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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Friday - 23 Oct 09

After yesterday incident we dun really look forward for the dinner. 

When I open up the tingkat it still looks good to us.  Got our favourite french bean. 

I tasted the soup .... is not to my liking again cos they put in a lot of Ginseng which tasted bitter.

The best is still French Bean ..... eggs is salty.

We slept quite late today ... we are playing games and spending some quality time with our princess. 

Thursday - 22 Oct 09

Today is the worst ever had dinner tingkat .... it really sucks ... the soup is sour, fried potato is hard .... chicken not nice only the veggie is very fresh.  Sms Beno straight away after I drink one mouth of soup. 

Efficient Beno make a call to their kitchen and check on it..... the cos of the soup is they have put too much of red dates into the soup and resulted this.  We threw away almost 3/4 of the food ... only the veggie is edible.  

Beno told me to feedback to him immediately next time about the quality of food .... it really makes me wonder is there a change in cook ... Beno can tell me?

Wednesday - 21 Oct 09

Back to work after 2 days MC ... the 2 days I didn't rest much cos of TT ..... I hope she get well soon cos she is still having fever in the night yesterday. 

I am so tired I hope I can sleep one whole full day at times but can't cos of TT ......

MIL called and say she will being TT over to the Doc that she usually see cos she is still unwell.  Hope she will be better after she take this Doc medicine cos the previous one is already finishing soon and still not well.

Today's dinner is still not too bad but I dun take lady's finger so Dearie have to finish it all alone ... anyway is one of his fav veggie. heehee .....

Dearie suggest to me to take his unfinished medicine cos usually I take this GP's medicine it works for both of us ... so I pop in the blocked nose medicine and went to bed early leaving TT in Dearie's care.

Tuesday - 20 Oct 09

Went to PP Challenger to get our compact wireless-G Adapters... ours is not working anymore after we try it on when the PC is being discharge yesterday.

After we got our stuff we went down to basement to shop and saw this Taiwan Fair and I bought a few packets of Oyster Mee Sua ..... feel is nice after trying.  The Auntie still pack for me one bowl to bring home *LOL* yummy!

Today's is not to my liking ... didn't take much ...... Dearie have to once again have my share ... as for TT we didn't let her eat cos her fever is on and off.  And according to my in laws if toddler or children having fever better dun let them take rice.  So we didn't let her join in our dinner but make her diluted milk.  Poor baby ... she lost weight .....

Monday - 19 Oct 09

Wanted to send TT over to my MIL shop when Dearie ask before going to work.  But I see she sleeping so soundly dun wanna move her so I have her with me. 

Dun have any appetite the whole day till dinner time ..... in fact TT can't have rice but my poor baby looks so hungry and she saw her fav - FISHBALLS!  So we let her eat a bit of rice and goes with the fishball.  My this little piglet really enjoy herself so much with the food!

Didn't really nap well after the medication cos my piglet feel very uncomfortable with block nose so she tends to make noise in her sleep and I have to take care of her.  During night time Dearie asked me to go rest early while he can keep an eye on TT.  Thanks Dearie!

Sunday - 18 Oct 09

Woke up and I do feel unwell ...... so is TT .... when I touches her she is so HOT..... took her temperature she is 38.5 degree Celsius.  She developed cough and flu ...... Dearie is worried and asked us to go see a doc.  Called up MIL to check the usual Doc that TT see is it still open unfortunately they closed in noon. 

So MIL said that Blk 539 Bedok North St 3 still have some clinic open ask us to try there.  So just before dinner time we went over to see the doc.  I was given 2 days MC and total cost of the bill together with TT is $72.

Went over to have dinner at in law's place......TT dun seems like sick haha as per normal she play ... walk around happily.  After dinner my BIL went to buy dessert and Durian..... I took only 2 durian hahah dun dare eat too much.  And we are talking about enrolling TT into a playgroup next year.  Arthur & Alfred was from there too so my SIL - Celia took out the uniform and we let TT try ..... passing down of this uniform is worn by the 2 brothers and it still very new and TT will be wearing it next!

