I shall try warm next time maybe there will be a different kind of feel.  Beside dessert they have differnt drinks too ranging $2.50 - $4.50.  Do give a try!

They have several outlet: 

Cityvibe 3151 Commonwealth Ave West
#01-19 (129581)
Opening Hr: 11am to 10pm

1 Vista Exchange Green 
#02-14/15 (138617)
Buona Vista MRT
Opening Hr: 10am to 10pm

201 Victoria Street 
Bugis+ #01-14 (188067)

112 Katong
112 East Coast Road
112 Katong #02-27 (428802)

Blk 204 Bedok North Street 1
#01-393 (460204)
NTUC Foodfair Stall 8, Kiosk 1

website: http://www.blackball.com.sg