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Friday, 30 November 2012

Friday - 30 Nov 2012

Since I was on leave yesterday .... must as well take one more day today so I R&R ..... TT woke me up at 10+am ..... and after settling some stuffs ... we headed to East Point for some shopping. 

We went Hans for our lunch and after that we shop around ..... and bought a $5 indoor play area for TT ..... while she enjoy I just went to shop awhile. 

After we went back home my dear TT kept pestering me to do up our xmas tree ..... so I just bring out and decorate it together.... she was so happy about it and even brag about it to her Papa she helped in the deco haha .....

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Thursday - 29 Nov 2012

Is Yvonne and Aaron's wedding today so I took leave to attend her wedding ...... this cousin of my hubby is not really so call popular among all plus her wedding is a weekday many did not take leave.  In fact my SIL (my hubby's sis) was the one whom dislike her alot she can even comment that she didnt feel like going to her banquet!  

Ok personally I feel that whatever what Yvonne did last time like fly aeroplane during our meet up, having bf only forget about us this kind of things just set aside after all we are close relatives shouldn't we just send blessing?  Can you imagine even my MIL was being influence!  

Telling me she won't go early to 3rd Uncle house and can even comment that her GUO DA LI cake have name on the cupcake and let ppl eat their names!  I was kinda turn off when she say that as she is the elders why she say that I told her "Mother, isn't it the same when one have birthday cake with name on it, I always have Alyssa's name on cake!"  She still can tell me birthday and wedding different! 

Ok back to the wedding ........

Is really not that nice when she married to the guy side without even a single of them follow her so she actually approached me and asked me for help.  TT & Junxi followed me to the groom side and after that we are off to church.  But I feel that this is an atas wedding hahahah I am sitting in an Audi sports ..... other Xiong Di car also atas car!

After church wedding we headed home to rest and make our way to Bugis by MRT and Mr Goh just make his trip down after work.  TT told me that her dress dun match the flats and asked me to bring her to OG to look for heels!  Just nice on the shelves have a pair of heels and she love it so I bought for her and there is a 20% discount so not so bad haha .... she is happy I am happy too. 

When we reached Hotel Intercontinental ....... can say we are 2nd to arrive for relatives so Mayne, Kean and I went to take free pics and my TT love it so much she took so many props and pose for it!  Dinner started around 8+pm ..... food was good with live band performing ..... we do enjoy ourselves but somehow table arrangement abit off as small aunt and family were being separated ..... sitting with Yvonne's friends!

Kinda bit off ....... but then all of us enjoy ourselves by taking photos and going around chit chatting!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Mon - Wed - 26-28 Nov 2012

On Monday, my boss have a last min invitation lunch so the whole pot of porridge was given to TT so I no need buy anything for her to eat  ... and of cos we scoop some to try ..... is really yummy! 

TT can't finished it so we brought back for our dinner .... I add on some porridge that I could and mix it so it can share among the 3 of us and thats dinner for 3! 

On Tuesday morning ... Brenda (my godsis) whatsapp the secondary group friends saying that due to waterbag burst she already smoothly deliver her baby boy at her 37 weeks!  So after work TT & I made a trip down to Parkway East to visit them ..... cute boy!

On Wednesday I went for mani/pedicure ..... cos is Yvonne's wedding so just wanna have my hands done nicely been months since I go cos very busy ..... and my ah Hiao made my manicurist to paint for her hahaha and even stick flower on it ... and my manicurist love her so much ... do it for her free *faintz* 

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sunday - 25 Nov 2012

Arthur turn 12 this year .... when I first saw him he is only 3 ...... and he is just a little cute kid whom I dote alot during those kiddo time and he was extremely sticky to me till his mum not very happy about it!  I even took leave to celebrate his birthday during his school time .... haha those were the days ..... 

My BIL make booking at MOF@Bugis for dinner is suggested by the birthday boy .... so we decided to take MRT down since is only 5 stops away from Eunos and is so convenient cos sometimes Bugis carpark will be full too. 

Sometime I feel we are very left out in the family ... maybe because we living alone not under same roof ... or maybe the relationships abit drift apart I dun feel we are a family .... seems like just relatives hahaha ... really the feeling kinda bad throughout the dinner seems like only I am dining with my husband. 

Anyway back to Arthur birthday ..... I bought him one adidas shorts .... hope that he will like it plus a owl figurine (this is for good grade for PSLE) and one owl recycle bag hope that he like it!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Saturday - 24 Nov 2012

We have made some arrangement to go up to Fiona's house for a steamboat session ...... so each of us contribute certain stuffs.  For me I will definately go for YTF at my Eunos market cos their fishball is the best I have ever eat!

2 pots was served ..... spicy for the ladies ....non-spicy for the men and kids so after the meal ..... we have mj .... Fiona bought a new mj table from my MIL and we delivered it to her and I brought my black mj tiles along.  Had too many mj set at home so I just leave it there with her maybe next time she can use it dun have to buy.

