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Monday, 31 January 2011

Monday - 31 Jan 2011

Took off today and do up some stuffs at home... Mama called up say she wanna come over to my place so she and her maid make their way here.  My Mama's son & family went over to Malaysia today so she is bored at home.

Open up the hamper that my Malay neighbour gave us for CNY and share among with my Mama and my MIL.  At around 6+ Papa came over to pick Mama up .... as I am going out I asked them to stay on and finish up the 7pm show - 爱.  And I ordered the Zi Char delivery for them to eat before going out.

We headed to Ikea and Giant for some shopping and bought back a storage trolley and some drinks.  I love it so much cos I can put our towel in it maybe I should get one more ... or even 2 so I can remove my clothes hanger stand.

Thursday - 13 Jan 2011

Tomorrow Dearie will be going to the camp and we will not be seeing till Saturday so he came picking me up from work and headed to my MIL shop for dinner.

TT showed me what my MIL bought for her .... KOT KOT SHOES (Heels) and a set of Vietnam clothing.  She love the shoes so much that she wear and show me and walking around with it.

She refused to let us go off when we tell her that she have to stay with my in laws till Saturday.  We have to tell lies that we are going to work so she have to stay with my in laws ... hahaha told her that we have to work then we will have money and can bring her to the Zoo on Sunday *LOL*  She say ok and waves goodbye to us..... can tell she is very sad! Poor baby u gotta endure another 2 weeks!

Not forgetting my dear friend Weeli HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday - 30 Jan 2011

Before we head to Hort Park for Lizanne's 1st BD we went over to Dearie's Godma house to pay her a visit before CNY.  This year we will not go visiting so we bought some goodies for her.  It was pouring heavily and we are half wet even with umbrella!  Hope that the rain will stop later when we reach Hort Park.

After we left Dearie's Godma place the rain didn't stop but turn more heavily!  Kinda disappointed cos we won't be able to walk around the Hort Park and TT can't run around with others!

We reached at around 1+pm ........ the rooms were almost all rented out for functions of birthday and ROM!  Goodie bag is nicely done up ..... best of all the cake is from Pine Garden yummy and very nice looking!

We stayed till around 4pm and headed to PP for shopping ...... 

Last min shopping for Dearie's clothing and I went over to Harvey Norman to get my Papa one camera.  Hope he make use of the camera fully cos he told me that he wanna take his Grandson photo whenever he can .....

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Saturday - 29 Jan 2011

I was very tired and Dearie asked me to stay home to rest while he bring TT to Berries oh well good that they can having bonding time too.  I took small nap while they are away ..... but when they are back I was woken up by them Dearie told me that he press the door bell for very long I told him i was in a deep sleep and didnt hear anything.

Today in Berries TT learn about Chinese New Year and they do a 小小八宝盒 is really very nice and they are given 2 mandarin oranges each in a small bag.  That really makes the children so happy!

In the evening we went Hong Li for Reunion Dinner my Uncle is buying us tonight cos his company gave him $300 to have Reunion Dinner.  We ordered about 7 dishes .... and all of us are so full after the sumptuous dinner.

It was pouring heavily when we finished our dinner so we walked over to the big field there to watch GETAI.  When the rain start to turn small we quickly make our way back .... thanks to Uncle for the treat!

Thurs & Fri - 28 & 29 Jan 2011

On Thursday I was back home doing laundry .... only my clothing so is pretty easy to manage and have it folded so that when my helper come over tomorrow it will be easy.
Dearie will be back today but when I get home he is still not back yet ..... last year he is already shaking legs at home!  Without waiting for him I went down to help out at the Reunion Dinner at Eunos MRT.

Tight security for tonight's dinner cos GOH is Mr Goh Chok Tong.  We also help to scan the passion card or IC cos there is a draw for passion card.  Dinner starts at around 730pm and my 2 baobei still not here yet.  Lou Hei kick start the whole dinner and both of them also miss that.

Food was not too bad ... and yeah I manage to have a short conversation and hand shake with Mr Goh! Thats makes me so excited hahaha cos I like him!  The whole event ended around 10+pm is very tiring yet an enjoyable night for me to spend with my neighbours!

Friday, 28 January 2011

Tuesday - 11 Jan 2011

Isn't she cute?  She is just few months younger than TT she is one of my Korean coach's daughter - Ruby.  She love to eat all junk food ... whatever I give her she will take and eat.  She always come empty handed but when she go back she always have a bagful of sweets, chocolate, biscuit etc.

If you dun give her what she want she will get angry .... exactly like TT hahahah maybe they are on same frequency!  Her behavior really like TT .... haahah love playing with her.  While her mum is in a meeting with my boss I am taking care of her outside feeding her sweets and watch Pocoyo together on youtube.  She is really adorable .... but quite naughty ... heard that she always drive her mum crazy!