Intend to let her go for this 2hours playgroup 5 days a week and it cost $150 for 1 month hope that she will be able to learn something there. 

Saturday - 17 Oct 09

Went back office to finish whatever is on hand and need to be ready by Monday ... so I left home without my 2 darlings!  Once I reached office I started to do my work non stop and at around 2+pm my 2 darlings came over to look for me.

Went over to Funan to pick up Coco cos she sent her PC for repair she told me that cos she helped me to play my Facebook and she got the virus from it.  Hmmmm I dunno what happen but my PC is already in "hospital" since Thursday cos of virus too.  But I was told playing on application will not get virus unless adding a new application.  Oh well I wonder what is all these happening.... 2009 is really a bad year for me and my Dearie ... Hope 2009 just go faster!!!!

After picking up Coco we went over to Old Town for our late late brunch..... TT is so happy to have her garlic toast .. french toast with kaya ... after that we went back to Coco's place and she left us at her place while she go to church.  Had a little chit chat when she is back home and watch soccer together before we left her place at 10+pm.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Friday - 16 Oct 09

                                                    The only thing Ah Gong left for us!

Woke up real early then usual .... cos we are going to have Ah Gong's tombstone being dig out.  Received the letter from the Govt during about Qing Ming time that Ah Gong's house is going to be evacuate.  I had engage my friend whom will perform the ritual before digging up the bones of my Ah Gong.

I didn't get to see Ah Gong at all so is my Mama .... heard from my Papa, Ah Gong is very tall and big size very strong man but he is Opium smoker therefore slowly he got sick.  Ah Gong use to do have a drink stall .... but is all gone after he fell sick.

I still jokingly tell Papa Ah Gong down grade from landed property to a condo ...... heehee .... everything starts at around 7.45am ..... praying, chanting and also ground breaking.  Lucky got one Indian told us to go to the office to get a Q number first ..... if not we will need to wait very long to let NEA assign some workers to dig up the bones.  Not long after the chanting it began to rain heavily ..... and smart QQ (me) have everything inside the car including poncho!  My 姑姑,姑丈 & my husband stay in the car to rest, my papa, brother, cousin and me went to the office to wait for NEA to assign the worker to us.

After about 20mins wait is our turn thanks to the Indian man whom gave us some tips thats why we are fast.  Papa bought an umbrella, joss stick and one red cloth from them which cost $12 and they intro us to buy 2 big bottle of white wine and plus washing of Ah Gong's bones cost us $80.  The digging start very quickly and it took about 40mins ... lucky it rain cos it makes the soil soft that leads to easy digging.

We are so surprise that the coffin is still in good condition ... and there are some left over of Ah Gong's clothing best is that his denture is still around ..... his skull is in good condition too but his bones is all black cos make he smoke opium.

After everything is done ...... Ah Gong's bones is being wrapped up and sent for cremation and we need to collect it in about an hour's time.  While waiting
姑姑 & 姑丈 drove to Jurong to get some other offerings items and also our lunch!   姑姑 says must celebrate cos is Ah Gong's house warming *LOL*.

After we collect the ashes we are instructed to put the ashes in the urn light up the joss stick and go over to Ah Gong's "new house".  Sai Gong (Priest) is there waiting for us and teaches us what to pray etc.  Total cost he charge me - $150.  Quite reasonable!

Everything is done at around 12+ to 1pm ... we headed home and of cos I go nap a while ...... this nap ..... nap till 6+pm then I wake up.  Dearie have a wedding dinner to go he drove me to fetch TT and we alight at Kallang and took a bus to Mama's place.  My nephews still there so TT is happy and start playing with them.  Dearie only came picking us up at 12+am .... *yawnz* damn tired!

Thursday - 15 Oct 09

Lucky got Chane & Lester to help me eat the tingkat cos I totally forgot to call up and cancel my tingkat for today cos we are heading to airport again!

This time is to send HY, Mica and his parents off to Japan for prayers is a 50 years once event held there.

Dearie, Coco & I headed to eat our Popeye Chicken ..... lotsa ppl say the standard drop ..... which I agree to it.  Is not too oily so to me is still ok ..... and Holy Shit after we finished our chicken we left and forgot about our biscuit!!!