And since the birthday meet up earlier on didn't have any cake blowing for the Nov birthday girls we decided to buy a small cake for Angeline .... Wendy was on holiday so she can't attend this gathering heehee next time I buy you when I see you!

After meal is MJ time ..... till 2 plus ... and in between Fiona still make supper for us whahaha ..... is fun!  Thanks for organising!  Pauline stayed the furthest so we accompany her to take cab first before we leave ... and my dear evil sis actually flagging a police car heehee I was laffing out loud ... cos the police actually drove past us and he himself was like laffing too haha ..... but cannot blame is late and maybe she is tired heehee but fun!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Wed - Fri - 21 - 23 Nov 2012


Went to Eastern Specialist for my last check up there ... cos they are closing down as the lease went up .... so I will have to go see Dr Lee at Gleneagles next time and to see Dr Heng in Parkway East so inconvenient next time!  Thyroid wasn't that good now I was a bit hyper hahaha ... is never so good as when I am pregnant!  Hope will get better and of cos hyper will be better as I can try to conceive without any worrying. 


Moses Lim opened a Singapore Style Porridge cafe -  真粥道 on 17 November so Rosalind and I decided to try out.  Just nice my TT love to eat porridge so 3 of us headed to the cafe during our lunch time. 

The cafe was run by his son in law and eldest daughter but he was there helping out as well.... he came up to us and do some recommendation and told us their bak cho porridge is good cos the minced meat they handmade to make it more Q. The porridge was cook with soup base so is very favorable and  as I dun take pork .... I order prawn and fish ($6.50), TT order fish ($6.50) and Rosalind order the signature minced pork and pork liver ($6.50) we share a plate of braised chicken wing ($4) No service charge at all and total bill was $23 and they even gave us one cup of tea free ..... portion quite big  so I think is about there about the pricing.  Atas porridge like lobster, abalone and scallop are available too and beside porridge they serve rice too if wanna order their side dishes

If you are along katong area do give a try if you are a porridge person is located at 228 Tanjong Katong Road open at 11am till 10pm and for Sat and Sun they open till 11pm ..... remember dun go on Monday cos they are closed!


Actually I have plan to bring TT to Angry Bird Space at T3 today but cos my helper remember wrongly of the date I wanna change she only make it today .... so we have to break the promise with her and tell her why she can't go today and plus it was raining heavily so we have to give a miss and will bring her again!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Tuesday - 20 Nov 2012

Thanks to Thomson Tan (one of our instructor cum TT's insurance agent) for bringing us out for lunch.  TT choose Ichiban Boshi rather than Pu Tien (really heng I am really scare of the food already).  

TT ordered the kids meal while I have Chicken Terriyaki .... the rest took saba set and some beef set ..... didn't take other pics cos I am hungry .... only took TT's cos hers is last to come ..... in fact they should have given the kids meal first cos the kids always eat very slowly!

End up I have to pack the food back cos she can't finish the food and the total damage for was $125.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Monday - 19 Nov 2012

Since is school holiday TT wanted to follow me to work .... lucky I have very family orientated boss that I could actually doing work and care for her at work.  Although my big boss was those bossy kind he was also fine for me to bring TT to work.  Really appreciate that cos I can bond with her!

My boss and my Secretary General (husband & wife) brought us out for lunch at the corner coffeeshop for the chicken rice.  Famous chicken rice but then now standard drop big time .... the rice was not really well cooked and chilli and ginger very diluted ... really great disappointment.  

Immediately after lunch TT asked my boss to buy her waffle!!! Haiz ..... she was always been spoil here ..... really buay tahan!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday - 18 Nov 2012

Busy day today cos morning we headed to 3rd Uncle house as today is Yvonne's 过大礼!  3rd Aunt order the food down the road of her house - HK Street zi char ..... love the chicken wings really yummy .... thinking if I could order that for my Father's BD too ..... 

Yvonne and Aaron order the cakes from Little House of Dreams the packaging was so nice and to me is like dreamy Princess style!  Cakes were yummy not really that sweet TT love it very much!

                                                          Cute Caleb become big brother!

After 3rd Uncle place we went over to Jordan and Nicole's 2nd child's baby shower.... little Cyrus so cute .... we were abit late lucky SL & family still around and we could do some catching up.  Left the place at around 4+pm and laze around at home again ..... another lazy Sunday!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Saturday - 17 Nov 2012

Baby Quinn turn 1 month today!  Alvin and Giselle invited us to Furama Riverfront Lounge to attend the baby shower party! 

They booked the whole lounge and in the middle was the buffet spread .... this is the first time I was invited in a hotel!  Food spread was good .... and best is really comfortable and good ambiance to do some catch up with friends too!  Once again Congrats to Alvin and Giselle!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Friday - 16 Nov 2012

On Friday she was feeling better and she look forward to go to the mini party in school so we brought her there and told the Teacher to avoid giving her cold stuffs and chocolate.  After that Dearie and I headed for breakfast while waiting for her. 