She never fail to make my day ....

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wednesday - 26 Jan 2011

Is gathering again with my mulitply gfs!  I love meeting them up .... we always update each other for our own activities be it at work, child or personal stuffs!  Thanks to Fiona for orgainisng and coordinating!

Although the turn out rate is only 6 of us maybe due to nearing to CNY we still had a great time chit chatting ..... good to opt for normal buffet rather than ladies night ... we can eat on our own sweet time.  Hope to see more of my gfs join in for the next gathering .... in Mushroom pot which we have discuss earlier on!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Tuesday - 25 Jan 2011

Auntie Rosalind say that she wanna treat Jo for a birthday lunch so I was being invited too ... we went to HK Street Chun Kee for lunch we ordered 4 dishes to share ..... total bill is only $39 Cheap!!! and we are very full after the meal.  The whole afternoon I am yawning hahah thanks to the hearty lunch!

My dear Pauline (佩玲) recommended a China Lady shop at Bishan to do up lashes extension as she herself and her Sister Rosalind do it there.  Since CNY is coming and I am alone I decided to give a try on the extension.

The whole process took around 1h and when I look into the mirror TA DA ........ really nice the lashes are so natural!!!

After after doing up the lashes is Pauline's turn chit chatted with her for awhile and I head over to Small Uncle's shop just opposite.  Small Aunt so cute kept asking me questions about food what I eat and what I dun I thought she asked me about Reunion Dinner cos this year she is the Chef!  In 5 mins time she come out with a bowl of EE MIAN and it smell and tasted good!

After I left Small Aunt place I went over to Kovan - Ah Ghor's shop ... cos I meeting another Pauline there hahah thats my cousin to pass her the cuttlefish.  Saw my dear niece - Nat she so cute .... at first still very shy after she got use at least she play with me awhile and can call me!

Thanks to Ah Ghor & family for the dinner ... I am eating there again ..... after they closed shop we headed to Jalan Kayu flower garden to see the nice nice flower.  I bought a 开运竹 @ only $4.80 very cheap they bought Ying Liu back to at only $10.  I reached home only at around 11+pm really tiring but I have fun "visiting" them!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Monday & Sunday - 23 & 24 Jan 2011

Woke up at around 11+am and headed straight to in law shop to pick TT up to accompany her for the rest of the day before Dearie go back camp again.  She is waiting patiently in the shop for us but she kept asking my MIL why we still havent come *LOL*

We went shopping for some clothing for Dearie and headed back at around 6+pm to have dinner with my in laws.  After dinner TT was again being "trick" to go home with them .... lucky Alfred help to distract her so we are able to run away!

On Monday I brought TT to PD for her 3 year old check up and give her Meningitis Vaccine (脑膜炎).  Once again my brave gal never cry after the jab .... headed over to Parkway for some shopping before sending Tt back to my in law place I continue to shop after having dinner with them in Bedok :P   So long never shop alone and I am able to get some stuffs for my Papa!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Friday & Saturday - 21 & 22 Jan 2011

Nothing to update on Friday ... is another lonely night for me LOL

Again I am alone bringing my baobei to Tumbletots and Berries very tiring .... how I wish I know how to drive so I can take over Dearie's car!  Think I really gotta make the effort to go learn driving!

Today TT learn 口 in Berries ... Teacher prepare some fun food tasting she is so happy eating XIAO MAN TOU.  After the class I bring her back to my in law's place and meet GSS there cos we are going to the Rock 30 concert.

Dearie wanted to go too ... and just nice when GSS and I about to leave he called and say that he is already back home and will come pick us up.  We headed to have our dinner while waiting for him.

We are a bit late and did miss a bit of the opening...... love the concert cos there are alot of singers whom we did not see much even on TV nowsaday ..... GSS and I are waiting for Mayday while Dearie is waiting for his idol - Tarcy Su and Wu Bai.  My dearie was not so crazy kind unlike me and GSS I think we very high when Mayday is out! LOL

Overall thumbs up for the concert is really nice and definitely worth to watch I think my very next concert will be Disney World On Ice .... anyone interested to go?

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Thursday - 20 Jan 2011

After work I went back home to change and headed to Kg Ubi CC for a Re-Appointment & Appreciation Ceremony with many other Grassroot Leaders.  Dearie is still in camp so he is unable to join this event.

Our RC is newly formed so we are in this ceremony too ..... I only have 2 committee unlike SZ and YZ they have many committee thumbs up for them for doing so much we always get info from them too!

Dinner is served too from Stamford catering .... food is not too bad .... quite a variety .... lucky still have LL sharing which food is nice to me hahaha and he commented is good for me cos is halal :X

After the certificate presentation by Dr Ong Seh Hong the ceremony ended around 8+ 9pm, I didn't attend another briefing and headed home with LL and CS.