Met up with HY and family and we headed to Swensen ..... we have our drinks while HY have his dinner or maybe supper to him *LOL*

TT is not with us cos she will be staying overnight at my in law's place .... cos tomorrow we got to wake up real early to CCK........

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Wednesday - 14 Oct 09

Today is HK mee with veggie and chicken drumstick!  Yummy ... always look forward on Wednesday!  Today's dessert is not to my liking ...... is red bean soup which I dun like.

So I just eat my remaining mooncake in the freezer which can me kept for 3 months so I just take my own sweet time to have it!

TT of cos will not 放过 the chance of eating *LOL*

Tuesday - 13 Oct 09

Love today's dinner menu except the soup.  Is so call bak kut teh cos mine is halal so is make of chicken but with herbal taste.  *yucks* I dun like it at all.

Poor Dearie have to finish it all by himself ...... the chicken is good! 

Lately I found the soup not that nice as the 1st month I ordered too..... wonder is there a change of cook anot?

Monday, 26 October 2009

Monday - 12 Oct 09

Today Dearie is early cos he did not fetch TT cos we are heading to airport later to send my BIL off to Shanghai.  After our dinner at home we headed to shop to help my mil to close the shop.

All of us went airport together except my FIL whom went for his Taiji lesson every Monday.  We went to Swensen for ice cream .... yummy I am craving for ice cream for days .....

The kids are so happy that they each get to choose something they like but of cos limit themselves cos they cannot take so much.  As for TT she is so cute to have menu in front of her and can even point to me what is ice cream!

Dearie and I share the fondue ..... is really sinful *LOL* but I love it! 

Sunday - 11 Oct 09

Happy Birthday Alfred!  Time flies ..... Alfred is 6 years old already and not long after he will be in Primary One real soon!  Bought clothing for him from Pumpkin Patch and it fits him well  ... is easier to buy for him cos he is slim ... as for my favourite boy Arthur I might need to bring him out to buy cos he  向横发展 again! *LOL*

We went to Tampines to have our dinner and headed back home to have the cake cutting.  TT is always very fascinated by the candles and try to blow it!  Hahaha ..... after we finished the cake we headed back home ...... I always dun have much mood on Sunday cos is a brand new week again ....... weekend always passes so fast!

Beside Alfred I would like to wish my buddy Tiewster aka Steven's birthday ... Happy Birthday Buddy!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Saturday - 10 Oct 09

Woke up at around at 11+am and called my Parents ... they have called me early in the morning hahah to check if I have any programs.  Pick them up and off we go to Vivocity cos I need to buy present for Alfred too cos is his birthday tomorrow!

Went to 辛福饮茶 located inside Food Republic and ordered a few tim sum to eat ...... the porridge is not nice, fried chee cheong fun is something new and not too bad .... hokkien mee is not bad as well... same goes to the egg tarts and har gao (prawn dumpling).

Walk around before we head home ... Mama is tired and need noon nap haha ... so after sending them back we headed over to my in law shop cos we are going to over to my SIL's school to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival organised by their school Chinese Club.

We are there at around 7+pm ..... there are so many station to have fun with.  Arthur & Alfred first stop is to learn how to make lanterns!  Then to the games stalls .... as for me I went to learn how to make mooncake haha .... is fun doing it!

Arthur & Alfred have their hands on too for mooncake making .... I think is not really an issue for them cos they went to workshop in Bakerzin.  I think they have fun making it!

The whole event ended with a walk about in the school with the lanterns given in the goodies bag!  We are totally shack out after sending the boys back to my in law's place.  So is TT!

Mon - Fri - 5 Oct - 9 Oct 09

I have been very busy with work on hand so most of the stuffs which is on 5 Oct - 9Oct 09 I dun really remember.  Only can upload photos of food that I ate.

Thanks to Lanetar's mum whom cook us fried rice for lunch so thoughtful iof you to remember us!

As for our tingkat dinner we both feel that the standard did drop ...... and we might not wanna continue for the next month.