When we are back to their school we were peeking through the window and she was so happy playing around with friends and munching some food.  Today she asked to wear her favourite polka dot dress with a tiara hoping to be like a Princess in school! 

After having lunch with my in laws at the shop we left home and let her and Dearie rest for the rest of the day ..... hope they get well soon! 

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Mon - Thur - 12 - 15 Nov 2012

Monday nothing to update but of cos looking forward for PH the next day ... meaning I have no mood to work LOL but I have booked tics to watch Ah Boys to Men 

On Tuesday morning we headed to Leisure park for the show ... TT wasn't feeling that good so she was asleep halfway through the show ..... feel the show abit lame especially on the first part whereby they showing about war in Singapore and ended up is just a game ..... 

But of cos the content really makes me laugh!  Overall still quite ok .... well I will be waiting to see the part 2! 

On Wednesday was meet the parent session ... so I was there at 9am to see the Teachers .... so there will be no school for the today and next day but they do have a mini party on Friday and they could wear their own clothes for the mini celebrations! 

First I  went to the English teacher .. and she told me about her progress for the following: 

Language & Literacy 

  • Enjoy listening to stores 
  • Good command in English 
  • able to describe details using full sentence 

  • able to match name of the number 
  • sorting of objects base on different attributes such as color, shape & size
Social Emotional Development 
  • she like to share her experiences with friends 
  • sometimes she a little shy when talking in front of class due to nerves but if she warmed up she able to express freely
  • sometimes the words she uses to her friends could be a little too harsh and she learnt to apologies if she hurt others and she have improved on her control of her anger. 
Exploring the world 
  • She love nature walks 
  • She's able to observe things in her surrounding and able to put it down on paper with her own creative touch and imagination. 
Aesthetics & Creative expression 
  • She get excited when comes to do arts & craft
  • She have creative mind and able to use her imagination to produce her very own unique art piece 
  • She enjoy music lesson and have good sense of rhythm and able to produce sound using instruments with consistent beat
Her English teacher said that she have improved alot for the 2nd half of the year and I am really surprise of her work done in school ....as for Chinese lesson ... she is able to speak well now and she is a fast learner!  

Great job baby!

In the middle of the night TT woke up and vomit after coughing .... and there was like 3am ..... and this continue non stop till 7+am .... I didn't sleep at all ..... I just accompany her in and out of the bathroom and after I sms my colleague that I will not going office both of us K.O on the sofa .... and so Mr Goh wasn't feeling well too ..... really tiring ...... 

Mr Goh left to see GP first while we take our time to go down .... but we missed Mr Goh as he had went the other way home .... so Doctor said that she have some stomach virus and was given 4 bottles of medicine to her for the next 4 days. 

Hope that she will be good .... and there I am given Child Sick leave for 2 days!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sunday - 11 Nov 2012


My Multiply November girlfriends celebration today at Antoinette thanks once again to Sam who always doing all arrangement for us!  Took a bus over with TT to Orchard to meet the gers actually dun wanna bring her there but end up I have to cos Dearie have to help my in laws in some delivery and will attend Norman and Frances's baby shower alone at Bayshore.

Nice place if catching up with friends over for an afternoon tea ...... really relax their custom made furniture was very nice too ..... their seats have varies design and size .... i was seated one which was low and small hahahah so I switch the sitting place with TT some couches can hold 2-3 pax!

Didn't really like the waitress they seems a bit unfriendly..... as for food was so so only ..... but I love the cake corner which really makes me mouth watery ...... share a piece of Mont Blanc with Candice .... abit disappointing ...... I still prefer Flor!  Evil sis and Angeline both ordered Pancake and Crepe respectively really sweet for Angeline's... Evil Sis's one still acceptable but is really a very big serving! 

Check out more photos here for the food!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Thur - Sat - 8-10 Nov 2012

Nothing much to update on my Thur and Fri ..... 

On Saturday when TT was having her class in Berries .... we went Tampines Mall for a walk and I went over to 8Tart & Pastries to get some Char Siew Soh and egg tarts..... hahaha CHAR SIEW SOH never in so many years I eat that cos I dun take pork but this one is ...... CHICKEN!  Yumz! 

The puff itself so crispy and is just like a small triangle shape unlike the usual long rectangle type ..... but I feel egg tart is normal .... but it was their signature!  When I walk past FEI XIONG ...... reminds me of my evil sis so I bought the long fishcake that she bought so I bought one to try hahaha

After we picked up TT she said wanna go City Square Mall .... so we went over and had our dinner at Streats and again my dearest TT made new friend with another girl who happen to be same age and same month with her!  Both of them went to play at the playground for awhile before we parted. 

Then we went to Babies "r" Us to buy some gifts as we have 3 baby shower to attend tomorrowand  next week ..... spent $50 and can get the membership from Toys "R" Us .... more discount for the things we bought!  Not to bad at least I manage to get the gifts!